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I'll probably let my amazon prime subscription run out as well. I mean if you look at it compared to some of the subscription based streaming service like netflix or HBO GO (eventually when they go stand alone) I'm sure Amazon Prime is by far the better value because of all the other stuff it provides. I just can't justify paying $100 yearly fee for something I rarely use now a days and when I was a student it was like $60 cheaper. I can see the benefits of Amazon Prime to people who like shopping for stuff alot on the site and like their selection of movies and playing music, as for me I've become frugal as I've gotten older and Netflix + Hulu Plus has been more than adequate with my tv watching needs. Now I must finish Big Love before my Prime subscription finishes up in May.

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@corevi: I'm assuming one of the 200 es came from participating in the beta. Wonder what the other 200 was for? Novas awesome though, have fun.

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Get the console devices dry as possible using a fan or leaving them out in the sun. Then try plugging them in again in a few days in a less hazardous area to see the extent of damage to your systems. In my opinion if at most you lose an original xbox and snes I'd probably consider myself lucky since I've seen pawnshops and thrifts stores stacked up with xbox selling at less than 20 bucks and you could get something like a retron 5 to replace the snes. Good luck dude on your home repair.

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Marvel Heroes 2015 is giving away a free random hero token for those who log in today. This is a great way to add more heroes to your account especially for new players who might now have a huge amount of the roster unlocked. Oh yeah you also get a free winter boost as well to boot.

* I got a wolverine duplicate token, oh well.

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I think if Game Stop was smart they'd offer the transfer service right on the spot of the trade. Other than that no thank you.

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@aegon said:

I think I might get that Metroid Prime Trilogy release.

Does anyone know how big that game is? I'm wondering how much space of the 32gb it'll take up.

The original copy of the Prime Trilogy was able to fit onto one dual layer disc. So at most I'd say it would be 8 gb.

* Checked with my original disc and it's a shade under 8 gb.

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Rubba-dubba-dubba, that true?

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And after 2 years! I'm still waiting for ds and gba games to make a regular appearance on the 3ds eShop...

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$6.3 million