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Start with a white square (layer 12), Next your going to want to use 2 Oval Wides (layers 11 and 10) one blue (left) and one red (right). Your next going to want to put a white Oval Thin (layer 8) and place it in between the other two Ovals. Your next going to want to place a Grin (layer 10 or 6) and place it down the middle as shown above. Your next going to want to place a blue square (layer 7) right where the left face would be. You can put an Oval Medium (layer 4) right under the blue square as shown above. Your going to take another Grin (layer 10 or 6) and place it on the right side and color it red. Your going to want to make a few finishing touches by using Rectangle Thins (layers 2 and 3) and color them white, and place them under the jaw so it looks like the photo above. The Brigadier General is the eye, and I place a blue triangle under the jaw to make it look more like the logo.  I hope this helped, let me know if there is anything else I can do! "

Absolutely PERFECT! I was going to request this one until I saw you already made it. (First time reading this thread, looked through all 36 pages..) 
Will be creating this when I get enough layers. Thanks x10.