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That'd be kinda cool if modern day rpgs took a page from Chrono Cross with the npc party invites. There's so many party members you could get access to with their own side stories but picking one would block you from adding a certain set of characters and so forth. It really made you want to do a second play through just to add characters you didn't get access to the first time around.

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Jump Ultimate Stars!

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Just watched and finished the 2012 009: Re-Cyborg film and thought it was alright. I was never a huge fan of the Cyborg 009 series with my only experience coming from the 2001-02 dub on cartoon network. I must say I.G did a great job re-upping the character design for the entire team into something more modern and real life then the original mangaka artwork. The backstory was interesting enough to make me go into a wiki hole and re-read the history of the series.

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@roars5000: Anime is such a broad medium you need to give us some specifics of what types of anime you are looking for. If you check out the main menu they'll give you specific genres of anime like shounen, shouji, seinen, etc. give us a holler of what style or genre you're into.

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It rhymes with Dean Ambrose.

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With the rate at which this wildlife attacks people, no wonder they're endangered. What kind of eagle routinely attacks people twice their size?

The fucked up ones out for revenge on those that murdered his wife and kids.

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Get a room ya hippie!

On a serious note I think it's kinda quirky you have issues killing wild life over killing human beings in the game.

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Another reason why I might not get ORAS, I've never beaten this thing yet. I had dreams once, where I'd eventually beat this one and then eventually do cartridge transfer after cartridge transfer till I had all the pokemon in X/Y.

How... foolish I was.

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@yi_orange So from what I've seen they'll make off hand comments to what happened to some of the more important characters depending on the events that happened in previous games but only in passing. One example I can think of is when talking to Varrick and him mentioning something about Hawke becoming the viscount but you could totally have an ending in DA II where that doesn't happen. In all honesty it's been awhile since I played Dragon Age II and Origins so I don't even remember all that happened. Most of that stuff has not mattered so far.