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Thank you Gintama 2nd movie for making me aware that this exists.

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@i_stay_puft:I remember not enjoying the first 30 or so episodes of gintama, I didn't think they were particularly good eps from what I remember certainly compared with what came later

Yeah the story seemed more focus and tame compared to what I saw in the newer season. It's at least a good set up for introducing characters in the series.

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@travisrex: Really? I mean, I was wishing so hard for Rumble to win because I'm not really interested in seeing Jones humiliate DC again when he comes back, but I knew DC was gonna wrestlefuck Rumble to a victory if he could withstand the early flurry.

Just didn't predict Rumble gassing hard after the second round.

And Bader is just doing what he has to do to get noticed. I believe wholeheartedly that DC will make quick work of him like he said he would, but there's really no one else that deserves a shot.

Indeed once Jones became champ it seems like everyone in the division either got old or just jumped to another weight class. There are still some names out there, I wouldn't mind seeing Gustaffson bounce back from his brutal loss to Rumble and maybe compete for a title shot again. You're right though in a perfect world Rumble would've won and none of these doubts to DC would creep up, unfortunately it didn't happen that way. DC had a winning gameplan and no way was he gonna box with Rumble especially with the belt on the line.

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Today's game is actually pretty good.

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Yes, I sleep.

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I did the dumb thing earlier and started watching Gintama from the new 2015 series and now I'm completely hooked. I'm now starting the long voyage of starting from the beginning.

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Lol, just stick interim to that lightweight belt till Jones is back.

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Almost thought Vitor had it but Chris Weidman is freaking huge in this division. He pretty much looked like Jon Jones on top with the ground and pound. All I can say is Belfort probably didn't deserve that title shot after sitting for two years but now we can finally get to Jacare or Rockhold challenging for the belt against Weidman.

Along with that Dana needs to give Cerrone a title shot and Arlovski looked might impressive.

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If you're good at it, you're good at it. I knew someone who didn't even go to college and worked odd jobs most of his life but was able to self teach himself in coding proficiently enough he was able to land a new career in it in around his 30's.