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Wow that whole Goran Dragic debacle is crazy.

First this makes sense for Dragic whose numbers have dropped all across the board with the addition of Isaiah Thomas during the off season. Basically this is one of those too many cooks in the kitchen scenario where if you are a guy like Dragic who hasn't been highly regarded early in his career and was coming off an all-nba 3rd team selection he is most likely seeking to hit the jackpot this off season with a new contract. He was probably unhappy with the less touches and having 2 other guys who essentially play his position in Isaiah Thomas and Eric Bledsoe. Goran played better with Bledsoe because Bledsoe has the ability to guard other teams two, when Iasiah on the floor Goran has to step up and play defense on the best gaurd and that's not Goran's game.

This recent news doesn't play well for a Suns team who earlier this week were looking at possibly moving Thomas instead of Dragic. Sounds a little to late as Dragic was quoted as saying to Suns brass he wasn't going to resign with the Suns during the offseason and has essentially backed the Suns in a corner to trade him. Teams can now low ball the Suns with offers as they know the Suns will need to trade him or possibly get nothing in return for him next year.

Basically no matter what this is a lose / lose situation for the Suns.

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@panelhopper: One reason Nintendo might be inclined to not print any more copies is the game is offered on their Nintendo 3DS eShop at a reasonable price. Might be one of those things where they'd be losing money if they made physical copies of the game.

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Yikkity Yak, don't come back!

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Just think its been a slow news month in video games in general. I visited Polygon the other day and read an article about how many people John Wick killed in the film.

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Look at this and tell me what you see.

Answer: Tony Danza.

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@fredchuckdave: Ah yeah must of been late 2013 then. I didn't watch it until at least the spring / summer of 2014. Yep Unforgiven is up there on my favorites as well, it is clearly my favorite western film of all-time.

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Last year felt like one of the weakest years in recent memories in Hollywood films. The movies mentioned were alright and I agree with most of the choices on the list but they probably aren't going to be something I'd say I want to rewatch again in the coming months.

I thought there were a few films overseas which didn't get enough credit this year. I thought the final 2 Rurouni Kenshin films were great popcorn action samurai flicks. Raid 2 in itself might be one of the great action films that might achieve cult status years from now. Finally that Japanese remake of Unforgiven was so damn good who cares they use exact same framing shots of the original. Ken Watanabe in that film was incredible as the Clint Eastwood character.

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@dochaus: Worst rap song I have heard from a former NBA player.

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@dochaus: The sound has a very mid-2000's Seattle hip hop sound to it which I really dig. Kinda crazy he was able to get Kenny G. to appear in the video, repping that 206 love. Not as good as Shaq's first album but better than Kobe's, AI and a whole lot better than that Lance Stephenson track over the summer and that guys from Brooklyn! I also thought Stephen Jackson's stuff was alright if you're into that Houston area swisher house sound.

* LMAO Kenny G.

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I think now we need Drew to play punchout and beat Tyson. Hearing Drew never played Mike Tyson's Punchout is a real travesty.