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Thanks for clearing that up, pokemon Y it is. Got no idea what's on the cover but it looks mean as sin.

pokemon for the out side looks like complete madness :)

Thanks again @sweep and @hunter5024

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I have never played a pokemon game, and have very little understanding of the games and would like to ask which game I should start with (3DS or DS preferably).

I have just ordered a new 3ds and would like to at least give pokemon a chance, I really don’t understand how the games are released there seems to be 2 X&Y, BLACK&WHITE. The reviews I have read treat them as one game but there are 2 different games, what are the differences? None of the reviews I have read explain this and I’m at a loss as to why.

Help a old confused duder understand pokemon.


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Just finished the The Blood-Stained Stars missions, and set my application my name in game is "iron fe 26"

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MGS 3, have a real soft spot for that game. It still looks good (to me). The texture work is unbelievable

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Sweet Jesus, that is why I keep a premium subscription.

happy new year duders

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Aikido is a great martial art I practiced it for a most 2 year, it focuses on redirecting your opponents energy. While its not really about aggression the forms are every affective.

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@rvone: Cybernator loved that game

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Bowmore Claret is in my glass, god damn I wish it wasn't

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