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Super Bowl Week!!!

Marshawn wouldn't even answer these guys.

Would answer questions for a skittles commercial.

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3 down, 10 more to go.

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First time I remember hearing about something close to this was the massive blocking of Sniper Elite III steam keys that were stolen from the developer and re-sold on a bunch of discount sites. That really, really sucks but that's kinda one of the things you gotta be wary about when purchasing from a discount site not approved by steam / ubisoft / origins. Hopefully they refund your money back.

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Why is Flo Rida in the corner of Dan. Haha just joking tis great.

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I tried watching it when it was first airing on abc, I could not get into it all and stopped maybe before episode 8. I've been hearing alot lately that the show is pretty good so I picked it up again from the beginning and so far I'm enjoying the series the second time around. While we're on the subject of marvel TV shows just wanna say Agent Carter is a home run for me. I really like the character and actress in the series.

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I think people have mentioned it before but be open to just about anything when it comes to work right out of college. Don't be afraid to take any job and just having money in your pockets and work experience is very important. I think most people will tell you they didn't find a good job or their career choice right off the bat but worked several before they found something they enjoyed. I was at my cousin's baby shower a few weeks back and I remember I was talking to one of her friends and she mentioned she works for a tech company even though she had previously went to school to become a veterinarian. Weird stuff man.

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@fisk0: I join a lot of new players games to help them through the beginning parts quick. During the beginning parts there's too much of a grind with money and survivability which will either turn people off or on to the game. I try and tell them rather than thinking of it strictly as a shooter think of the game as an rpg. Everything in the beginning sucks, but once you start leveling and unlocking skills and weapons game gets more fun because of the different branches you can take. They've recently released 3 other characters with their own separate skill trees which diversify the skill set even more. I personally like the game cause I kinda get a similar satisfaction to say like pulling the perfect heist in GTA V. When you pull off the perfect heist in payday 2 there's no better feeling.

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If anybody from the community wants to play some I'd be down. Grabbed the latest dlc heist: The Bomb & The Diamond and would be down to stealthing them or whatever else is out there. Have quite a few hours invested in this game so if you also just need an extra man just let me know.


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Michael Jordan, Gordon Ramsey, Jackie Chan, and Dennis Haysbert.

Your move Giant Bomb.

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Own both a fire stick and roku and gotta say the fire stick has been a breeze for the $20 dollar price. I'll vouch for plex being a really streamlined media server application for those who want an easy way to set one up.