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I'm not in love as everyone else seems to be, but its definitely a pretty good game. It looks gorgeous and they have some great set pieces in the levels. Kinda bummed me out at how short and easy it is(regenerating health is OP). The low difficulty does let you focus more on the scoring aspect though, and I respect that in a way. Its still a really fun shmup and pretty approachable(good tutorials), so I find it super easy to recommend.

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I don't have a strong affinity for P4A ,but I think the stick looks alright. Better then the Killer Instinct one at least.

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Good game everyone, except to the people who dropped. I lasted way longer than I thought I would and even lost spectacularly. I thought it was great. What a massive and enjoyable time sink. I want to play again, but I know I shouldn't

I'm totally in favor of dark galaxies(fog of war) and I hopfully they get there 64 player matches out of beta. Now that sounds amazing.

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I really hate the phrase, "Its just a game and games are for fun so who cares!" There are a couple of variations but they're all dumb. Have you ever thought that maybe I want to play as someone my own race and that I'd have more fun doing so? And too add to the diversity point, I totally believe in diversity for diversity sake. If it doesn't change that much than why not? Ideally games should strive to be more inclusive.

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Does anyone remember MirrorMoon EP? I bet it'll be like that except more everything, while still having a limited selection of player actions.

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I want more supernatural bullshit like one and two. I also want this to end. Just a really solid ending to the Uncharted saga. If the name is anything to go by, I might actually get that.

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I hate the way ICO plays. It feels like someone tried to make a platformer and then applied a physics engine to everything, including the simple act of walking and jumping. Never mind the fact that its a puzzle game set in this dreary dungeon.

Shadow of The Colossus has the same problem, while being a better game. Nothing controls well, especially the horse. Oh my god, that horse just doesn't want to do anything. On top of that, you get these often gimmicky or fiddly bosses. For a game praised for its boss battles, all of the bosses have more or less a single solution. And then you play the climbing stabbing game until your meter runs out. Then you do it all over again. It was a pretty huge letdown.

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Botanicula is the most heart warming game I can think of. I enjoyed it all the way through. No game has given me more smiles per minute, in recent memory.

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Guild Wars has a way of shuffling there servers around so you ,should be, always in a populated zone. Its a little bit more complicated than that, but that's why its easier to find people doing stuff. Its relatively recent too.

Game wise, Guild Wars 2 was the only MMO I have really enjoyed. Though I'm not a huge fan of MMOs in general.

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For a couple of days I tried to get in to Puzzle Pirates. It was fun doing puzzles and junk. And then this guy comes out of nowhere asks me if I want any items. I humored him and said sure. The guy gives me everything he owns starts talking about how he's done playing the game and wanted to give his legacy to someone who would use. I didn't even know what half the stuff did. Then the guy logs-off, like he was just searching for someone to take his stuff. Anyway, I haven't played that game since.