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I'm getting it 'cause I'm a sucker for good looking twin-sticks shooters. I hope I don't have a horrible time soloing it up or playing with randoms.

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@zeik: I honestly was expecting it to be way more serious, which made it extra weird when they turn up the crazy at key story moments. The gameplay really does match-up to the story in ridiculousness and it works out for the most part. But you have to admit, fake bullets are really dumb.

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I played Yakuza 3 a couple of years ago and finished 4 this year. I actually bought it digittaly right before they it was a PS+ but whatever. I really like them as comfort food games. Its fun to run around punching people and playing this incredibly rigged pachinko machine. And other things like fishing or kicking people. I spent like 30 - 40 hours in both games beating story mode, not yet touching the premium stuff.

I like 4 better than 3 from a gameplay perspective but, the stories in both these games are dumb. I guess I didn't expect them to be so melodramatic. It feels like what I imagine a Japanese crime drama is like, including the part where I lose track of whats going on and why. I can't even hate it because its so earnest and charming. I eagerly await Yakuza 5 and all of its shirtless man punching.

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I really like how natural they look, as part of a fight. They don't look nearly as contrived as a regular fatality, which looks pretty darn cool.

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I'd say yes but you have to be interested either indie games,PSP games, PS1 games, or japanese games. And also have PS+, since free games every month really adds a lot to the system.

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This game does look mad fun. I just wonder how it'll work with people without co-op partners.

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They Bleed Pixels is one of my personal favorite. Plays like a cross between Supermeat Boy with the a hint of combat like Dustforce, though I like it more than both games. Its not that great to look at and the combat can be fiddly but, its got some of the best level progression in any 2D platformer. Its starts off kinda easy and then it just gets harder and harder with out letting up. Its really challenging and the combat adds a cool extra layer with cool dashes, juggles, and special moves. The levels are long but it has a smart checkpoint system where you can basically checkpoint anywhere without enemies or traps. I think its hugely underrated.

1001 Spikes is also really good. Its kind of a platforming puzzle. The actual platforming is pretty easy with dedicated short and high jump buttons.The trick is figuring out to navigate these ridiculous trap filled levels. It feels like the developers are playing with you in a really difficult and fun way without getting into I Wanna Be They Guy territory. It also looks and sounds great!

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@ripelivejam: Ideally you should play online and offline in combination. The multiplayer quest are separate from the singleplayer ones, so you will do similar but slightly harder things. So there's no harm in jumping in every now and then. Online wise, there aren't really specific roles. You can generally use whatever as long as you know what you're doing and aren't in each others way. At high level I'm sure there are specific things team comps and all that but casually no ones going to ask you to switch up your weapons(unless you're are obviously under-geared).

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Sleeping Dogs all the way. Its so honest about aping Honk Kong action flicks,with a dash of GTA, that I just love it. Saints Row the Third is also up there.

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I mainly play Skullgirls since its one of the only PC fighters with decent netcode that compensates for my shitty internet. Also I have a friend who play it, which helps immensely. If I had the energy and another friend or two, I'd probably learn Xrd. Its the new hotness but its a ton of work and I don't understand how people play it. The other new hotness is MKX since its the first MK game that I think actually looks good. It also doesn't look nearly as hard as Xrd, so I imagine it would be easier to play online.

To your second question, I don't know if there exists a game where there isn't a Guile/Dhalsim situtation that doesn't force you to play their game. Obviously not every game is exactly like SF but but bad match-ups going to happen regardless(and zoners will always be annoying). I've heard that KOF and Virtua Fighter are less match-up dependent and less special/super focused. So maybe one of those, though KOF13 is notoriously difficult and both games aren't very popular.

For actual game recommendations I'd say wait for MKX since everyone will be new and more people will be playing it.