If you could only buy 1 game per month...

Ok, so looking at the fall releases, I'm stoked. I've got my sights on 3rd Strike, Madden, Skyrim, to name a few. There's just not enough time to enjoy ALL the titles that interest me, while fulfilling other obligations, and not racking up debt. So I started thinking that if I limit my purchases to only buying 1 game a month, what would the games be? 
..and these are mine with reasons:
August-Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike Online edition 
Reason: I haven't bought a street fighter game since Genesis. From everything I've heard, for $15 bucks, this looks like a lot of fun and with long legs. Good value for me. 
September-Madden NFL 12 
Reason: Play online as my BEARS! Plus I haven't bought Madden since Vick was on the cover. I'm ready for some football! 
October-Silent Hill: Downpour 
Reason: Silent Hill fascinates me and I love the feeling it brings. I played the Wii Shattered Memories and loved it. Note: Picking this over say Dark Souls and Batman: Arkham City wasn't easy. I realize your tastes will be different than mine. Battlefield 3 hits, but my time with shooters doesn't last long.
November-The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim 
Reason: I like the upgrade to the combat system and I'm ready to go exploring. I can see giving in a 300 hour go. Just depends on if I want to try everything the game has to offer or just run around and see all kinds of stuff.

Demember-If Max Payne 3 is still releasing then this. If not, probably Ico/SotC collection or maybe Batman. 
So how about it? Wanna try to think about buying only 1 game per month? If so, what are your choices? Anybody else really looking at their purchases more closely? 
Side Note: I've been needing to think about this in more detail because with school starting, my free time goes out the window. I'm going to have so much reading that any gaming has to be fun and a diversion. Plus I know that titles will be available to buy later on, but when certain titles come out, it's just exciting. Also in late August SMG and SPM drop to $20 for Nintendo Selects. This just blows my whole argument out the window, but I am going to try!


Is Alpha Protocol fun to fans of spy movies...

...and that's why you tried the game? Because it seems to me that if the spy genre, movies or books, if they interest you a lot, then all the reviews don't matter anyway. I mean if James Bond is your hero, or if Jason Bourne is your action star, then I'd think Michael what's his name in Alpha Protocol wouldn't have to be spit polished and shined. His shooting mechanics wouldn't have to have a star rating. So how many of you guys who like spy movies and such are really enjoying the game?
Personally I'm not a big fan of spy movies, so the game is not up my alley. But I do want to start up a conversation and see what you guys have to say.


Super Mario Galaxy 2 makes me happy...

...and it's made me a happy gamer again. For awhile there gaming wasn't any fun. No game stuck with me like the new Mario is doing right now. The game has really been an enjoyment to play and if you feel the same, let's all comment here. Nintendo needs to hear about it.


BattleNet login successful, but...

....now I'm finding it hard to start any matches. The find game option is not lit but it looks like others might be playing? Not quite sure but I am determined to try some matches tonight if possible. Playing around with it all and hopefully get it going. Terran first. Battle ready hardened veterans, yes please.


StarCraft II beta invite finally arrives...

....and then somehow I pick a day that has BattleNet down for maintenance. I'm actually pumped up now to play, as I think my old comp can still get into the games without too much chugging. And of course since the beta ends on 5/31, I'm like making up for lost time here people. Players are going to murder me inside the beta but nothing would make me happier than if I could win at least one match. But I want to earn it of course, no giving up by my opponents. Never fear the newb.
Small gripe here too...hoping the delay won't extend into late night hours here on east coast. 6am wake up calls make me cranky that late.