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@thepickle: The penalties annulled two touch downs. Seahawks defense has gotten torched for nearly 30 points in 3 games this season. Some things I've seen which have been exploited against the Hawks D is failure to get any stops on 3rd down conversion and not enough of a pass rush to disrupt the timing of the opposing QB. When you give time for the QB to scramble it causes issues for the Seahawks CB because while physical and length they have issues covering improvisational plays.

On that note really liked what I saw from Kearse and Baldwin and have no doubt the Hawks can survive without Harvin it's just the 49ers and Cardinals are playing light's out football this year.

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If you really want something out of the ordinary you get a Nintendo 2ds. I have never seen one person playing that ever in public or on the bus.

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@gaspower: Glad to hear the new FSN anime sounds pretty good. Was hesitant to watch it as a fan of the original and unlimited blade works but now might have to give it a shot.

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@mb: Heard the rest of the tattoo's dlc was already locked underneath the skin.

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@johnlocke: Season 2 from Iron Galaxy just rolled out last week.

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Game reminded me of the Samurai Afro game in terms of quality, just the storyline and everything about that game kinda took me back. I can see people liking this game for the style it brings but it wasn't for me.

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@i_stay_puft: I agree about handing the ball to Lynch, partly because he's on my fantasy team, and partly because he's really fucking good. That said, losing Harvin is definitely a blow to Seattle. It's not that Harvin was really a go-to guy or anything, but he opens up a ton of offense by spreading defenses out. That triple option zone read/fly sweep they had was pretty deadly. They definitely got a little too cute in the Dallas game and didn't feed the beast enough, but this move still seems short-sighted. I have to think the guy was just a locker room cancer or something, but that's never really been something Pete Carroll seems to give a shit about. Regardless, the Jets won this deal, and I'm thinking Harvin will be missed once teams start stacking the box and forcing Wilson to throw over the top, which isn't his strength. Dumb move by Seattle. It may well cost them a ring.

Another thing too which has been mentioned by NFL reporters is the rise of hawks wr Paul Richardson who has been compared to Desean Jackson in terms of playmaking ability. Carroll was probably trying to figure out how to get the guy more touches because he has all the playmaking ability in the world just not a whole lot of opportunities. Kevin Norwood a late round rookie wr who the organization was thrilled about drafting was also getting healthy so they probably thought it was the right time to trade Harvin. I mean the Hawks won without Harvin most of last season they can probably do it again, just the road is a little tougher. I gotta say though now that Harvin is no longer in Seattle it just makes letting go Golden Tate sting just a little bit more. Kinda wondering who Carroll will go to when it comes to returning kicks now.

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Marshawn Lynch tweet about Percy Harvin says it all.


Being born and raised in Seattle this trade honestly hurts. Last time I felt this sucky for a Seattle sports transaction was when the Sonics traded away Gary Payton 12 years ago. It's also raining heavily here so it makes shit more poignant. To put things into perspective though Seahawks had a lot of free agents who are all young and core players for the Hawks: Bobby Wagner, KJ Wright, Russell Okung, James Carpenter, Russell Wilson, Cliff Avril and Byron Maxwell. Alot of money free up with Harvin and his huge 67 million dollar contract no longer on the books. Still though this trade hurts not for what Harvin brings but for the way people have to prepare for the Hawks with Harvin in the game. At the same time after watching last weeks Hawks vs. Cowboys game I was kinda done with all the trickery bullshit they were pulling with the Harvin fake jet sweep / read option trickery they were pulling. Do what you do best give the ball to Lynch and run it down the opponents throat.

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You know, the feelings from this letter really reminds me of how much connection Giant Bomb has with their community. It also for some reason reminds me of the whole CNN vs John Stewart debate that happened nearly 10 years ago. Giant Bomb like the Daily Show are a often humorous take on the side of topic they cover but at the same time they've built a trust that when they mean business people really listen to the message being delivered. I know it's not always easy but thanks Giant Bomb for addressing what's been happening over the past few months.

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@daneian: framerate issues kinda made in unplayable. Don't quote me on this but I believe I read somewhere that Bayonetta was optimized for 360 and then somebody other then Platinum handled the port to ps3.