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@zombiepie: I have really enjoyed your blogs on this so far and I would really like for you to continue, but...if you quit now I wouldn't blame you. So, Final Fantasy VIII came out in 1999. Every year since then I would pick the game up and try to play through it and would always give up before the end. If I put a game down for too long, I have to restart the whole thing. I can't pick it back up. (Btw,the fact that this was the one mainline FF game I hadn't finished always bothered me.) Normally I got about halfway through disc 2. Couple of times I got all the way to the end of disc 3. It wasn't until last year that I finally found the patience and fortitude to complete the thing. Let me tell you right now it wasn't worth it.

I have played through almost the entire game multiple times so I feel like I can speak on the quality of the game as it plays out. One thing I can say for certain is that the first disc -or the first twelve or so hours- is without a doubt the best part. Go ahead, let that sink in, you are playing the best part of the game. Because holy shit, dude, it only gets worse. However, it is almost worth hanging around for the rest of it just to see how farcical the story becomes. Oh, and triple triad is super fun.

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The gamepad stuff was why that game was cool. The way you are forced to experience that game because of how it is presented is the entire hook. Without that interaction it is nothing more than a zombie game that is completely unremarkable.

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First off I didn't like the opening theme. The first season had a great theme that I would listen to every episode. Kind of like Game of Thrones in that way, where I love the opening sequence and don't feel compelled to skip through it. The imagery also didn't flow and fit as well as the first seasons. It gave the impression that they knew they had established a style and didn't want to change it so they just did it again instead of something fresh or different. If every season is going to be its own thing and have a different feel and mood I would like for them to go all the way with this. Honestly, the song @aegon posted would have been a much, much better choice.

As for the episode itself, well, I guess I liked it. I was into it at first and at some point it lost me. I'm still going to watch because I like Colin and Vince's characters enough, but the overall product isn't that interesting or engaging. The plot is definitely going to have to take some hard turns to keep me watching, but as for now I am still on board. I have a lot criticisms, but I am going to hold off on them until I see more. I don't want to prematurely judge the season without giving it at least a few episodes.

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If they cut out the cross dressing segment then I will consider the entire remake a failure. At no point do they say anything bad about trans people. It is Cloud who has a very masculine personality being put in feminine clothes and it creates a series of awkward moments. Partially because he isn't the biggest fan of the idea in the first place, and also because he pulls it off shockingly well. It is goofy and lighthearted and something you would not see in a modern mainline FF game these days.

The Barret stuff is probably just a bad translation job. I was never bothered by it because I understood what they were trying to do with him even if it wasn't done as well as it probably could have. I could understand why you would be bothered by it, though. Now, if they try to clean up his language and remove all his not T rated swearing then I will have a problem. Both Barret and Cid need to maintain their foul language. Especially Cid. Motherfucker better continue to curse like a sailor. Changing that stuff would be unfaithful to the characters.

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Yosuke. He is kind of a dick, but he is also your best friend and absolutely love the guy and couldn't do it without him. Brosuke is best friend.

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I don't understand how anyone could not love MGR after playing that last hour. The places that the story goes and how it goes about presenting them is completely captivating. Great game with great combat, great music, great characters, great boss fights and without a doubt one of my favorite ending sequences in a game ever.

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I liked GTAV for the most part. It was an alright game. What I hated about it though was the world was too big. This is a problem I noticed with a lot of open world games. They are too big. They are annoying to get around. They are too wide open or the cities are too dense and I never actually learn my way around. The fact that I never become familiar with things is what eventually robs me of any sense of exploration. I no longer can tell if something is new or if I have seen something before. It all bleeds together to form this place that have no connection with and can never naturally gain a sense of direction. Instead have to follow way points and spend all my time looking at a minimap.

How about we scale down our open worlds and trim out some of that empty space that exists just so the game can be big. A big world isn't impressive anymore. It only serves to make travel more time consuming and tedious. Filling your massive world with massive amounts of content isn't impressive or interesting if most that content is repetitive filler. Which is something that is realistically bound to happen once your world gets to large and you have to fill it with as much crap as possible so that it doesn't feel empty, but you don't have the time or resources to make all those things new and unique. So what we get is a bunch of race missions scattered all over the city. Quality over quantity.

If I ever play another game that makes me climb a stupid fucking tower to reveal part of the world map I am going to immediately turn the game off and take it back to the store. Which means what I am really saying is I'm never playing another open world game from Ubisoft ever again.

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After Watch Dogs and AC: Unity I am no longer interested in giving Ubisoft money.

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I view Bloodborne as being a spin off of the Souls series and not an actual main line sequel. That is how it feels to me, at least. Similar to how Persona is a spin off of Megaten. They share a lot in common, but Persona has a different focus and appeals to a wider audience. That last part may not be true, just how it appears to me. Shin Megami Tensei and Souls are deeper in the RPG pool and not as many people are into them once you go that far.

I'm fully expecting there to be a Dark Souls III. (Probably made by the "B team" like DaSII.) Dark Souls is a name that people know or know of. Dark Souls is a name that means something and I don't see them throwing that away. Dark Souls III will be the more dense and complex RPG that I want. I will play it and love, and then realize how overwhelmed with disappointment I am because it wasn't as good as Dark Souls. I also want to say that no matter what any of us think about Bloodborne, one thing it did do right is getting new people into these kinds of games. I have heard countless stories of people who have never played Souls before getting this game and loving it. You can bet a lot of those people will be interested in giving the new Dark Souls a try when it comes out.

With all that being said, if we don't ever get a more traditional Souls sequel and the entire series starts to become more and more pure action focused then I...I can't do it again, guys. I watched it happen to Resident Evil. I don't want it to happen here.