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I still say two thousand and fourteen and know it sounds stupid. I'm trying to make the switch to twenty fourteen but it's so damn hard to after fourteen years of saying two thousand and "number" in it. I have a problem.

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It's 2014 and there's a thread on a gaming forum about a 1996 Arnold Schwarzenegger film. Giant Bomb, you rock!

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@i_stay_puft: I share your concern that there may not be any decent discussion to come from dwelling on this kid, but I didn't get the impression anyone was trying to rationalize what he did. The greatest explanation is still within his mind, and while we may get hints at the madness, that does not mean it makes any more sense.

Just fully disturbed by this story, hadn't watched any news all weekend so I'm just finding out about it now. Truly heartbreaking about the deaths.

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I am not sure what kind of discussion or rationale can be grown from the video & thread. This is probably actually the most disturbing topic I've seen on this sites forums. If you want to talk about mental illness, hollywood being spoiled or society's breakdown of communication causing loneliness, sure, but if you want to rationalize this man's actions, well that's one place I'd rather not go.

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Just want to say zombiepie great job as always putting this together each week dude, much appreciated. Have a good weekend.

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It's actually funny of the op comment about Seth Mcfarlane specifically being a "comedian" but reading up on his bio he's actually a pretty hard working person. Sure Family Guy has kinda gotten bad over the years but when Seth started out he started out as a animator / writer for hanna barbera eventually moving into directing / acting / singing in bigger budget films. That's insane that someone who started out behind the scenes on a couple of our favorite old school cartoon network shows like Dexter Laboratory and Johnny Bravo is now killing it with the likes of Liam Niesen and Charlize Theron. Not only that he managed to find the time to record a Frank Sinatra inspired album back in 2011 with Universal, direct a featured film (TED), star in his own film, while also show running, writing, and voice act on several of his own cartoon shows. Not only that he's executive producing a new show by one of the writers of Family Guy for Fox in 2015.

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He does have that voice.

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Wow fuckin insane. Good job Whitta.

- Though its still early in pre-production and alot of this could change over time.

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I vote for Craig Ferguson to appear in the Giant Bomb ad.

CBS, make it happen.

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Cross-Promotional behaviour is encouraged in the games-coverin' industry. It's all one big incestuous lovefest. Balls. Everywhere.

I don't know about this one dude. I mean when I used to go to gametrailers to watch something like Screw Attack it didn't necessarily make me want to go to their site to watch the same video if it's all on Gametrailers. I'm just hoping this was something hopefully approved by the giant bomb staff.