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@zombiepenguin9: Think I'll probably take some time this week to go watch two of my favorite Robin Williams films Hook and Jumanji.

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Sad news to hear anybody who grew up in the 90's grew up with Robin Williams on the big screen. Aladdin, Ms. Doubtfire, Flubber, Jumanji, Jack, and Patch Adams the list goes on and on. He made becoming an adult seem super cool.

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That anime ending was messssseeeeed up. Good write up, totally tried blocking that animes ending from my mind until now.

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Still fine tuning but sure!

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@49th said:

I was going to make fun of the pokemon designs but I just saw pikachu was dressed as a scientist and then it body slammed someone as a wrestler...


...I have to go

WTF why is pikachu wearing clothes?

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Not sure who ended out worst from a pr perspective. I thought in the initial espn interview it had to be Cormier cause of what Jones was spouting seemed super super not real. Once the background stuff showed, Cormier through that whole espn interview on and off seemed pretty arrogant of himself. I understand he's been top dog throughout his entire career in mma/wrestling and has some small man syndrome in him but come on dude. I actually kinda gained some respect for Jones even though he was primarily the aggressor. For the longest time I assumed Bones was trying to make himself out to be the golden boy without any of the antics and back and forth with his opponents. None of these things sold any fights cause he either never got into it (except for maybe Rashad) or just annihilated everyone his way. Basically John was suffering from Apollo Creed syndrome, where he was soooo good his fights were boring cause they were never a good matchup. I'm super glad that we have at least two contenders in Gustaffason and Cormier who seem like they'll put a decent challenge to Bones.

If I was picking a winner in this battle though I have to go with John Bones cause of that length. People primarily think Cormier was a tall dude cause he fought Heavyweight but the guy is only 5'11. Same height as Rashad Evans another opponent he is not only similar to in skill but an opponent Johnny Bones has fought before. While Cormier is the more decorated wrestler he is also about 2 years older than Rashad at this point in their careers. John will use his lenth to his advantage and Cormier will get pummeled as he goes in for takedowns.

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I live in Seattle and there's a fairly decent LGBT community. Most of the people in the city of Seattle are pretty open minded but obviously you'll have your fare share of those who aren't. All I gotta say is good luck where ever you land man and best wishes.

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Where does that mega lopunny end and where does it begin?! Just looks like sausage now, rabbit sausage.