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@oursin_360: Nah, it's still being produced by Sony and they'll still reap all the box office money and awards. From what I've read it's an agreement in-place between Sony and Disney where Spider-Man will be added to the Marvel Universe films and will be able to make guest appearance and appearance in future films and Marvel films. Not sure what kind of money agreement was put in place but having Spider-Man appear in continuity with the Marvel franchises is suppose to just be good business for both studios. In a perfect world Disney would love to have Spider-Man back, but he's such an iconic and popular superhero figure that there's no way Sony would give him up without a fight. The only reason why this can take place is because Disney and Sony executives have a good standing relationship with each other, compared to say Marvel and Fox where I just found out Marvel is rumored to be killing off the comic book marvel franchises owned by Fox (Fantastic Four and X-Men) in order to stop promoting them out of spite for them.

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@dudeglove: Are you kidding me? Bond was like married for 5 minutes before his wife croaked. Harry Tasker truly loves only 2 women, his wife and daughter.

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@getz: I don't think the recap is all that necessary to play 4 unless you really want to know what's happening. I do think it's important though to have at least a general understanding of the returning characters and what their relationship is to the other characters. From what I remember Yakuza 4 starts off a few years after 3 and kinda starts off a whole new storyline.

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Make Green Arrow into a Amazon Trail learning game. Take the bow and arrow and shoot the fish.

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For those who are complaining about another origins, I definitely hear you on that one but I don't think Sony is stupid enough to do another origins re-tell. From what I can tell the new films are a semi-reboot. New director, actor, writer, but they'll continue the story back to when Peter Parker was in high school and he's already been Spidey for a few years already. He's supposedly suppose to make a cameo appearance in next years Captain America 3: Civil War film.

I for one am thrilled that they are continuing Peter Parker in high school as it's something different from other mainstream super heroes films we've seen. The only other super hero film I've seen that has tried to tackle the same situation is Kick-Ass, but that was kinda it's own thing. I think where Amazing Spider-Man 2 failed besides a pretty poor script was graduating Peter Parker in the beginning of the film. At that point instead of just the conflict of struggling between normal life / spidey life you are now faced with adult problems Peter, and once you do that you're now rehashing the storyline of the Raimi trilogy.

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@butano said:

Dunno much about the actor, but I do like that he actually LOOKS like a Peter Parker. That was the one thing that bugged me about Andrew Garfield - he was way too good looking and 'cool' to be Pete and did things that comic book/cartoon Pete never would've done. Peter's just a socially-awkward average looking nerd who happens to get super-powers, but when he's not Spider-Man, he's still Pete. That's why I thought Toby was great as him in 1 and 2.

It's like Batman. I think Keaton was the better Batman, but Bale was the better Bruce Wayne. Garfield was a better Spider-Man, but Toby was a better Peter. I'm hoping they go the Incredible Hulk route and that it doesn't focus too much on the origin story yet again but make it known that here's what happened and here's an adventure and that it sets up for the next Avengers/Civil War movies smoothly.

I always thought the Amazing Spider-Man movies with Andrew Garfield were trying to implement more of the Ultimate Universe Peter Parker in that films storyline. Alot of the references to Richard Parker, Peter's dad in the movies, is the Ultimate's take on Peter's parents being super scientist. In the Ultimate comics Richard also leaves clues for Peter in order to discover what happened to them.

Ultimate universe Peter also isn't your prototypical nerd in a sense but probably more of the shy, loner type who also happens to be very intelligent. They only show for a brief moment maybe the first 4 or 5 issues how Peter Parker looked and acted before being bit but he had alot of the traits of the same Peter in the film. I remind you that Ultimate Universe began publishing in 2000 so the definition of what a nerd in high school had changed a bit to when main universe Peter Parker was in high school.

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Marvel Heroes 2015 will be doing a big 10 event for the last week of anniversary month. Listed is a more detailed description of what will be occurring


Detailed info from their post on the Marvel Heroes 2015 forums:

Q: What is the Big 10 Event?

A: The best event in the history of Marvel Heroes, it contains multiple events running simultaneously. In a nutshell.

Q: Where's the best place to farm during the event?

A: Wherever Odin's Bounty is currently, it rotates through the different games modes but you'll want to focus on maximizing your playtime during the Midtown Manhattan/Industry City Patrol rotation, particularly on Monday though during Midtown Madness, for maximum returns. (Bounty schedule to follow).

Big 10 Daily Gift:

Big Ten Daily Gift - The ultimate in daily gifts, you simply cannot miss this!

50 A.R.M.O.R. Drives 30 Cosmic Worldstones 30 Omega Files 10 Odin Marks 10 Eternity Splinters 10 Cube Shards 

XP during the week:

Correct me if I'm wrong but today should begin with the Cosmic Chaos starting bonus of +42% and increase every day by 22% from Operation Omega.

This means that Wednesday will sit at 174% and usually 6-9 hours worth of playtime on Thursday sitting at 196% XP, Rare Item Find (RIF) & Special Item Find (SIF).

Other important points to remember:

  • Free Iron Man MK2 Team-Up - given at 12:01AM PDT Friday (6/26)

  • Cowpocalypse will continue for the week

  • Cosmic Prestiging is 50% faster

  • Omega leveling is 24% faster

  • Agent Coulson daily quest for Access Files (Operation Omega currency)

  • Daily Industry City Patrol (ICP) quest for a random Fortune Card

  • 50% off sale on Fortune Cards

  • 2 other currently unknown store events (read: sales) coming too


Make sure to log-in tomorrow for the free Iron Man MK2 Team-Up hero.

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@rangers517 said:

It's now completely gone for me. The price disappeared.

Yep, same. Can still buy that season pass though! I wonder, the game is current 40% on sale at GMG do you think I could buy a key and still redeem it on steam?

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