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@Ravenlight: haha, I don't know about that..

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Weekend time it is, and as usual I’m here to discuss SOME of the most interesting gaming news of the week:

- Assassin’s Creed II sells 7 million copies: I mean I knew it was going to sell, but selling this much is great news! I’m currently playing the game, about 1/3 in. Enjoying my time with it despite a few gameplay issues along with bugs and glitches.

- Street Fighter X Megaman announced: This is really awesome news. An 8-bit Megaman game that has you fight against various Street Fighter characters. It’s coming out on the 17th of December for FREE on PC. No word yet on if it will make it to other platforms.

- DMC coming to PC just 10 days after its console release: Did not expect this. I though Capcom would release it like 2-3 months after its console release, but boy is this great news. Best of all its going to run at 60fps+. Going to be available both on Origin and Steam.

I talk about each story more in today’s video, so give it a watch:

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Dark Souls.

Boy do I love that game.

It hence comes to no surprise that the announcement of Dark Souls II at the VGAs got me incredibly excited. Though the teaser itself brought in plenty of questions.

Is this going to be very different than the previous entries? Is From Software departing from its roots? If so, what is exactly are they planning to do with such changes?

Souls fanatic started going nuts, and speculation hit an all time high.

I’m still cautiously optimistic, though I do have a few worries surrounding the new direction the series seems to be taking.

I share my thoughts on Dark Souls 2, it’s direction, and what the change of directors might mean in today’s video.

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It's finally the weekend, and hence it's time to talk about SOME of the most interesting gaming news and rumors to come out this week.

- New Bioshock: Infinite info and release date. A number of previews for the game went up, most outlets were really impressed with what they saw. The game however has been pushed back to March 2013, about a month back from it's original release date in February.

- Journey's soundtrack gets nominated for a Grammy: This marks the first time a Video Game soundtrack gets nominated for a Grammy. It certainly goes to show that Video Games are starting to crawl their way in further into mainstream culture.

- A new Nintendo Direct event went live on Wednesday detailing some new release dates. The two most interesting pieces of news being Fire Emblem: Awakening coming out in Feb 2013, and Pikmin 3 given a release window of Spring 2013.

- Steam's Big Picture mode goes live. Want to sit at your couch while using your PC? Big Picture mode answers the call. I think Steam has done an astounding job with the interface. It's slick, fast, and easy to navigate. Heck I even prefer it to anything out on consoles right now.

I talk about each news items thoroughly in today's video, so be sure to check it out!

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I would love for them to revisit Ruby/Sapphire and somehow tie it in with another region. I think my top 3 regions are Johto, Kanto, and Hoenn.

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@ShadowConqueror: Soul Silver was a pretty sweet remake. Definitely pick that up, Nostalgia x100000 ! haha

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One of the words I like to associate with Poke-mania.

Pokemon Gold & Silver were the exact embodiment of that obsession.They essentially created my favorite ever Pokemonexperience .They also introduced a couple of new fantastic additions, and opened up the world of Pokemon like never before.

If you grew up at the time of complete Poke-mania, then Pokemon Gold & Silver were probably a huge deal because of what they offered:

-A new in game clock that actually tracked time and date which in itself affected different events in the game, ie. a specific type of Pokemon appearing at a certain time.

-A 100 new types of Pokemon,new elements, and the introduction of breeding Pokemon for the first time.

-A brand new region full of places to venture through.

Oh, and don't get me started on how awesome it was realizing that there are 8 more badges to get after you beat the Elite Four. Realizing that was one of my favorite moments ever, and visiting the changed Kanto region was a one of kind experience.

I talk about the two games more in today's video, so be sure to check it out:

Was Gold & Silver that special to you as well? If not, what's your favorite Pokemon game?

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@Veektarius: I think their electronics sections still needs tons of work. Powerhouses like Samsung have caused them to lose significant market share, especially when it comes to TVs. So although their gaming section is improving, I think the thing they really need to turn around is their electronic consumer product line.

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This week hasn't been much for gaming news, other than huge sales and a slew of game releases.

So I want to talk about the following interesting tidbits:

Wii U post launch reactions: Despite all the mixed reception the console has been getting, I’m quite optimistic about its future. I think that all hardware launches have issues at the start but its up to the manufacturer to fix them and show publishers and developers alike that this is a system they need to develop for.

Mass Effect 4, prequel or sequel?: This one is tough to answer. While I think both are great, I’m leaning towards a sequel because I really want to know how Bioware will tie the ME3 ending to future of the Mass Effect Universe. How creative can they be?

Sony’s credit rating takes a hit: I think most people saw this coming, credit rating agency “Fitch” has downgraded Sony’s credit status to “junk”. This indicates the negative state the company has been in recent years, but doesn't take away from the fact that Sony is slowly but surely turning things around.

As usual I put up a video talking about each topic more thoroughly, so check it out if you like!

Oh and excuse my bad hair. I’m just very tired today and stuff :P

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I had quite the weird beginning with Final Fantasy X.

I actually played FF X-2 prior to playing FF X. That was simply because, at the time, my local game shop didn't have FFX in stock.

A few hours in and I found myself confused by the story and characters, so I dropped FF X-2 and began the search for a copy of FF X. Lucky for me, my friend was finally willing to lend me his copy of the game and I was able to get a fresh start into the world Spira.

Looking back at my time with final fantasy X, these are a couple of things that stand out to me:

- The opening cinematic was absolutely brilliant. Sets the mood and atmosphere perfectly, and screamed "PLEASE PLAY ME!" throughout.

- FFX had a really interesting story in my opinion. Some people didn't really like it, but I am definitely among those who did. Most of the events around Tidus and where he exactly came from were shrouded in mystery, the game uses that as a mechanism to push you forward. Great set of twists and memorable events overall.

- While some of the characters in the game didn't resonate well with me, a couple became instant favorites of mine. Auron stands high and tall among them, an enigmatic figure whom you don't see much of during the early-mid parts of the game. However once his arks opens up you immediately fall in love with his sheer "coolness".

- The game didn't really divert away from previous entries in terms of gameplay. That is not necessarily a bad thing, though the sphere grid system wasn't something I was a big fan of. I would much rather have FF7's Materia or FF8's GFs.

I discuss the game further in one of my videos, so feel free to check it out :)!

What did you think of Final Fantasy X? Are you excited for the upcoming HD remake?

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