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Famitsu teased this week that "That title" will be announced for PlayStation Vita in next week's issue. The current popular speculation appears to be a Vita version of Persona 4.


Well, shit. Looks like I have another reason to buy a Vita other than Lumines, Uncharted, Wipeout and Little King's Story.

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@mutha3 said:

@iAmJohn: But.....they jumped on board the 3DS with Devil Survivor.

Fucking Devil Survivor, man.

But Devil Survivor 2's back on 2DS! :(

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The Persona brand is a lot bigger than that, big enough that they can sell more than, like, 10k in the US. Hell, P3P sold roughly half of what the original did and 2-3x what FES did if memory serves. I can't fathom this being a PSP-exclusive release at all.

Well, when you put it that way. :(

Also, did I ever mention that your current avatar was my desktop wallpaper for a couple months last year? Because it totally was.

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@mutha3: I just can't see slow-ass Atlus getting on board with Vita so quickly, especially when they're barely on 3DS as it is (and that's an even more straight remake than P3P was). This has got to be another PSP joint, though I could maybe see them do the BlazBlue: CS2 thing and release it on both PSP and 3DS.

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@Hailinel said:

Maybe it's a remake of Persona 2: Eternal Punishment? Innocent Sin already got remade, so...

It's obviously coming, but they ain't using that site to announce it.

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@mutha3 said:

If its on the Vita

Hah, good one.

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Great, because Persona 3 Portable was exactly the kind of treatment I want P4 to get.

That's sarcasm by the way, in case you didn't get it. Since, you know, P3P had shit presentation values and whatnot.

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Or, you could just make your five posts for five straight days and make sure those posts count, and then both be a productive member of the community and have your post count lifted.

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If I keep collecting reasons not to go to GameStop, I'm soon going to have negative number of reasons to go there.

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Why does everything need to have an uproar? Why can't we just accept that sometimes things don't happen and move on? And most importantly, why did you expect there to be an uproar? Christ.

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Because this approach sure worked last time, right guys?