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What's the hot jam this winter 14' season?

I'm about to start watching the FSN 15' anime and already started watching Parasyte. I also probably plan to watch some Psycho-Pass II sometime this weekend. Any recommendations would be appreciated, thanks.

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What's the word on Dragon Quest X?

There were those Yakuza Samurai spin-off games that I've always wanted to play. Reading a translation guide online while playing that game probably isn't the most ideal way to play those.

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@grantheaslip: I always thought of Portable Ops as being canonical even though most people probably don't quite consider the story that important. From what I remember there were quite a few important characters from the Metal Gear Universe who appeared in that game like Colonel Campbell and Grey Fox. Has there ever been any official statement by Kojima or anyone at Konami about the state of portable ops story and whether or not it's canonical to the metal gear storyline?

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I think its a decent way to purge those lame items I had just sitting in a fake inventory serving no purpose.

I don't have many gems but I'm hoping I can pick up a smaller game with them.

Truth, but still no options to purge these Dead Island Epidemic Beta Keys.

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From what it sounds like they're essentially giving users what they want. I remember Rorie on one of the bombcast he was a guest on mentioning immediately selling any cards he would receive cause he wasn't into the badge / card market. With how cheap games are now a days this is probably giving players who are probably not into badges other options. All in all I'm going to assume that people who aren't interested in badges and cards or interested in what steam has to offer will keep on selling them cards.

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@giacom said:

@i_stay_puft: I have noticed the plugin will remember authentication info so that is probably it. The failed video playback is weird and I get it too sometimes but it works after a couple of attempts.

Yep, it'd be nice having something more stable on Kodi or even the amazon fire market (got kodi sideloaded on the fire stick) but you can't win them all. This will suffice man, thanks for the update and help.

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Man hearing about agents of shield really makes me wanna give that show another try. Though man that's like 30+ episodes to watch and am not even sure even with people starting to like it if it will be a show I'd enjoy. Those first few episodes weren't terrible just very, very boring. I really wanted to see characters from the comics in this show but instead we got generic agents and random people with powers.

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@giacom said:

@i_stay_puft: Try it again, I made a small adjustment. https://github.com/Giacom/xbmc/tree/giantbomb

Thanks dude! Works perfectly.


Well almost perfectly. So when I initially loaded up the app on kodi I noticed under the subscriber feed I can see all the videos so I assumed it was working. Some videos like Patrick's Coffee Tastes Better on Mondays: 12/01/14 video played with no issue. Everything else on the subscriber feed came up with a "playback failed" issue.

One thing I noticed was that there was no option on the main menu to authenticate subscriber account to the giant bomb application. Though it might of accepted my subscriber credentials the first time when it was originally failing. This could totally be a different issue on itself but just wanted to say thanks even still.


It works! Must of been something going on my end!

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@meorrow: Glad to hear it worked for ya man :)

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Well Roger Klotz is kinda an asshole David Jaffe. That's his whole fuckin shtick with Doug Funny.