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This game seems so terrible that it has to be frog fractions 2.

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Oh my god, I would buy the heck of out of Samurai Showdown 5 V Special. That game is all sorts of bananas.

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I've been enjoying it but the pacing is a little weird. After doing about five missions and you're just starting to get into the combat, they put you on about a 90 minute story only fetch quest.

This part really turned me off. It doesn't help that ,aside from the general premise, I found the story and the characters pretty forgettable. And the dumb stealth missions suck.

I have some nitpicks with their menu design, particularly that you have 3 different menus in one room and lots of backtracking early on. Other than that I think the base game is pretty good with surprisingly good character customization.

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Crimzon Clover: World Ignition is a bullet hell shooter on Steam and the best thing ever. I forsee it on no major websites GOTY list.

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There were a couple of games but Bayonetta was basically the main reason I bought a Wii U. Also the Tiger Direct had a good deal about a month ago so the timing was perfect.

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Its a simple little game in a non contemporary style. And it just kinda goes, which is cool. Other than that, I don't know. Maybe its just the app of the month? I don't think its Frog Fractions 2. I like it more than Flappy Bird.

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Supers should never be removed. They're too dumb, overpowered, and fun not to have.

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I've actually done rather well in PvP. Got a good handcannon and auto rifle out of it. I really wonder about the stats in the game. I've had zero problems killing dudes 10 levels higher than me(but that works both ways). But now I'm level 20 and my everything is better. I did have a ton of mutual kills. The melee doesn't seem to hit instantly and I got a lot of cheap kills with the ol' dump clip then melee. Even if they killed me the melee damage would get them as soon as I died. So I don't know. Is all of your equipment up to your level? If not, its pretty easy to get some gray and green drops from exploring or just a couple of strikes.

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Welcome to the fold! I've played Dynasty Warriors 2,3,4,8 and Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate. I don't remember much of the earlier ones but DW8 and WO3U I still play. I think they are extremely misjudged games. That one email from a couple of bombcasts ago really nailed, when they said that the warriors games are about "breadth not depth". Yea they're repetitive and kind of mindless but that's why I like them. I also like how they're mostly commitment free and not huge time-sinks, while at the same time, offering lots of content.

I don't have the Xtreme Lengeds of 8 but as far as I know, its mainly extra levels and such. So I hadn't played a DW game in years before 8. But apparently 8 is the one of the best in the series so it works out. Also Free mode lets you play any stage on either side(with any characters?).

So every charcter levels up and can equip 2 weapons. Its generally recommended to use their signature weapon and another that they have an affinity for, shown by the stars. There's also a rock-paper-scissors (earth, heaven ,or man ) triangle for the weapons which makes it easier or harder to fight certain officers who, so try not to carry duplicate elements. As characters level up, in addition to their stats increasing, they get various traits and moves. Every character eventually unlocks a special attack(usually sqaure,square,traingle,triangle), 3(!) different Musou attacks, and better affinity for weapon types. The 4 star weapon affinity, gives you special traits for using said weapon. Finally, don't wait to play ambition mode, its a great way to level characters and buy new stuff!

Hey have you heard about Kingdom Under Fire 2? I never played the first but it looks pretty great.

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Joined NA East. PSN and Bungie ID: dawades2000