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Can someone explain to me what's up with Mike Glennon? This morning I read some articles stating that now that McCown is hurt and Glennon is in it's time for the Bucs to go out and find themselves a franchise QB this off season. What's wrong with Glennon as the guy?

I looked at Glennon numbers from last year and yesterday and they aren't overtly terrible. Sure the yards per throw show a guy who dinks and dunks passes and his completion ratio isn't quite at 60%. But the guy put up 19 td / 9 int last year at a 83 qbr. Those number are similar to what a Carson Palmer put up last year for the Cardinals. Is it cause he's a typical pocket passer qb? Is it cause he was a Schiano guy? Doesn't make any sense that Lovie wash't giving the guy a chance especially when you have a talented rusher like Doug Martin back there as well.

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Take 10 of those dollars and spend it on the humble indie bundle 12.

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Practicing that Undertaker impression.

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I caught some of the highlights. McCown is a backup...

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Hot damn Will and Norm have blown up. They to Hollywood to appear on Giant Bomb anymore.

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Sega, the studio that keeps on breaking hearts.

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That would be a bummer, I really enjoyed what I played of Spacebase DF-9 but it clearly felt unfinished. I think going forward this might make me question purchasing games early access in the future.

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@l33t_haxor: If you are still up in the air about which version to get a pc version of the remake was released on steam yesterday. It's essentially the same game but now giving you the ability to play it on a monitor / tv. It is $15.99 on steam.

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Jason should be part of quick look but should just maintain the audio reverb we are so use to hearing from him by now when he uses the overhead p.a system.

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Can we hunt that and finally put it to rest?