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Currently there are several games playing in my PS3, GOW Collection, GOWIII, Bioshock 2 & Red Dead Redemption.

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As much as I enjoyed the original, I seem to be in the minority who haven't been sucked in by the sequel, nor will I be soon I think. As for if the game is underwhelming, well some things just can't live up to the hype. I will reserve my judgment for now.

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I personally put it down to laziness and SMS messages. Sadly, SMS messages or  rather the shortening of the messages has made abbreviating everything more acceptable to the lazy generation.

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Modern day London will make an excellent location for a new game due to the city's layout and architecture. Sadly, I don't like the odds as Rockstar will have to pander to the largest market (USA) to keep the shareholders happy. This is why we've never seen a GTA game based outside of America since the GTA games went big time after GTA3.

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Indiana Jones has much more character than Nathan Drake ever could, but I see it that Indy has passed on the adventuring mantle to Nathan now he's getting on in years. If we were talking Indy in his prime, he would own Drake easy due to his wider life experience and tougher character.

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@Carnin:  Like most things on the Internet, the supposed issues with the game are completely overblown. The game is not only playable, but just as enjoyable as any other platform. So what if the drawing distances don't go to the horizon like on the PC. The supposed tearing is next to invisible. These observations are after near 60 hours and counting of play time of the PS3 version.
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@Daryl: I think the OP's complaint has no valid points. After all, on the box for any game needing activation it states (in small writing) that you're only buying a license, ignorance on his part is no defense. When it comes to gaming we've never owned a game, just the license to play the game. The games themselves are owned by the creators. Just because we sometimes get physical media, doesn't mean we own it, that was just another was to deliver the game to us.
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@Geno: Wouldn't work. The added retail cost associated in construction and the fact the the PC side of things would out date quickly wouldn't help it's chances either.  Amstrad released the Mega PC in 1993 which was a combination PC and Mega Drive in one and it tanked for those exact reasons. While I look forward to the day all entertainment is in one central hub/device, those days a still a ways off due to corporate greed and each manufacturing company being into it for themselves alone.
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@CharleyTony: Sharing of games on PSN is against the terms of service and shouldn't be done. Just another form of piracy really.
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@FrankCanada97: Even internships over here pay a minimum wage higher than that. They are required by law.
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