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So there's online play to this? That actually makes me more interested in it only thought it had local.

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@seikenfreak: what if they stole the physical versions? At least with some digital service you can re-download them on a new console or pc If a physical version gets stolen you're probably most likely having to re-purchase it.

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Think it's time to invest in that camera thing that Jeff has... Unless they steal your iphone, laptop and camera then you're kinda boned. Actually, forget I mentioned it in the first place.

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Speaking to how season 3 goes I'd assume no matter what choice you make you'd probably end up in Wellington somehow and Kenny / Jane would get killed along the way. Wellington just seems like a more important place than going back to Carver's old stomping grounds and setting shop there. Also I'd assume there would be too much divergence of players picking Kenny or Jane that they'd probably just go back to square one when season 3 starts. Very interesting alternative endings in this season, way bigger pay off than season 1 where there really wasn't much of a choice.

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I think Dan's good on the video game standpoint since I'm sure he could probably borrow the offices ps4 / xbox one / Wii U for work. It just sucks cause I'm probably sure there's stuff with personal meaning to him on maybe his laptop or iphone that he can't get back. Plus whoever stole his shit is preventing Dan from streaming with his sister at his home!

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That really, really sucks.

He has a roommate right? Depending on how well he knows the person sometimes it might be wary of those people who have easy access inside.

Wait his iphone being stolen wouldn't the police be able to track down the perps location?

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After the ending I eventually went ahead and watched all the ending for that series on youtube. It seems like Kenny was actually the good ending between the 3 choices. I think the game tried to convincingly sell you the point that Kenny was crazy as fuck and needed to be put down. He was pretty much the wounded warrior who was in a sense searching for a way out through death. It actually made me tear up after I shot him when he told you that he was "asking for this but he was pretty much scared." It seemed like the most logical choice and I think telltale knew that so that's why they kinda hid the better choices of ending on Kenny cause most people probably wouldn't side with a very controlling unstable guy like Kenny over the big sis type like Jane.

Kenny was the best of the decisions from my view point because at the end he gave Clem the choice of sticking it out with him or staying in Wellington (with himself pushing you to stay in Wellington without him). He cared so much for the children he'd give up his own welfare for them as long as they were in a safe secure place. His short talk about how he would like for them to be children again made me realize the one thing that pushed him on was Clem and AJ. Pretty much in this season Kenny is the Rick of the comics. He does bad things which would make any good man break under the pressure but his be all end all goal is to bring some normalcy to the childrens lives in a very much fucked up world.

I could honestly never see him pull what Jane did and leave a baby in a car just to prove a point or he might of in the first season and I just don't remember XD. I swear after finding out I seriously had questions about Jane as a person. She's like Molly from season one, a self reliant person I'd like to see Clem grow up to be. She's the big sis who has shown prowess as a person who can survive on her own but comes back for Clem anyways. The thing that makes me question her is the depndency factor. While Kenny can seriously give up his own safety for the safety for Clem, could Jane make the same difficult choice? Jane even states that "she can't do this without you" if you tell her "I'm not going anywhere with you" after you find AJ.

If you do make the decision to go with Jane she would probably of given Clem the survival skills needed to survive but from my viewpoint at the risk of losing her compassion for people. While it seems like that's the best way to survive I felt that choosing this would result in Clem lacking empathy for people which felt like was against what Lee stood for.

Still though, the shit Clem and Kenny went through was whole something else. Kenny freakin redeems himself and I really wish I hadn't shot him. My ending was I shot Kenny and said fuck it to Jane, Lone Wolf Cubbing it with AJ on my side. I'm happy with my ending as it showcases that Clem is grown up and has taken what she learned from those she met to forge her own path with AJ.

Seriously though who would leave a baby in a car just to prove a point?

...and fuck Arvo.

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I really hope somebody archives these streams on Youtube. I've looked into it, but I'm not entirely confident my internet could handle it.

Might very well be the last time we see someone eat an entire crab during a video game live stream.

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competing streams danny vs patrick.

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Sounds like Day 3 is happening soon.