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@thebluthcompany: Damn that first dog has some ba-dunka dunk.

That mop over there is my dog.

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@mlarrabee said:

I'm excited for the Bakies next year.

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As much as I would love a new Ace Attorney game, I think its time for Capcom to allow Shu Takumi to revisit the Ghost Trick universe.

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Nolan North is soooo 2009 It's all about Keith David.

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I made her jump several times off a cliff till she eventually died.

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Oh, thought you meant the sovereign city state where all the rich fat cats go to swim in their money. If so, then yes I did try to forget about Monaco.

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@snail said:

Is this the app that given you a Celebi within a period of time after launch? I remember there were two coming out, and don't quite remember what the other one did.

Yes, offer last until Sep. 2014 and they'll still give you Celebi even if you only try their 30 day trial.

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@i_stay_puft said:

Tomorrow's the day! Here I come Shiny Electabuzz!

@smtdante89 said:

Instead of creating a new topic on this, apparently the Pokemon Bank has been delayed to an unspecified time due to high traffic on the Nintendo Network.

D: Fuuuuuck...

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Tomorrow's the day! Here I come Shiny Electabuzz!

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How bad is it over there?