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@thatpinguino: I think Morey is given way too much credit for the turn around for the Rockets. You could easily point to the coach Kevin Mchale for the turn around for this team but in all the articles I've read about the organization alot of the credit is given to the GM. I'm gonna reserve myself from calling Morey a genius GM till he can lead the Rockets to multiple championships or win a championship with the lowest salary cap in the league. Until then I just gotta believe in what Sheed said about "the balls don't lie".

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All this basketball talk kinda makes me want to re-watch the Sixth Man film. I remember liking the movie as a kid but not sure if the movie holds up...

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That scam he was running earlier bugs the hell outta me cause it pretty much depends on the mark to want the watch. What if the mark didn't give a shit about the watch and just ran off with the cash? Then they would be out $500 worth of beer money.

Maybe the cash in the wallet was fake like the watch?

Fake like his toupee...

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"Let's make a real football league!"

- Vince McMahon

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Might want to check other components to see if they are working properly. I know when I was having heating issues with my pc months ago it was mainly due to the internal fan of my power supply being burned out.

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@csl316: Not only that but the Bulls team has some viable people this year with McDermott, Butler, Mirotic, Gasol and Snell. I think the Bulls are in a better position then the past few years without Rose. Only issue that is gonna arise is who will take the shot when the game is on the line? Probably Butler seeing how much his game has flourished but wouldn't be suprised if they passed it to the big Spaniard on the block and see what he does. That's the reason you bring in a guy like Gasol cause he's been in those types of games.

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There was that moment on his mixlr where he left the car to pick up a diet coke.