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@bigjeffrey: glad to see the character designs have remained relatively the same when comparing it to the early 90's ovas and manga designs.

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Charlotte seems alright. The main character seems like a shadier version of professor x from the first class movie.

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@ganz32: They typically are. The past 2 are a bit more canon due to the revival of the franchise. Let's just wait and see how much will be covered, and how much will be changed in Super. Battle of Gods would be fun but still more interested in the new stuff that happens after golden freeza with the multiverse. Imagine if one of the multiverse they visited was the dragon ball gt universe. Not only would GT now be officially considered canon just a different universe but you could have ssj god goku vs. ssj 4 goku :3

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@alvarofaraujo: Akira toriyama addressed some stuff about the series during an interview to promote the show in Japan. Series is suppose to rehash the battle of gods into an arc, freeze, a multiverse 6 arc, etc. not sure how many episodes will cover the rehashes since it's expected the show will be around 100 ep. I'll just expect a few time skips since where super is currently at goku hasn't met Ubuu yet and battle of gods is suppose to happen 10 years after z. Who knows though, toriyama and the director of the show might just decide to recon the entire thing for super.

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@hassun: this is an official continuation of the series with Akira toriyama being more involved in this series. He already has conceptualized and written most of the arcs for super with some of it being rehashes from the previous 2 films. This is considered official canon and even has Jaco the galactic policeman, the character from the short manga from Toriyama 2014 manga series in it. Watched it earlier today and happy to say I enjoyed it immensely it seems like it'll probably be more like the db Kai edits where there's less talking and more doing, which the original dbz anime was notoriosly known for.

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Check the dump file and then link the info somewhere. Most of the times you can get a good read of what's causing the bsod by reading the dump.

Second screen is because it's not finding the drive where your o.s is located. Could be an issue where you have to reconfigure the boot ordering of your device or you could very well have a hdd that's no longer being detected due to the connection or the hdd could very well be dead. Go into your bios and double check the hdd that currently has the os installed is being detected correctly.

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Watched gangsta episode 1 feels like a mixture of black lagoon and get backers. Looks alright but goddamn did they have to throw in every single adult related thing in the first episode? It's like they needed to show domestic violence, killing, drugs and sadomy to show this is a seines anime.

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Yay! Looks like from the preview for episode 2 of DBS King Kai will finally be able to drive his car -__-;!

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@thatguy060: I am so fucking glad that's how they are starting this series. The best parts of dragon ball is taking the main characters and putting them into real world situations.

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Just wrapped up No Game, No Life. I'll be frank a lot of the initial troupes of this anime didn't really sink me In as I typically refrain from the lil sis moe love and ecchi harem stuff. I stuck with this one cause of the bits of pop culture reference thrown in and was pleasantly surprised with this one. At the end I enjoyed this series for some of the clever scenarios put upon the protagonists.