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Honestly, after playing all of them I feel that Bloodborne is actually the best introduction to the series. It is a more stripped down and easy to understand. It doesn't contain things like equipment weight or hollowing, which have huge affects on gameplay and mechanically make it more dense. (My girlfriend who isn't normally into this kind of stuff is liking it a lot and is currently working on the first boss.) Granted, it also doesn't have things like spells, miracles, or pyromancy, but the lack of those and their corresponding stats makes it harder for new players to build their character "wrong." If Bloodborne is straight up not an option for you then I'd suggest starting with Dark Souls II and reading up on some beginner's guides. Understanding things like kindling, stat weight on weapons, hollowing, etc is massively important and the game doesn't do the best job at explaining them all to you.

Dark Souls is the hardest to get into because it has the least guided and structured beginning, but Demon's Souls is the most mechanically confusing. Fuck, I still don't understand world and character tendency and couldn't explain it if I tried. That being said, at the end of the day they are both better games than Dark Souls II. However, I cant speak for the quality of this new version, but I hear that it improves upon the game in a lot of meaningful ways. Don't get me wrong, the original release was not a bad game. Nowhere near that. But man...really disappointing. The DLC, which is including in Scholar, added a lot to the game and in general was probably all better made than the core game. So, if you can't go with Bloodborne, then Scholar of the First Sin is your best option.

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Bloodborne. I've put in like 40 hours so far and feel like I'm nowhere near done with it. Going to be playing it almost exclusively for the next couple of months.

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It isn't exactly what you are looking for, but it does explain how to play the game and what all the major mechanics are. Also, Vaati is a cool guy with a cool voice who makes cool videos.

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Seth Rollins: The hero we deserve.

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So I just started watching Metal Gear Scanlon, and watching Part 2 is just making me frustrated; not because of Drews play or anything, but because of the length of the Boss fight against Revolver Ocelot.

Actually, the only reason that was a long and boring fight is exactly because of how Drew played it. He always ran in the same direction as the boss, instead of going the opposite way and trying to cut him. He also didn't attempt to run and gun while behind him. Poor play and lack of thought is what made Drew's Ocelot fight so tedious.

The Persona games tend to have their boss fights go on for too long by giving the enemies bloated health pools. MGS:Peace Walker has terrible boss fights that require you to dump an insane amount of ammo in to.

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People who don't vote draft hate fun.

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In the name of all that is holy, please tell me someone has a gif of that headscissor/hurricanrana abomination Reigns tried to do.

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I just jumped through the first portal and the lady talking to me said that I would be "running into a lot of incomplete and corrupted code" and I couldn't help but think that I've already been doing that for a while. First Watch Underscore Dogs turned out to be shit and now this is one of the worst games in the AC series. Ubisoft is now in the same group as Bioware in my eyes. They have burned me twice in a row and I am giving them one more attempt to win me back over otherwise I will no longer be buying their products. I'm going to play this a bit more, but like many others in this thread I am extremely disappointed.

Good news: Gamestop will give you $40 for it if you trade it in before December 10th.

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So I was sitting here and thinking about how when I hear about school shootings it is always an American school. I know that they probably do happen in other countries, so that means one of two things. Either they occur much less in other countries or they are occurring at the same rate and I just don't hear about them because it is in another country and doesn't make it into American news. I think it may be more of an American problem, though. Then someone linked me to this and it suddenly got tied into another current issue and I decided that I have to get off the internet. I am going to go play video games because I don't want to talk to people anymore.

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It does. I beat the game within the first couple of days and kept playing it for another week to get my platinum trophy. Great open world to hang out in.