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Keep it, play your games and then sell or trade it later on in the year if you still want the new 3ds XL. I'm sure there's some people who wouldn't mind having a 3DS XL at a discount price.

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All about the money man. You scratch my back, I'll scratch yours sorta deal. Ain't the first time to happen with playstation users getting blocked out of Dead or Alive 3, 4 and Virtua Fighters 5 for a significant chunk of time.

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Sounds interesting hopefully giant bomb will do some sort of quick look video for it. Making the claim as a mature rated earthbound is a pretty big claim considering how much that series is revered over here in the states.

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@turambar said:

Why is money flying out of people everytime you hit them.


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Sure why not, I can imagine Sega doing this and selling them on their website sorta like what Nintendo did with Xenoblade.

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Watch the first three Die Hard films.

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Another funny thing from the sony leak was people within sony talking about rebooting Spiderman for a 3rd time cause of how sucky Amazing Spiderman 2 did in the box office. It's pretty hilarious and some ideas thrown around was making Peter an adult in this one which is funny in it's own right cause they were complaining how old spiderman was just a few years ago during the original trilogy.

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Don't get me wrong Jeff's a funny dude but alot of the stuff he discusses is stuff we know of and can relate to. It's like shooting the shit with friends at a bar. If Jeff was to do a set in front of a crowd who aren't necessarily into the same things we are and are of different backgrounds and age will it provoke the same response, who knows? Comedy is a really fickle thing.

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It's kinda funny considering most information is caused by leaks from internal sources. This just so happens to be a leak of magnified proportions that most of the public was able to gain access to.

Also Sony a Kanye West movie? Really? Do we really need to fill that maniacal madman more delusions of grandeur. You released one hot album your first one College Dropout a decade ago. Get over it.