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@mattadord: Wow they're shutting down Grantland? It looked like they'd survive the Bill Simmons firing after the first couple of months, but I guess not. To be honest that site was much a brain child of Simmons and matched with what ever Simmons interests were at the time it kinda seemed sorta inevitable. I honestly find it funny that Grantland is out while something like "The Undefeated" is still a thing.

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HOLY CRAP, Halloween was yesterday!?

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Goooooo T-Wolves! KG will lead the way.

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Hopefully this game is heavily discounted. No way am I spending full price for this game.

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I'd try recommending what the previous poster has said. Make sure you are running the latest patch along with making sure your drivers for your gfx card is up to date. One other thing I'd try recommending is playing the game in offline mode rather than online. While I don't have the greatest of rigs I've been able to quell periodic freezes like this on my end by playing offline.

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Some people were mentioning October 29th for the pc release date. Can anyone confirm this? I can't find any information anywhere for the release date except for a few comments on the disney infinity forums.