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I think it depends on the game/critic/what the reader actually wants ,but in general yes. I would rather genre veterans tell me about the latest fighting or 4X game than someone who plays neither. Fresh opinions are still definitely useful and interesting, I just know my niches.

But man watching someone tear apart a game and be terrible at is the worst.

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On my shitty wifi Twitch runs terribly. I've caught it switching back and forth between qualities. Most of the time its a hitchy mess. Crunchyroll also has this problem on weak wifi. Youtube works fine ,but basically stuck at 360p. When I actually use a cable, then they all work well. I just wish every video app had a quality settings.

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I don't play GTA because I think they're distasteful. Last game to turn me off was Bioshock infinite, I was really hoping they were going for something with their radical take on America and blatant racism. And it doesn't. It drops that thread completely, says "What if both sides are bad?" all of it in favor of their sci-fi magical-time-dimension nonsense. I still finished it but that really soured me on the game.

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I acually played this for the first time a couple of weeks ago. Finished the Leon campaign and got towards the end of Chris till other things started coming out(Uncharted 4, Doom). And I actually really liked it! Though I'm in a weird position, I player/beat RE4 last year for the first itme and only put a couple hours in coop in RE5 a long time ago(I also watched a lets play later on). Not a long time fan, as you might have guessed. Also I saw a fanmade manual on Neogaf that explained a bunch of things about the game. So I went in with reasonable expectation and a good idea of how to play.

I had a fun goofy time with the Leon campaign. I was surprised at first, by how little it cared to be a survival horror game. Then I got into the groove of melee, diving, countering, headshots, managing stamina, etc. and I was all for it. The constant set-pieces and the faster pace of that game really helped. Its weirdly technical in a way that I find a lot of Capcom games to be and then moreso. A different control scheme would have been great, since it feels like they just added too much to their existing template. This is most notable in the Chris campaign, where it almost turns into a cover shooter, but the controls aren't there and its far easier ,and more ammo efficient, to be aggressive. That campaign has some really bizarre fights, that I'm still kind of into. Which is how I feel about it as a whole.

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I'm going PS4, but if I could run it, I'd do PC. I like this game too much to pass it up. Also it felt fine on controllers,especially since you can customize controls for heroes individually. Though McCree, Tracer, and the snipers will definitely take some extra work due to raw aiming.

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@scientificpizza: It is! Probably the coolest part about it. It even lets you host games.

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I played about 4 hours today. I definitely feel the lack of narrative compared to CK2, which is the only other Paradox game I remotely understand. I feel like there's a way for it to be more immediately engaging besides written content. I had one of my first contacts and my only trade partner get wiped out, without any real message. I'm not too bummed since the early game is fun enough and its so accessible compared to their other stuff. I already feel like I have a grasp of the game.

I had a nice early thing where I played as nice space spiritualists. Everything was alright. Had some cool space discoveries. I think the tutorial might have mislead me into less optimal builds but nothing too scary. I eventually and foolishly joined a small pact with 2 close allies. Then my influence plummeted so I tried to start some rivalries, one led to a war that I will undoubtedly lose.

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I really don't think its all that similar to TF2. I guess as much as Dota 2 is similar to Heroes of the Storm(note I don't play MOBAs). Even at its most regular, TF2 always felt way more nutty. Team sizes were bigger, there were random crits, and lets not forget the huge amount of weapons and cosmetics they added. And that's before you get to the internet-y parts of it. I wonder how impenetrable all that is now, if you didn't follow all of it.

Overwatch feels more manageable, even with its arguably more diverse roster. Since team sizes are smaller, basic tactics/team comp matter more immediately. Yea its using similar game types and characters, but it really feels like its own thing.

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The Witcher 3 is all I really got. If they can just somehow magically fix the sluggishness to everything that'd be rad too. Invisible Inc has some wierd end of turn slow down. Other than that maybe EDF or Dynasty Warriors. Both could just use more shit on screen. I heard that new Final Fantasy doesn't run too hot but I'm sure that'll happen.

If everything else could just magically run and look better that'd be cool too.

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I ended up voting character action games, since Platinum seems to be the only one making them. Playing Nioh made me wish it was just a character action game. Shmups would be my second choice but there are plenty of those and I couldn't be happier. Besides Snowboarding/Tony Hawk, most of these genres are being/will be represented.