I just got back from Mayhem festival!!

Hey Duders
I just got back from Rockstary Energy Drink  Mayhem Festival. it's an all day event with bands that play. for the main stage it was opened with Trivium, Megadeth, Godsmack, and Disturbed. The bands were great live. 
4 people went with me. when we got there we walked around and then drank 3 cans of rockstar energy drink. we waited about an hour for that. we could hear the other bands playing from the line. there was the Metal Mulicha there so we watched them go off jumps on their dirt bikes. you know doing flips, and other tricks.
i thought Sully  the singer for godsmack looked younger than in their music videos, and images. I didn't know that sully also played the drums. Scully and the drummer were both playing drums on one part and the drums were moving. 
the moshpit for godsmack was also crazy. it was just people pushing other people to form a moshpit. i got hit a couple of times from people swinging their arms around. helping people crowd surf, a couple of times people fell or almost fell from people not holding them up. 
in rumor news: it is said that Disturbed might be breaking up for some reason. disturbed seemed better than the last time i saw them when they came around.


iam3green's 10k post party

that's right, i just got 10k post here on the giantbomb forums. so congrats to me and have a good time here. enjoy the stay.




grab a computer and surf and play something


How to boost in dead rising 2

This blog is how to boost on dead rising 2. you will need a friend and two saved files. 
me and my friend did this last night. we were working on getting 8 survivors trophy.  we fought two psychos the chef and a guy in the bathroom. we kept the survivors that we had at a restaurant that was good.  we stocked up on food.  we also gave katie some presents while we were there.
heres what you do. 
       get people to follow you
       take them to a save point in a bathroom somewhere. 
       make a new save so now the host has two save points. 
      collect survivors  
      bring survivors back to safe house 
here is a video of presents that you can give katie



My thoughts on Linkin Park's new CD- A Thousand Suns

well Linkin Park new CD is out. i finally got to listen to it. I thought that it was just alright. i still think that their first two CD's are a lot better than Minutes to Midnight and A thousand suns.  it was produced by one of the linkin park's member Mike shinoda. 
the CD feels like it wants to be  techno. Which some of the songs had those beats that techno would have then there is singing mixed in.  the songs feel like they are DJ a lot of it.
One thing that i enjoyed about the CD was that they included a remixed of the catalyst. Linkin park had released the single and had a contest to remix the song. the best one that got voted would get put onto the CD. they said from wiki that they plan on releasing the remixed sometime with another CD, if they release another one. 
in the end i don't think that this CD is very good. it is just a decent CD. it feels just like minutes to midnight. hyped that they are releasing a new CD but different type of music to them.


Vince offer- shamwow guy- is back kind of

the shamwow guy is back. he is doing a commercial for Eminem's new CD that is coming out June 21. as some of you might remember the last time he was known was he got in a fight with a hooker in Miami Florida. he picked up a hooker and she bit his tongue and he punched her. they got in a fight both of them got arrested. 
Eminem commercial:

here is his mugshot, slap chop, and shamwow.
 You know the Germans make good products
 Your going to love my nuts
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NJEKqI1e714 shamwow commercial
 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rUbWjIKxrrs slapchop commercial 


Well goodbye for one day

as we all know tomorrow is going to be April 1st. it is going to mean jokes everywhere. I am not going to be on here as the rumors. there are going to be a lot of new threads on fake rumors that developers are going to say. 
lets take a look at april fools that happened years ago: 

  • 07 youtube hyperlinked every front page video to rick roll video. kind of funny for a while.
  • IGN released a fake trailer for legend of zelda movie. it looked epic but was fake instead. 
  • blizzard released news on toarans being a space marines in starcraft 2.  
  • Lego rock band. it actually is going to come out or was out.
as u can see there were a lot of fake rumors that were made on April fools. i'll see u later maybe sometime tomorrow night.

a powerplant near me exploded

A power plant near where i live exploded from a gas leak. it happened today around 11am. the explosion was so big that towns near by heard and felt the explosion. i was half asleep when i heard a big BOOM then the house shook. i thought it some construction or something like that. until later i heard that a power plant exploded.  a lot of people are injured and 5 died from it. 


Ghost at my friend's house 1

There is a ghost at my friend's house. 
the background story. i have a friend that i have known for a while. one day i decide to go over to his house. the first thing that he told me was that his house is haunted. i didn't believe him all that much. a couple of years ago i decide to bring my brother's Ouija board over as it's Halloween. we start talking to a spirit. we ask him his name and age. he tells us that his name is George in his 60's. the next day my friend ask his mom who George was. she says that he was the owners before their grandfather around 60 years old. none of us knew who George was. 
last night i went to my friends house to hang out. we heard a door creak really loud. my friend looked around and none of the doors were even moving. his mom wasn't home either.   we go out to gamestop to buy something and drove around. 
my friend's brother went to another friend's house. he came back to get something. around 1:30 i heard the front door open and lock. i said hello and nobody answered. today i asked him if he came back to get something he said he was at his friends house. it is pretty crazy stuff there.


I just got back from a concert

I just got back from all that remains concert. it was great and i also had some excitement there.
the music there was good. they had taking dawn, maylene and the sons of disaster, lacuna coil, and all that remains. it was all general admission. 
when we (my friend) were waiting to get in we saw a hit and run. the jeep had big damage to the car. the person kept on driving. 
after the concert we waited around the tour bus and met taking dawn two guitar/bases. he gave my friend a signed CD by them. we wet to the signing but couldn't get in as we needed a VIP ticket. we saw the two guitarist and my friend got in to meet all that remains. 
my friend's uncle is a really cool guy. the is a very friendly person. he must have talked to a lot of people after the concert. if it wasn't for him then he probably couldn't have met all that remains. he said that he chills with a lot of bands after the concerts.


Next week is going to be great.

Next week is going to be a great week. Tuesday, as we all know Call of duty: Modern Warfare is going to be coming out for ps3, PC, and xbox 360. I'm going to be getting this game for the PS3. I only have school for an hour and half so i will be out at 11. i will be playing Modern warfare all day and week.
Saturday night i am going to go to a concert. I am going to be seeing All that Remains at the Webster in Hartford, CT. it is going to be a good concert. the place is small so i will be standing for next to the stage. maybe i'll get into a mosh pit or something. 
here are some songs by them. 
two week-  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n9z2j8JML8M

This calling-  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UcfLkrDXdn8 
six-    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wHYJ-XX86cE 

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