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It looks great and I cannot wait to play this game. Its been high on my most anticipated games since they first announced it.

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@TheKing: Thanks to you, that is now my new wallpaper as well.

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Battletag: iBePeRFeCT#1363

Difficulty: Normal to start

Class: Monk or WD

Region: North America

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The first season was really good in my opinion, but after that it kind of fell off for me. I couldn't even manage to finish it out because it just got way out of hand with the over the top drama it kept throwing out.

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  • Ocarina of Time
  • Portal 1 and 2
  • Mass Effect
  • Dragon Age: Origins

Also, probably The Witcher 1 and 2. I think I may and go back and play through some of these now.

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Not exactly sure if it is the type of game you're exactly looking for, but Lone Survivor recently released on Steam and I think it is pretty great.

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@The_Laughing_Man: I think he meant Amazon digital deals. You can get a Steam key when buying it through Amazon too, so it is a pretty good deal.

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I really enjoy The Witcher 2's menu music as mentioned earlier. Although, Metroid Prime's menu music brings back some great memories.

Edit: Totally forgot about Batman Arkham City, I absolutely loved that music. Fit wonderfully with the game.

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@Cake: Yeah I totally forgot about Horford. It has been a crazy season with all these superstars getting season ending injuries. I much prefer to see the playoffs where all the teams are at full strength with everyone healthy so the best teams make it to the Finals, but dealing with injuries is part of the game and I guess I shouldn't really be complaining if it ends up helping Miami get a ring this year.

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Yeah, the Grizzlies do have a really tough defense especially with Tony Allen and Marc Gasol leading the way, but I do Blake Griffin can be a little bit more effective than he was last night even though he still scored 17 points. On another note, I really hate the Rose injury. I was hoping he would be full strength if the Heat were to play them in the Eastern Conference finals. I prefer we play the best at their full strength so there wouldn't be any excuses if the Heat were to win the championship this year. With Howard and Rose being out there are two different teams in the East that are missing their superstars.