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@paco: You have to assist someone in killing a boss.

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Just some random thoughts based on my first five or so hours.

The game has a much better difficulty curve. While it starts out slightly harder than most modern games, it doesn't have that total vertical spike that was the first two games.

Picking deprives seemed like a huge mistake at first, but I think in the long run it is the best option. The first couple of hours were really tough because all I had was some crappy enemy drops.

The healing changes to the estus flask are basically game changers. You really cherish them and the limited supply forces you to use them wisely.

First couple of bosses were challenging but really simple. Fun fights. Dragonrider, on the other hand, was a joke of a fight and I think I got hit maybe once.

I was fucking livid when I saw that the reused the Gargoyle boss fight. Hated doing it the Dark Souls, and hated the similar fight in Demon's Souls.

Adaptability is a very powerful stat that I overlooked for the first couple of hours. Regret doing that.

I want a Zweihander.

If you decide to descend the giant pit in Majula you should make sure you have plenty of flasks and Pharos lock stones. You need A LOT of lock stones.

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Do you feel you need to? Starting with DaSII is totally fine. There are a couple references you might miss out on, but nothing major.

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If you are grinding then you are doing it wrong. Why are you grinding? Why did you convince yourself you need to do this? If you are reading enemy attacks, paying attention to your surroundings, making effective use of parrying and riposting, and timing dodges correctly then you shouldn't be doing any of this grinding that you speak of. Sure, farming some souls to help get a couple of levels or upgrade some equipment is very helpful for your first play through, but it is by no means required.

If you are saying there is no depth to the game then I don't think you made it past Undead Burg. I don't think you have even made it to the Taurus Demon.

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@geraltitude: Waffles said he is about 10 hours in and has beaten 6 bosses. He could be a bit ahead of the curve due to having a lot of experience with the original game, so maybe we should assume that he is progressing slightly faster than an average player. Now here comes the big spoiler, but you can use this bit of information to ballpark how much longer he has to go.
The number of bosses in the game is...

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I think they are all right. I have seen them done well and I have seen some really bad ones. I think it all comes down to two things. The context and the actual speed. I tend to almost always prefer to have something on screen to be running from as opposed to just running from the borders of the screen itself. Give me lava, or a big wave, maybe a rock or something. As for the speed, I don't ever want to be running up against a wall at the edge of the screen. It is cool to force me to keep my momentum but don't be so slow that you can't keep up with me while doing it.

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Look up the Stockpile Thomas glitch if you want to farm souls. Best, and by best I mean cheapest, way to farm souls.

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@tycobb said:

  • What the hell was that blond thing next to Dixie? Is that a taller Hornswaggle wannabe?

I think it's called a vanilla midget.

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How many fucking tag matches are we going to watch tonight?