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I remember someone asking Jeff on his tumblr about the game a while back and him mentioning something about not being all that interested in it. Remind you the game also came out at a really bad time for the Giant Bomb crew as it came out mere weeks after Ryan's death.

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Gmail is working in Seattle ;-/

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Week 3 - Power Rankings


Bleacher Report

CBS Sports


Broncos moves to the consensus #1 on all the ranking boards. Surprisingly, the Bengals are right up there too making me wonder if this is Andy Dalton's "Joe Flacco" year. Obviously with the Hawks and 49ers losing they tumble a bit but not so much as they are still up there on the top 10 lists.

In other news pictures were leaked that put into perspectives how badly Peterson whipped his 4 year old boy when news came to light last week. The pictures showed laceration all lover the boys legs and back area, some that the mother alleged were bleeding when he was sent home back to Minnesota where the mother lives. There was also reports another mother of Peterson's kids said the same thing happened to her child when she sent him to Texas to live with Peterson over the summer. With recent news coming to light this is another black eye to the NFL Shield and to a hall of fame player who has had a squeaky clean image since coming into the league .

Due to the new evidence the Minnesota Vikings have overturned their reinstatement of Peterson a few days ago and he is inactive indefinitely until the court case is settled. Goddell is now not only battling the Ray Rice fiasco but now this as well. I'm pretty sure Goddell is hoping for some sort of BALCO scandal in MLB or "Malace in the Palace" scenario in the NBA to shed light away from the awful PR nightmare the NFL is currently facing.

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That's actually pretty funny.

@ch3burashka reaction to this article written says it all.

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I think Metal Gear was already heading in a weird direction when Michael Biehn and Sean Connery appeared in the first game.

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Oh god this thing is 7 hours and 7 minutes late.

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Vivi has game, I saw all his kids at the end.

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@liquiddragon: Yeah, good option as well. I remember getting a 1 tb for like 40-50 bucks a few years back.

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@mattyftm: Sounds like somebody didn't do their vr training simulation. (inside joke for metal gear solid fans)

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@therealmoot: They are also updating the cpu processor for the device and ram. Just think of it as the Wii U I guess it's a new handheld console that's backwards compatible to 3ds, ds, and dsi games.