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On my personal warped scale Monaco: What's Yours Is Mine and Crimzon Clover: World Ignition are perfect 10/10 games. I like every part of those games.

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I kind of think it was the beginning of pretty cool kids shows or at least when I started noticing them. Though I stopped watching ages ago. Some of the stuff I can see being a huge turn off though(the one where the guy was picking up stuff with his buttcheeks). I still found it funny in a this is kind of not for kids kind of way(they managed the work the word procreate in a kids show). Most of what I've seen are the early stuff. I have no idea what dark stuff you guys are talking about.

While were on the topic of cartoons, I think Steven Universe is fantastic and does the being funny, smart, and out of the ordinary thing better than the most shows. It also remains a kids show throughout which I can't say for Regular Show or Adventure Time.

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Bayonetta does a good clash with its holy and grotesque angels. The sequel was more of the same with some alright looking demons. Monster Hunter does great with its ecological angle, where creatures match their environment well. Though their individual designs aren't as great as say, the way they act and react to you. Soul Sacrifice is fantastic with its crazy fucked up version of traditional fantasy monsters. Lost Planet doesn't get enough credit for its Akrid, the bug monsters. They all had really fun and gamey designs, with their obvious weak points.

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Generally depends on the friends of course. Sports Friends and Divekick are pretty good pick-up and play games. Lots of laughs. Diablo 3 is great if you have a lot of time and just wanna press X while talking. Dynasty Warriors is also good for that.

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Nothing crazy. I never use health consumables in Platinum games. That's usually because I find the game so fun that I don't want to cheapen the experience by using them. Other than that, I always play arcade shooters by not using continues though that's arguably the way those games are meant to be played.

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You're talking about at least 3 different things here. Matchmaking is a problem in most games and always has been. There's a multitude of reasons why and you kind of half to accept it. There are lots of solution ,but not relying on matchmaking is the simplest. Playing with other humans you know really helps in team based games. For fighters you have actually go out of your way to find a person to either teach you/practice with you. Fighters in general ,you kind of have to go out of your way if you want to get better. That's just the genre. My answer is basically play the competitive games like their competitive and maybe you'll like them more.

I think your complaint about sims are pretty spot on though, but I personally can't really complain. On one hand, I have good memories of playing Mechwarrior 4: Mercenaries with my under equipped joystick and its sucks that that there's nothing else like that. On the other, I really like Warthunder with friends and its cool that there's just a platform for something like DCS World. There are modern shoot 'em ups on Steam and I think its great. Not everyone is going to get their niche filled but its better than nothing.

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This is a good question since I don't think I even like RPGs all that much and JRPGs less so. I like the idea of cool looking people saving the world and leveling up ,but rarely do I like the gameplay or ,as I got older, the story. The only JRPG I actually finished was Tales of Xillia. I had fond memories of late night sessions of Tales of Symphonia with a cousin and I heard that Xillia was good. I liked Xillia but I wouldn't call it great. I've played way more JRPGs(and RPGs in general) since then so I'm starting to get a good picture of what I personally like.

Personally I think that good characters can hold up a bad plot, but not vice-versa. Writing in general is probably the most important thing since there are other RPGs if I want to just level up and get cool stuff. On top of that, I have to actually like the gameplay. The traditional turn-based combat systems are a huge turn off for me. Its why I'm hesitant to try most of the Final Fantasies or its similar looking ilk(I also couldn't get into Persona 3 after watching hours of dungeon crawling in the P4 ER).

Aesthetics things like art, music, and even graphics mean much less to me, as long as its not horrendously bad. Though age can be a turnoff(sorry SNES). Most of the time I'll warm up to the vast majority of the game if I like the story and how it plays,see Dwarf Fortress. Overal I think that Xillia is pretty well-rounded in most regards ,but nothing really stands out majorly. The combat lost its novelty 2/3rds of the way through but the story was good enough for me to see it through.

Currently I'm enjoying Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky. There's a real low-key presence for a JRPG. And the writing is very meticulous and earnest in the sense that everyone has something to say and its rarely straight up exposition. I And the combat's fun ,pseudo grid based, and high damage, which means it can really move. It presses a lot of good buttons for me early on and I hope it keeps at it.

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Since my last post I've gone beyond the throne twice. Once as Rebel and the other as Plant. Plant was my best run, since I even got the 'Killer' Ultra Mutation(enemies killed while snared will make little saplings, which home towards other enemies and explode), which is as great as it sounds. I've reached the throne with Y.V. and Robot ,but never past it with them.

When I'm in the zone, I can get to world 5 easily. But usually I'm dying all over the place. Part of me really wants to save my playtime until its closer to completion but I'm already have 42 hours in so I don't think I'll be getting tired of it anytime soon.

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I was a Firefox guy but somethings would just run like shit on it. So I switched to Waterfox which supposedly runs better for 64bit OS. I could not tell because it crashed constantly. Then I moved to chrome which runs good and never crashes. The only downside is how intensive it seems to be. I'm not super up on my tech, but I have one tab running and there are 10 chrome.exe processes. Don't know whats that bout.

For customization, my main three are always, Lastpass for my passwords, adblocker, and a download manager. In addition to that I have Feedly for rss feeds, Avast online security, and enhanced steam.

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I used to play CSGO with some friends. Since there was only 4 of us, we'd always get 1 random. We were talking it over hoping we got a guy who wasn't totally bad. We get into the game the first thing we here from our teammate is "Guys I'm so high right now." We basically could not take the match seriously after that. Later on I had my first and only ace which is why it stands out.

Another time we were playing some guys. A guy on the other team recognizes my friend who goes by 'AhPing'. The conversation went something like. "I remember you said your ping was bad and then yelled 'Ah my ping!'" We played almost exclusively together, and the idea that one of us goes and makes lame jokes when playing alone is funny.

Honorable mention; Killing Floor 1 has quick voice commands to say dumb things in a British accent. Good players would always spam it for no reason. For a while it was how we guessed if they were good or not. I can't think of any specific times but hearing the guy sing "Money,Money,Money!" never got old.