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This year more than ever feels like it's gonna be the underdogs year. Well maybe except for those 2 years Butler when to the NCAA championship games and lost.

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Season 2 is officially out on netflix!

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Hey guys just a heads up. It looks like the marvel battlegrounds playset that just came out is not supported on pc / apple tv. There is a web code in there but it only for the captain america figurine and not for the actual playset. On the Disney Infinity twitter page they've all but announced that they've dropped support for 3.0 on the pc / apple tv which is a real bummer consider I've been playing Disney Infinity on pc since 2.0 and have dropped a decent amount of cash on the digital versions of the characters and playsets.

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@technician: Yeas was kinda surprised with how many people went with Izzo.

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Group created please read the op for info on how to join. Thanks and have fun!

P.S we can probably also set this up for March Madness talk for those who will be following it this year.

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Hey all, anybody interested in doing a giant bomb tourney pick'em again for this upcoming ncaa basketball tournament? I know last year we had quite a few people take part but kinda want to see how much interest there is this year. If there's quite a few people I'll try and get another one set up for this year or if there's already one out there set for gb I'll go ahead and join that one.

Edit: Seems like a decent response so I went ahead and set up a group on ESPN, let me know if there's any issue joining the group.

Group Name: GB Warren's Stache

Password: Drewbeard

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I'm kinda afraid of this trailer. Alot of the jokes shown were misses for me yet I'm still hoping it'll all pan out though in the end.

Still ain't no love for us Asian Americans on the Ghostbusters team unless we go extreme D;.