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Phil Davis signing with Bellator.

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@patoday: I just read on twitter that Hernandez would be serving his sentence at a prison facility 3 miles from Gillette Stadium. LOL I think they just found maybe the cruelest place to put Hernandez to serve his sentence, a couple of miles away from where he was once a star. He will hear the cheers that were once for him in the distance from his jail cell.

Seahawks don't have a first round pick this year cause they traded it away in the Graham trade. I'm really looking forward to seeing what type of crap our GM John Schneider will pull out of his ass cause it always seems to work with his later picks

* Just for clarifications but draft is April 30th not tomorrow.

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Paul Pierce calling out Deron Williams is like sweet melodies in my ear.

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Jae Crowder just channeled his inner Bird on that game winner against the Raptors tonight.

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I know it is only ~5% into the season, but the Nationals better right the ship by the end of this weekend. All aspects of the team have looked iffy for the "best team in baseball" (especially the gross defense) and if things continue this way we might see people starting talk of pressing the proverbial "panic button" in DC. At the very least I hope they can put together a good performance on Saturday when I am there. It is Puppies at the Park day!

Nationals have a very impressive rotation I can't say anything about their offense atm. Guess most of it depends on if Bryce Harper can reach the next plateau of stardom that everyone expects the guy to take.

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@ezekiel: @onekillwonder_: @gunstarred: @grixxel: I'm glad I wasn't the only one super disappointed with where the Die Hard franchise went. If the Terminator movie bombs at the box office that'll be two failed major motion franchise movies Jai Courtney has starred in. I mean even Sam Wellington never saw another major motion box office film since Terminator: Salvation.

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The only Mortal Kombat game I ever played/ owned was MK9. I thought it was really cool, even though I only played the story. However, I never play fighting games and this seems like an excuse to give the series and genre a try. Fighting games are probably the only genre of games I don't play but think I should get into it a little bit. From the quick look it seemed awesome.

For the people that have played this, do you guys recommend it for newer players?

I don't own the game but from my perspective is that if you're going to get into any fighting game there's no better time to get into it then when the game is first out. If you're planning to play the online portion you'll probably run into more players on the same level as you are and are still trying to figure stuff out in the game. There's also less of a chance you'll run into many super elite players who have had months with the game and will wreck you quickly online. I always find fighting games hard to get into online once everyone else has had a head start over you. Though the controls for this game probably hasn't changed a whole lot from games like Injustice and MK9 so what I've said before might be moot.

It kinda sounds like you are probably more interested in the story then anything else. If that's the case I'd honestly probably just wait till the game is on sale or just wait a few days and watch a youtube video of just the cutscenes spliced together.

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I for one can't get behind this film cause Jai Courtney is freakin terrible. I still blame him for Die Hard 5.

To me the actress from Game of Thrones as Sarah Connor is weird too.

I'm not watching this. I wasn't going to watch T4 either, but someone played it while I lived with them. It was one of the worst big budget movies I've ever seen and T5 looks no better. It looks desperate for past glories.

Rewatched the trailer an Kyle Reese and Sarah Connors do have a dilemma on their hands. If they bone they'll create John Connors which sets up this movie along with all the sequels. If they don't do the thing then John isn't born, Skynet takes over and no 5th movie is made.

That's some heavy handed decision making right there. As much as I love the second film I'd probably rather not have John conceived in order to save humanity from the fifth film.

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This kinda made me realize how much I want a new Samba De Amigo game.

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Had no clue Hideo Kojima left Konami to direct the new Terminator film.

I for one can't get behind this film cause Jai Courtney is freakin terrible. I still blame him for Die Hard 5.