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PSP is probably your safest bet, since its been out longer and everything is already figured out. Its also well made, powerful, and stable. Especially compared to these type of devices.

I had a Dingoo A320 and a CAANOO. Both awful names for really cool devies. The A320 was cool because it was really compact and super useful as a multimedia device and a good emulator. It also has a decently sized fanbase. Though I had to install linux on it to get the most out of it and it liked to freeze up on me constantly. I ended up caring a paper clip with me just in caseI had to press the damn reset button. I wasn't as in to the CAANOO. It was bigger and had a weird concave analog nub instead of a dpad. Though it was better for some games and easier to set up.

I'm a fan of these weird little devices, so I did some Googling to see what was up. Both of them are basically wanna be successors to the Dingoo. Its seems like the A380e is actually is a shady repackage or a scam ,but the actual A380 is alright but has to ceased to exist. The GCW-Zero wins by default and actually has decent to great reviews. I still recommend a PSP but I could see myself picking up a Zero if it was cheaper.

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Grey Goo is a terrible name for a supposed spiritual successor to Command & Conqueror. Also I don't know how you sell people on a traditional base building RTS.

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Season 2 is when I kinda fell of on GW2. I tried here and there every patch or so but I just couldn't get back into it. For one thing I never liked the personal story stuff. I realized that trying to understand what I missed from other episodes while playing through these long lackluster missions wasn't very fun. Though I think ANet did a pretty good job with the writing(this extends to the whole game in general), but I bet its a hassle and slog for a new player to go back and play/buy all those missed missions. I mainly did open world PvE and occasional PvP. I only did a couple of dungeons(which I kind of regret).

So this has to be an expansion. I can't imagine it not being one. The story is set and everything. I basically want more of everything to make up for the personal story stuff that they'll probably be adding and I won't be doing. More weapons for classes would be cool but I don't know. My dream is still for them to double down on the idea of Orr/Kakca battle but that seems unlikely. I'm interested to see what they offer regardless.

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Tekken 7 and P4A aside, I'm not that surprised. BBCP seemed to really fall out of favor when Guilty Gear and Persona came out. I expect to see 0 westerners in the finals for those games and Tekken 7. Out of all the games, I'm probably most excited for MKX. Since it will be new and fresh also it looks pretty great! And I don't even like Mortal Kombat!

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When I was playing Sleeping Dogs did weird things to my driving. Specifically when looking at oncoming traffic. I wasn't great a driving then.

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The Thrustmaster above is the one I have, its cheap and works. Its probably not great for hardcore flight sims, due to lack of buttons, but its certainly cheap. I have had problems with configuring the deadzone though. I've also heard good things about the Saitek X52. Its more advanced than the Thrustmaster but pricier.

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If I had to choose TxK is great if you like arcade score games, and Tempest. Soul Sacrifice Delta is my favorite not-monster huner game on the vita but if you have Toukiden I don't know if you need it.

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Your taste seem something more than just "mature and smart". I going to echo Legend of the Galactic Heroes because its pretty mature and smart.

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I don't need a story to play a game, but I prefer to have one(or make my own in cases like Terraria or Prison Architect) than not being there at all. Half of Bayonetta for me is the story, not the plot but the characters and world surrounding them. More or less the themes,dressings, and context of the game. I can appreciate a good arcade style game too. But for the most part, I prefer something that does both, especially if they're connected well(Phoenix Wright, Last of Us).

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I'll check this out. Though I'm kind of leaning toward waiting for the stable version. I really want to see this game do well(since I love Terraria) and I'm glad they've gotten organized. I felt that the initial build was pretty scatter brained and kind of disappointing. The blogposts make it looked like they've thought things through after all this time. I remember hearing that they actually all moved into one office together across countries, which I imagine halts developments quite a bit. Even still, I totally forgot about Starbound for most of 2014. At least they finally put out something ,right?