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For whatever reason, I went to the Hummingbird Forums for the first time in months. Remember when I mentioned their Masturbation thread? Well guess what... someone raised the bar. You guys gonna love this: NSFW Skype chat!

From the first post:

Hey you perverts.

I have made a NSFW chat on skype where we can all share glorious hentai together. Any kind!

No limitations what so ever.

Only rule is don't be a dick.

Add me on skype and just send me a message and I shall add you.

From what I've gathered, it's basically a big circle jerk. Also, could you guys do OP a solid and join his (it must be a dude) skype chat? He's looking for more participants in a little aggressive way.

Edit: Looking for more people! We're very active

....we've got Yuri. Join us dammit.

But wait, there's more! At some point a fucking staff member joined the chat.

Mh, I should just sneak into this chat, it's widely known that I'm a pervert perverted gentleman.

Those forums are fantastic. I'm having a great time.

Heh, coming in reading the last post has got me confuzzled. Time to scroll up.

I've recently had a fascination with sports anime and been watching the Slam Dunk and Eyeshield 21 series on Crunchyroll. Was wondering if there's any other sports series people would recommend out there. I heard Kuroko was alright and I'm planning to watch to start a little bit of Inazuma Eleven since playing the game on eShop.

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@gamer_152: I think its only being mentioned as a miniseries because Fox isn't sure if they are renewing the series further then this year. If they announced they were bringing it back and then cancelled it after due to poor ratings fans of the show would probably be up in fumes.

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Looks like Keifer Sutherland has got some more work lined up for him after Metal Gear. Fox recently announcing that 24 is returning to Fox this spring as a limited run miniseries. For me 24 was kinda like the greatest soap opera ever to watch as a teen back in the day. Sure it was pretty terrible in some spots but when it got good, it was pretty great. Every season was like the greatest "who done it" episode where you had to figure out who was the real "turn coat" of the main cast. The biggest question I have for the upcoming 24 series is will it be able to stay relevant to the times? From what I remember when 24 was last on air back in 2010 was that Fox thought the series couldn't thrive anymore due to a change in the viewing audience response to basically Jack Bauer torturing everyone who got in his way. How will viewership respond to Jack Bauer 4 years later?

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Sounds like a day one purchase.

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I honestly thought there'd be some pictures of some good old prime Aussie beef. Heavily disappointed and hungry.

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I JUST deleted this off my PS3's hard drive. It looks and plays like complete shit.

It's very much a PC game, plays great there.

Sad but true, this game is terrible on ps3 cause almost nobody uses their headsets or communication device to communicate. At most the missions just devolve into protect this area till the van arrives type deal. I've never successfully stealthed a mission with others on the ps3.

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Hey guys.

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We all need help with Al Gore.

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Race relations.