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I think the Pats vs. Seahawks game is pretty interesting cause of the way each teams is built. Some analyst have pointed out that these two teams are built very similarly both on the defensive and offensive side of the ball. While I do think the Pats probably have the better offense their defense is close to what the Hawks can do. I only give the Hawks the edge because of how long alot of their key players have played together. If you look at the Pats d they tak cues from the Hawks with man coverage with long athletic cb and fast athletic linebackers who cover zone up the middle. This will be an interesting matchup, cannot wait.

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Is Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance any good? I heard that one is actually one best games recently in series.

If so ill just get the 2 hd remasters on ps3 and the 3ds game.

That is actually pretty good. I enjoyed it.

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Still trying to figure out if this is an MMO or a fighting game.

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You're good with sticking with the hd remakes and watching just the cutscenes for KH 358/2. I played part ways through the game on ds and thought the controls were kinda finicky. I couldn't imagine going back now and playing the game.

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Interesting, Doctor Who is also a vampire?

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Now we know where the bike came from.

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Just want to say that Benson Henderson had balls wearing a legion of boom shirt in Boston for UFC Fight Night.

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Damn, as a Pats fan, I would have much rather played the Packers, obviously, but Seattle definitely doesn't look like a juggernaut after that one.

The win-probability chart from that game is just gosh darn incredible.

As a Seahawks fan I'd rather much have the team be the underdog in this game. As the vegas bettings are showing this might just be the case.