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J - eff Green

W - ill Smith

V - inny Caravella

D - ave Snider

JWVD = JCVD = Jean-Claude Van Dam

Chem trails man, chem trails.

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Good to hear Vinny in some podcasting form.

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I'll probably buy one if there's some crazy sale that happens this black friday or holiday. Other then that I'd probably rather just save up for a ps4 / Xbone or upgrade parts for my pc.

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I'll probably say

  • Bully
  • Gears of War
  • Okami

Bully for the simple fact that rockstar was able to reinvent what an open world game was suppose to be at the time. Before from what I can recall most open world games during this time were just straight up GTA clones. Bully showed you can make an open world game different from the gangster / mafia stuff and still have it be fun and enjoyable both with the gameplay and story.

Gears of War kind of took the RE4 third person shooter mechanics and refined it to what we see now with over the shoulder shooters. I remember in college that game being the game to play whenever you were going to play any multiplayer online for the xbox 360.

Last was Okami mainly for how underrated that game was at the time. I'm sure the game gets it's just dues now with all the remakes and word of mouth but from what I remember that game came out of nowhere for me because it came out at a time when everyone was gearing up for the new video game consoles.

I'd probably like to throw Jump Ultimate Stars into best games of 2006. It was super smash bros on the handheld before super smash appeared on the handheld. I have great memories of a bunch of former co-workers playing that during lunch breaks or after work in the parking lot just chilling and playing a few rounds. It was also mind blowing being able to take a handheld game and playing it against random people all around the world. You have to remember that this was the early stages of online multiplayer for console games so doing this was super cool. People complaining about super smash 3ds being broken have no idea what broken is compared to playing against users who are mostly in Japan. So many lag filled matches but oh so fun.

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The Magic Bullet is a great invention. Who needs to bulk out the giant blender when you can bust out something so light and easy. I also bought a signed (probably replica) Ken Griffey Jr. card way back when and I still have it somewhere.

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I'm kinda tempted to re-watch Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot. I vaguely remember renting the movie as a kid and thought it was lame funny before I fell asleep midway through. I wonder if it holds up. Another film I'll probably try re-watching is Cliffhanger another movie I haven't seen in maybe 20 years but because someone on these forums described it as Die Hard on the mountains I'll probably watch it again.

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@hatedread: @themanwithnoplan: I'm pretty sure Brad tweeted about the actual archive appearing on the site sometime today. Also not sure how long twitch archives stay up now a days with the new acquisition so I'm assuming it'll probably be up on his twitch page for about a week? Anywho enjoy folks.

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Well looks like I lucked out my local one ran out guess that's what I get for waiting till Wednesday to jump in on it. I'll probably hit up the other ones in and around the area tomorrow or something.