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@rvone: Cybernator loved that game

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Bowmore Claret is in my glass, god damn I wish it wasn't

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fix the 35-44 age range sorry about that, only played once got .29 my 34

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@cale: I absolutely agree, I read zen and the art of archery once and it covered something similar. I can't for the life of me remember the specifics but it was a sort of meditative state (mindfulness). Was an interesting book.

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@cornbredx: i know, wasn't sure how I could stop people skewing the results.

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Hi duders

I was listening to the bombcast a couple of weeks ago and the guys was talking about reaction times. They where curious if your reaction time fell off as you get older. It got me thinking, its was a bank holiday over the weekend in the UK so I decided to build a reaction test. Its simple but it will collect the average reaction time for a given age range. It’ll be interesting to see how the results pan out.

So if you could spare a second or two in a couple of days we can see which age range in the community has the best reaction times.

Here is the link.


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The end of the green mile, turns me in to a inconsolable blubbering mess.

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