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Me dying around walls isn't even what's bothering me, it's the fact that I can't seem to react in time to kill anyone in a face to face battle. It seems like Treyarch is punishing me for having a fast and stable connection so that the noobs with shit internet will stay happy and give them their money. It shouldn't be my problem that some little kid in Alabama can't kill anyone because his family pays $10 a month for internet and has 20 devices on the network.

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I forgot to mention I'm on Xbox 360. Am I able to do that? If so then how?

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Does anyone know when Treyarch is planning to fix this? I've been playing COD online since COD2 for PS2, I'm definitely not a noob. I've gone from an average KDR of 1.5 on every title to a 1.14. I don't think I will be playing again till they decide to patch it up.

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I play because it because it offers a very smooth running multiplayer. It's one of the few online fps's out there that puts performance before graphics by giving you a constant 60 frames per second.

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So I just finished Assassin's Creed 3 and I am a little shocked that they decided to end it how they ended it. I was not expecting Desmond to die and I was not expecting for the world to be fucked by Juno. Was there a lesson behind all of this? The only thing I could gather was that the lesson of this series was to coexist with your neighbor. I feel like Ubisoft wanted this game to translate to a lesson for us to learn for a modern time, such as our presidential election. Now is a time more than ever that our political parties need to cooperate as one to solve issues in this country and in the world. Minerva mentioned that we were too late because of the thousands of years of conflict between the Templars and Assassains and the entire game revolved around alternative views with the same goal in mind. What do you guys think?

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@Catarrhal said:

@iAteBillyMays: As someone who once had a real-life encounter with the late Billy Mays, I'm actually kinda disturbed by your username.

Anyone that is disturbed by my username should probably just quit using the internet.

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Did i pick up a bad disk or something? Why does it seem like I'm the only person that has to deal with all of these bugs? It's making it really hard to enjoy this game.

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I bought a heavy weapon and I can't stand seeing it dangle from the side of his leg. Is there anyway I can get rid of it?

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I think I need to focus on just completing the game, rather than getting 100% sync first. I don't want these bugs ruining the story for me.

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I just expected a lot more from Ubisoft, Assasin's Creed 2 was phenomenal.

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