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Marvel Heroes is currently doing their 10 Days of Guardians of the Galaxy promotion. So far it's been another Buy one get one free sale on heroes and chase variant costumes sale. I am wondering if the last day will be the release of Star Lord since it would kind of make sense with the film and all.


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If I were in your position I'd probably try finishing up the games that would probably take a few sit through's to beat instead of the games that require a hefty amount of time I'd think games like DMC, Mirrors Edge, Remember Me, ICO and Dust are pretty linear so I'd say choose from the list first. If I were to choose I would pick DMC and go from there. DMC is pretty much like any Devil May Cry game but with a new team at the helm the combat has been toned down but you can up the difficulty if you'd like to make it feel like a real DMC game.

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The Nintendo Eshop is MILES behind both Sony and Microsoft, but that's a dead horse that's been beaten so much that it's just a pile of mush now. The one thing that annoys the shit out of me is that Nintendo's downloader doesn't give you any idea of the progress, and it's in BLOCKS and not MB/GB. I have no fucking idea what 200 blocks is, god damn.

I'm kind of surprised no one has figured out the blocks to gb/mb conversion.

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Yeah I'll agree with everyone else and say TGS.

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It's been about three years since the 3ds eshop launched and while I'm not complaining much about Nintendo's first party games, everything else on it from my perspective hasn't been all that great. There have been the occasional highlights for me such as Phoenix Wright V making it's way over to the US as a digital only release and of course there are games like 1001 Spikes and Shovel Knight that are there even though I'd probably play them on my pc if I had a choice. For me one of my biggest gripes with the 3DS eShop has been the lack of digital versions of gameboy advance and DS games for the system.

When the 3ds system was released the idea of DS and GBA games making its way to the virtual console was kind of expected. I couldn't wait to play something like DS Advance Wars or 999 off an sd card. The ambassador program kind of gave me a taste of what could happen and it was pretty damn cool having those games without worrying about lugging around the separate cartridges. After that I pretty much expected the flood gates to open and more stuff to come out, unfortunately it's 2014 and that hasn't quite happened yet.

I believe since the ambassador program no GBA games have made it to 3ds eShop while the funny part is the WiiU has gotten a few. Nintendo DS games hasn't been their either I think the only thing to have made it digitally besides some DSi stuff was the DS version of Inazuma Eleven. It feels like there's a huge cash cow in the ds / gba library nintendo could take advantage of and so far nintendo is dropping the ball by holding them off the 3DS system.

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Nope don't see the resemblance.

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Sims 2...

Can you still trap people inside rooms with stoves and watch them panic as they set the rooms on fire?

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Funny that they would play together later. I bet the conversations between LeBron and Shaq in 09 (Go Cavs!) were REAL interesting:

LBJ: "Hey Diesel, I can make you do an Inferno Kick"

Shaq: "Uhhhh........?"

Lebron: nah shaq seriously, I remembered them all.

Shaq: you know I got plans on making a sequel if all plans work through I'll add you into this game. You'll be the boss for the cleveland level just give it time in 6 years I'll make this happen. Yet for the time being keep this on the dl and especially don't tell Kobe.

Lebron comes home (cause he wants to be in the new Shaq-Fu game)

And that's the story of how Shaq brought Lebron James back to Cleveland. (wipes a tear from his eye duct)

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That'd be pretty funny if the girl also frequented this site and gave you advice on what to do next.

Anyways, good luck!

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Huh there were special moves in shaq fu?

I also just want to point out two things about espn website.