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Relax! This is not spam.

The excellent Humble Origin Bundle has left me with games I don't need, so have at it internet people.


Burnout Paradise: The Ultimate Box


Medal of Honour


Mirror's Edge



Mirror's Edge


The Sims 3 Key (I'm never going to play this!)


The Sims 3 High End Loft Stuff Key


The Sims 3 Late Night Key


Enjoy and long live Giant bomb... and Punk IPA beer.

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"Some stuff happened over the weekend."

Damn it Patrick! Stop thinking brevity is cool!

Grrr!!! Angry panda!

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I feel numb.

My deepest sympathies to Ryan's family and all good people at Gianbomb. Rest in peace, sir.

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Anybody notice the similarity between Gamaji and Kamaji from Spirited away?

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@mariachimacabre: Eh. I genuinely feel like shit because my "thanks" post got eaten or whatever. I'm not really "well known" around here, and don't want those that DO notice me posting about to think, "Oh, it's that good-for-nothing-no-thanker."

I always try to thank and repay those who either give me something or I take something from. It's just how I am. I've contacted the OP directly to thank them and apologize.

You are very welcome :) I hope you enjoy the game.

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I recently bought the excellent Humble Indie Bundle 9 and was delighted to see Dear Esther included.

I played Dear Esther when it first came out last year, in a dark room, with several beers through the night in one big greedy sitting. It's a beautiful, intriguing, captivating "game" that has no real gaming mechanics to speak of. It's a story, a journey through a beautiful landscape.

It is difficult to recommend to those who's only gaming is spent attempting to prestige for the 60th time -- and there's nothing wrong with that! However; for anybody looking for something a little different and a journey that you'll not soon forget I highly recommend checking this out.



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For anybody that wants it.


You're welcome.