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I knew from the second this Kickstarter got announced it wouldn't end any other way. How so many people were willing to throw their money at a bunch of unfunny YouTube hacks to take their zero development experience and make a Minecraft clone with it is beyond me.

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Beautifully written, Patrick. Hope you're holding up okay.

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My heart can't handle this.

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I have nothing to contribute except for observing that in spite of the site sort of being on fire right now due to nontroversy and in spite of the fact that I almost never contribute, this thread and you guys make me happier than Cesaro's eyepatch. And Cesaro's eyepatch makes me pretty freaking happy.

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I have read all of this thread and I still don't really understand what has happened here that everyone is upset about. Oh well.

Also Giant Bomb is a pretty cool duder.

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Frankly I'm shocked a Walmart had anyone arrested for shoplifting. That's the place you go for free stuff!

I really want to know the whole story behind this because this just doesn't add up. Unless she's got some kind of Winona Ryder damage, why would she steal a $20 iPhone case of all things?

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I liked the original anime enough, but the game was beyond boring. Still don't understand how something as stylized as Afro Samurai could be that bland. This seems like a mistake.

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Full shutdown, but that's mostly because I usually throw on a TV show to fall asleep to and I never turned off the auto-shutdown after 4 hours of being idle.

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I find the whole "winning E3" thing to be fanboy bullshit, but if it were possible to do so, Nintendo did it in my book. That Nintendo Direct left me so excited to see what's coming with Zelda and Splatoon and had more games that I actively want to play than the others. Couldn't be happier.

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