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Just for the record for those who don't play often but do play on occasion and are reading this. During this whole 10 days of galaxy of the guardians promo each day you log in you get a free log-in reward. It might be worth it just to log in every day just to collect your free gift.

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The loot draw doesn't grab me like Diablo does, especially considering your appearance doesn't change from new loot. And if the draw isn't new loot, what is it?

Fun? I have two maxed out D3 characters - WD and DH that have T6 on farm - and appearance is not why I go after loot in that game either. In fact when I get a new piece I usually change it to look like it used to. Most people who play D3 enough have almost every transmog unlocked anyway and can change any piece of gear to look like anything they want, so I doubt appearance is the driving factor for most people in that game. MH is still a very similar ARPG loot grind to me, although I'm not close to maxing out any characters yet.

The game is a lot of fun and the characters I've tried all seem different enough to make them worth playing. It's a great game to click on stuff and listen to podcasts or have a movie on my other monitor, stuff like that. I can't really do that with D3 especially doing Torment VI stuff, it's just too difficult and a momentary lapse in concentration usually equals a death.

For me like what MB said each character feels entirely different to the point where it's fun exploring and figuring out which move sets work best with how you are playing. Another thing that really makes MH super duper addicting is that everything is not given to you at once. In Diablo 3 you get access to every class there is while each character do fit in certain classes they aren't given to you and gotta be earned in some way. There's also a bunch of ofther ways to fufill your goal needs if characters aren't what you're striving for. Currently I have about 18 super heroes I got either through purchase or as a random hero box so that's enough different characters to level up, right now though I'm where I haven't spent any money on costumes and I heard that if you level up your crafter to 20 you can start doing that. That's super awesome and it is something I'm currently trying to work towards.

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@mb: It's all random I believe all characters have equal chance of dropping no matter the cost of them.

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@mb: I tend to follow a specific rule when it comes to buying characters. Only do it on bogo sales and buy only the $4.50 ones first. Doing so you could possibly spend 10 bucks and walk away with 4 characters, 2 low priced and 2 possibly higher priced ones. I think Mr. Fantastic was the first 9 dollar one I bought but even then I got him during a bogo sale where I got the higher priced Iron Man for free. It truly feels like gambling when you get those random hero boxes but when you do get a newer expensive characters, the high I get can't beat that.

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@i_stay_puft: NICE, thanks for the heads up.

I got Storm! Finally a character I actually wanted from a random box.

Nice, been lucky so far this week got a new character free through the bogo sale. Also got Thor and Emma Frost through the random hero box. Been my luckiest week so far in the game when doing random hero boxes.

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@mb: About an hour ago Marvel Heroes is giving away a free hero box themselves.

Code is: SDCCMH2015

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@mb: Yeah they tend to go pretty fast. Sucky.

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Did anybody catch that fuckin raccoon???

When I saw the raccoon with it's babies I instantaneously thought second helpings of raccoon meat.

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Sam Raimi is kind of a weird choice here. I don't see how the typically campy vibe of his movies really translates because The Last of Us could not be less about that.

I think Sam Raimi would give the film some legitimacy among the die hard horror fans. It also gives the general population a name cause of his work on the original Spiderman trilogy. Just speaking on Sam Raimi himself, he can do good horror if he wants to I thought the original Evil Dead & Drag Me to Hell were alright horror films.