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Takedown and Revenge are two of the best arcade racers ever created. And while I still contend that Paradise is a mediocre Burnout game, as a sandbox driving game it's unparalleled.

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The issue I have however is that if you lose your internet connection you are not capable of playing Battlefield 3 at all since the game's menu is the Battle Log site itself.

Who plays Battlefield for anything but the multiplayer?

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@ryanwho: Fair enough.

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I want Bill Clinton again.

Obama is basically Clinton without a spine, anyway.

Right, if you ignore their vast differences in fiscal policy, their opinions on unions, the way they handle foreign policy, etc. Obama would have to visit the Wizard of Oz 5 or 6 times before he measured up to Clinton. If Hilary were in office we wouldn't have most of these problems because she would have pushed through everything possible when she had a majority in both houses because her and Bill have that drive in common. Nothing stands in the way of them when it comes to doing what needs to be done, that's why she had that UN scandal. Instead of daughtering around and fumbling like a green motherfucker then continuing to blame the other guys even 3 years into his term.

Uh, what? Fiscally, both are incredibly pro-big business yet still see the importance of things like government-sponsored universal health care. And how is their foreign policy handling any different? It's not like we weren't making bombing runs on Iraq every week under Clinton (because, you know, we were) and pushing for "peace but also America is number 1." Is Obama anywhere near as good as Bill? Fuck no. As I said, he doesn't have a spine and will give a mile and be "the great mediator" when he's got the complete upper hand and doesn't have to give the opposition shit (Hey, remember how he said that he would refuse to pass the education loan act that made it so student loans would instantly start accruing interest while you were still in school? OH WAIT, HE TOTALLY DID PASS THAT.), not to mention that his administration is even worse on leakers and the press than any other administration that I can think of. He may not have the brains or the balls or what have you as Clinton, but let's not pretend that their policies and stances are incredibly similar in being Centerists that are oddly Conservative when it comes to certain issues.

Also, I'm not going to play the "Hillary would have been better" game because as someone who had to suffer with having her as my senator and never supporting my best interests, I'm not so sure about that.

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@Bocam: Next question then: are they still giving out the masks, or was that just a pre-order deal?

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Also, sit Ryan down and force him to play Yoshi's Island.

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Wait, what? As in you play as General Patton? Wow.

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@NekuSakuraba: I hate when PC gamers say this cause it's just not true.

Then defend your point and name an RTS that worked really great on consoles. It certainly wasn't Halo Wars (which had some pretty not-great unit selection issues), or Universe at War or Red Alert 3 (which both worked much better on PC), or Goblin Commander or Stormrise (both of which sucked hard) or any of the other attempts at RTS on console.

I'm not saying that these games shouldn't come to console, but it's pretty undeniable that these are PC games made to be played on PC and should be designed with the PC in mind.

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This page definitely needs to be renamed to something like "Games with Original Soundtrack Albums" or something. The idea of there being a concept for any game with an original soundtrack is ludicrous, since there's barely any games that don't have original music of some kind. Fuck, most of the Tony Hawk games, despite their licensed soundtracks, have original music in them.

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@Bocam: You sure? Something tells me that now that word is getting out about this, Steam would be a little more reticent to give me my money back, and I really don't want to support shit Ubi ports like this...