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Haha your post just reminded me that Doug was an option. Totally forgot about that dude!

haha yeah, I didn't pick him. But the youtube video that I consulted to get the correct quoting apparently did. Who picks Doug? The semi-flirting between Carly and Lee through those couple of episodes makes that shooting scene that much more impactful.

I know right! Doug is lammmmme with a capital "L".

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The usual.

Mike Rotch

Seymour Butts

Amanda Hugandkiss

Captain Chipmunks

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Plus shooting a kid in the shoulder when she clearly didn't fight back is kind of wrong.

Also, I hope I meet Bonnie and Mike again, so I can scold them and maybe put a bullet through their heads.

Yeah but then immediately after that during the Lee scene, he explains when Clem asked "Why did Lilly do that to Doug?" (basically asking as a parallel why Arvo shot her) and Lee says: "She was sad and that can make people angry sometimes (...) cause bad things happen to everyone and its hard to continue being yourself after they do." Also if you choose the right option, Lee says that he himself got like that once. Its a very subtle point that I really liked a lot.

Haha your post just reminded me that Doug was an option. Totally forgot about that dude!

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For those who are planning on purchasing this and are looking for people from the community to play with add your Steam User ID below.

Please feel free to add me

Steam ID: I Stay Puft

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So there's online play to this? That actually makes me more interested in it only thought it had local.

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@seikenfreak: what if they stole the physical versions? At least with some digital service you can re-download them on a new console or pc If a physical version gets stolen you're probably most likely having to re-purchase it.

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Think it's time to invest in that camera thing that Jeff has... Unless they steal your iphone, laptop and camera then you're kinda boned. Actually, forget I mentioned it in the first place.

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Speaking to how season 3 goes I'd assume no matter what choice you make you'd probably end up in Wellington somehow and Kenny / Jane would get killed along the way. Wellington just seems like a more important place than going back to Carver's old stomping grounds and setting shop there. Also I'd assume there would be too much divergence of players picking Kenny or Jane that they'd probably just go back to square one when season 3 starts. Very interesting alternative endings in this season, way bigger pay off than season 1 where there really wasn't much of a choice.