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call of duty and halo. some new stuff that are made up in the game.

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horrible stuff. i found out at work, getting out.

father's cousin was in the marathon. luckily she wasn't even near the finish line when the bombs went off.

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let him sleep on your couch when the wife gets everything.

buy him a hooker also.

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wow that is horrible. i guess EA is going down the hole. i think is great since i don't really like them all that much. sucks for the people that are losing their jobs, hopefully they find a new job.

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around $300 to $450 for a new system and then a little more for one or two games. i always wait for the price to drop, 3 years after the release of it.

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there's a pizza place called bar. they make great pizza, mashed potato pizza. it's actually good.

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never really thought of getting one. i don't think i would get one either way.

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giantbomb is dieing.

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i knew that was going to happen. pretty funny the amount of people that pretty much said that.

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it might be the fan. i had this problem. updated my drivers still had the problem. i opened up the case to find the fan was barely spinning.