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The PC version is my numero uno go to game to play when I just want to relax and turn off my brain. Would be cool to play with more gb people so I'd be in for playing both the pc and ps3 version.

Steam: I Stay Puft

PSN: AKA_Voltron.

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Was great until I started feeling sick from the flashing lights (nah seriously). Great job though dude.

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Came out several days ago here in the US actually.

Whoa really!? Thought it came out today, either way super psyched to be able to transfer my pokemon.

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Hmm weird I can't seem to edit my original post but proof the pokemon bank is available...

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Hey the pokemon bank is officially out on on the NIntendo eShop. Super excited to finally be able to transfer my pokemon to X/Y and if I'm not mistaken a free Celebi is also available with the download.

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Was disappointed Bill Nye wasn't schooling Don Draper.

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Robert the Terrible from VeggieTales.

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Gonna be a sad, quiet day in Colorado here tomorrow. At least we're not the type of fans to riot or get crazy pissed off or anything. Mostly seen facebook posts and stuff about people happy with our high scoring season and hoping Peyton sticks around.

None of that really happened here. The worst it got was some people burning a mattress and standing around it. It wasn't like that last one where people were turning over cars and crap; forgot where that was.

WTO riots in 1999. The only big group event that turned ugly was that workers rights march back in 2011. I remember there was a few anarchist who destroyed a few windows downtown but that wasn't that big of a deal unless you count Phoenix Jones laying smack down to some teenagers with pepper spray a thing.