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Dead Space

Half Life Bundle


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  • Dungeon Defenders
  • -33% Valve Coupon
  • -50% Supreme Commander 2
  • -50% Bastion
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I'm down.

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Winner has been chosen and will be PM'ed shortly. Happy Holidays to everyone!

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Yeah sorry I didn't specify. I have a Steam copy of it. It's fixed in the original post now.

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To celebrate the holidays I have a copy of Batman AA GOTY on Steam to giveaway. Just post a message telling me why you want this game and I'll pick a random person in a couple of hours. To be eligible you must have over 50 post. Happy Holidays!

Edit: I'm going to randomly pick a winner in about an hour. Or around 11:30 PM EST.

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Great blog! It motivated me to write my own pile of shame list. Hopefully, we can knock some of these games out and shrink that pile down somewhat.

@KingWilly: Yeah, I use to be in the same boat as you, but more and more quality games have been coming out and sometimes life just happens and you aren't able to finish them all. For example, I purchased DE:HR and played it constanly for about 2 days or so then I had a family member get very ill. I stopped playing it while she was in the hospital to spend more time with her and by the time she was better I just wasn't ever motivated to pick it back up. Also, the film comparison isn't a great example really because a normal film is around 2 hours or so. Many games are easily 5 times that if not more.

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You bring up some very valid points. Still, I cannot help but feel that having this outlook is a way easing one's conscience. I agree with Beforet and Sweep that every time someone with "good" intentions of pirating a game leads to dozens of others benefiting from you seeding the game. When I see a game that I want, but cannot afford then I wait till I have the money and purchase it. This kind of counters two of your points.

Firstly, it gives you time to find out if it is really worth the full price from reading the reviews and others on the forums either rave about it or hate on it. Secondly, it gives the devs time to optimize it better or for your GPU manufacturer to release a driver to help run it better. Case in point, Batman: Arkham City. I loved the first one and desperately wanted to play it the day it was released on Steam, but I did not have the money at the time. So I waited till I earned the extra income to purchase it. As it turns out, it received pretty high scores and most people agreed it was worth the full price tag, but as it turns out it ran quite poorly.

I purchased the game yesterday on Steam at half off. Being that I waited not only did I help prevent piracy of the game by not seeding to other assholes, but I also saved money and have the game that runs much better than when it was initially released due to updates and driver patches. Sure, I miss out on a little bit of the release hype but its much better than robbing developers of their hard work by pirating it. Plus, the game has only been out for a month on PC so you don't really miss out on much.

I am not passing judgement on you, but I am just expressing my opinion on some of your points.

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I would love one of those memberships.

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I got Episode 1 which is pretty awesome since it was on my wishlist.