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For me, probably speak another language fluently. What's stopping me? Being a lazy-bones :)

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Seeing the same issue, sadly.

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Hi there

I'm a premium subscriber as of yesterday and when tapping around on my iPad I noticed the ad below when looking through quests.

Hope it's not a nasty bug. Keep up the splendid work Bombers! Merry Christmas.

On laptop Chromium 18.0.1025.168 (Developer Build 134367 Linux) Ubuntu 12.04 and iPad Chrome v. 23.0.1271.100 iOS 6.0.1

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Oh, I loved Ultimate Spider-Man. Perhaps a tie in with the Ultimate Comics universe would have been on the cards but for the fact that the recent movie game was very average.

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@DarthOrange it's great. I have a fourth gen iPad and it runs very well, looks very good and with headphones on feels like a very personal and engrossing experience. It's also a cheap way to play it no as far as I know it's the same game as the other versions.

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What to play, what to play? Christmas used to be a time when I'd plough through a few games but this being the first year I'm hosting and my first at home with my lovely wife - we only got married this year - I reckon it'll be more limited.

Got to finish Walking Dead - playing that on my iPad, a bit more FTL would do nicely and I've got Dolphin going so Wind Waker beckons ... not all the newest stuff, but I think it'll yule-tide me over :)

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Hey hey, my Twitter sync failed too :s my username is iainfarrell on Twitter :)

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