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Listening to Stephen A. Smith talking definitively that the Bulls will not win the championship this year kinda makes me want them to win it this year.

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Fucking hell, man...

This is just terrible. The other terrible thing about this is the total lack of empathy from a number of people reacting to the news is just disgusting (yeah, I know I shouldn't be surprised to expect any kind of empathy from the internet).

Man, just horrible, horrible news.

You referring to ESPN comment section? I love the fact that even though ESPN has switched over to facebook people still don't give a shit and still troll.

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Terrible news for Bulls fans, Derrick Rose will have surgery on his right knees meniscus.

Guy can't catch a break.

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Royce White

Bam, totally negated anything that Daryl Morey has ever done as GM of the Rockets.

*Drops Mic*

* To be fair Royce White was a interesting character if he could only get his anxiety disorders in check. The one gripe on Morey is that he's been gm since 2007 and literally didn't do anything till they traded for Harden which wasn't that much of a stretch trade. Look at his PER in the minutes he played and anybody could tell he'd be pretty decent as a starter, we just didn't know he would up his game to MVP type levels. Basically what I'm saying Morey hit the lottery on that one but he couldn't of pulled the Dwight signing without the signing of Harden. You also gotta remember this is the same dude who signed Jeremy Lin and Asik to those terrible contracts all cause they wanted to poison pill the teams with their restricted rights.

Morey is a clown who's analytics was failing till they traded for James Harden. I still remember the days when Kevin Martin and Luis Schola were starting and while they were a .500 team they still weren't that great.

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Reggie Jackson is looking really good in that Detroit jersey.

Well of course considering he didn't throw up on it this game.

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@gaspower: Would sound like a plan, it always seemed Rudy went back to Europe cause he was a little homesick. Only issue is that Rudy would sign for the right contract and no way he's coming back to the NBA if he's playing for the minimum. There's also another former NBA player on Real Madrid Sergio Rodriguez, who not only was all-euroleague with Rudy but also won Euroleague MVP last year. I'd probably put more value on Rudy cause of how diverse his game is and the guy is still in his prime at 29.

Holy shit Sergio Rodriguez is 28 he's also a free agent this coming 2015. Guess it's just a matter of if Rudy and Sergio want to be remembered as hometown heroes in Spain or go back to the NBA and see if they truly belong with the best of the best.

Just want to say a line up of Ricky Rubio, Sergio Rodriguez, Rudy Fernandez, Pau Gasol and Marc Gasol is a pretty good lineup for the Spanish national team.

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I'd like to see an article about how you could get Hassam Whiteside rating up in NBA 2K without changing it on his edit player profile.

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Would be real interesting to see if Rudy Fernandez returns to the NBA next year. He's a free agent this coming 2015 year and he's been playing an all-pro level in the euroleague the past few years with Real Madrid. I really enjoyed Rudy Fernandez game which is probably on the lines of someone like Marco Barenelli but a better defender and finisher at the rim. I think his biggest issues was that the NBA teams he played for wanted to fit him in that role as that corner shooter where he's probably more of a player like Dragic where he can do so much more with the ball in his hands either driving or passing out when going to the rim. Probably don't see the guy as a bonofide starter like Dragic, but could be a great pickup for a team looking for a 3rd option or a viable sixth man off the bench.

If people don't quite remember Rudy, here's him participating in the 2009 slam dunk competition a few years back for the Portland Trailblazers.

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That scam he was running earlier bugs the hell outta me cause it pretty much depends on the mark to want the watch. What if the mark didn't give a shit about the watch and just ran off with the cash? Then they would be out $500 worth of beer money.

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@i_stay_puft: Is that Jerry Stackhouse at 2:13?

You know what, I remember watching the Celebrity All Star game and Alan Houston could pull a Jordan and come down from the front office and start playing games for the Knicks. He can still knock it down from long range like he used to. :D

Yeah, no clue where the video was shot. I would have to assume it's either a Detroit, North Carolina or Philly thing since that's the 3 spots where their game intersect with each other.