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That is a pretty impressive bundle in my opinion. Binding of Isaac, Legends of Grimrock, and Dungeon Defenders are all fantastic games.

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@Lumley: I was going to let you know that FTL is currently 5 bucks on GoG. That is a pretty great deal and I don't know if it will drop much lower during Steam's Winter Sale.

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Surprised no one has said Big Bo yet. For me I would have to go with Clementine. She was just so well written and voiced acted that I grew real attached to her in my play through of The Walking Dead.

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I spread most of my time out between games pretty evenly. My most played this year would probably be Team Fortress 2. I finally got a few friends to play it with and probably put 80 or so hours into it. Next closest would be TW: Shogun 2 which was around 50 hours.

Edit: Completely forgot about Diablo 3. That is easily my most played game which was 200+ hours. Says something that I played it that much and didn't even remember it right off hand.

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This is a pretty great list. I beat The Witcher for the first time this year myself. I'm also really close to the end on SR3 and it is indeed one of the funniest games I've played. You learned about the GPA wrecker as I did last fall semester. That game is incredibly fun with some friends, but I had a problem where it was keeping me from playing other games I'd want to finish. I ended up uninstalling it and never looked back.

On a side note, I'd be down to play some Co-Op in Chaos Rising. I don't have a ton of experience playing that game, but from what little I've dabbled in it I did enjoy.

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@Lokar36: Thanks for the code!

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Good read. I feel very similar to you about TWD's narrative and writing. It was one of the few games that has ever really got me emotionally attached to a character. I even compared it to The Witcher when I was explaining it to a friend; how some of the choices you can make leave you unsure of what the repercussions could entail. Overall, I highly enjoyed it and eagerly anticipate the second season.

I have yet to play Dishonored, but it is very high on my to play list. I hope to grab it during the Steam Winter Sale if it gets a decent enough discount. If it is anything like DE:HR then I know I'll love it as Human Revolution was one of my favorite games last year.

As for you question, my favorite way to play through Deus Ex-like games is to go pure stealth with no kills. If I tend to get caught I'll normally start over and try to replay the level, although, on Hitman: Absolution that is becoming a pain and making me start to rethink that play style.

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I've got a couple as well. PM me if you would like one.

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The show was much better than last year. Glad to see Half-Life 2 win the Game of the Decade award as well as The Walking Dead winning game of the year.

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Dark Knight Rises for me. I enjoyed The Avengers, but after seeing it a 2nd time it wasn't nearly as good.