Audio diaries/logs in games?. . .

I've been watching some old videos and listening to old podcasts on Giantbomb recently, and I often hear implications that Bioshock was the first game to fully incorporate audio diaries or logs in a game. This is just completely untrue, Doom 3 had them and I think used them much better than Bioshock. It just bothered me a little bit that GB staff seem to have completely forgotton about them in Doom 3. 
 God, I have a powerful lust to play Doom 3 this morning!


Snow and Torchlight

The snow is thick out side my window tonight and this hot and stuffy room is my geeky fortress from the weather. Since the weather outside has been disgustingly cold all weekend and the kind blokes at Steam were offering Torchlight for an outstanding £7.49, I took the liberty of spending all day playing that little gem and I've thoroughly enjoyed every minute so far. 
Quick! Go buy it!

PC Games?

Looks like I'm back into PC gaming. . . why not eh? 
Bought THQ complete pack on steam yesterday and I'm going to be playing a lot of that this weekend. It was a right bargain, £26.49!

Weekend games and. . . homebrew?

I had the worst week last week. When I woke up this morning and realised it was Saturday, I was filled with joy. I therefore shall use my day off to play some games. I think I will settle into some Mass Effect since I've played about 3 hours since I purchased it at a disgustingly cheap price.  
Games and beer wil occupy this weekend. Speaking of beer, I love beer. I'm not talking about Coors lite or Bud or Stella. I'm talking about beer, real British ale. Jaipur IPA, Black Dog, JHB. Real honest ale. Aswell as drinking fine ale I also enjoy creating it, which is why I ordered hops and  specialty malts today in preperation for my next brew. I plan to make a Porter, which I must admit I'm very excited about, but also a little nervous. Porter is one of my favourite ales and my local watering hole sometimes has it in as a guest ale. So my standards are pretty high.  
All this talk of beer has made me thirsty. Mass effect is at the title screen and there is a nice bottle of Yorkshire ale sat here tempting me.  
Have a good weekend all. Salut.

Swine flu = Games?

As of Wednesday I have been unable to go into the office due to the fact that my mother (with whom I live) has swine flu. This means that I must remain at home with only my TV and a veritable array of games to occupy my time.

How long is Persona 4 again?. . .


Still need 2 TV' . . .

Well I can now play Persona 4 on my HDTV without it looking like shit since I bought a component cable today. I'm still gonna hold on to my trusty little tube TV for my PS1 games however.

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