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But Vagrant Story technically is a Final Fantasy game...

I mean, it is set in the world of Tactics and XII.

That makes Xenogears the default winner.

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IV, VI, VII, IX, or Tactics are all valid answers. Anyone who says anything else is wrong and a crazy person.

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If they were going all out they'd make a Mega Man game.

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Dark Souls is GotG, so it kind of has to win here.

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This sounds dumb.

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Something about it reminds me of Resident Evil 6 and how it used QTEs.

That is one of the meanest things I have ever said about a game that I haven't played.

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The ride never ends.

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They have to all be on the same character and you have to have all of them in your inventory at the same time. I say at the same time because there have been cases of it not triggering for people. Some people even reported having to equip each item at least once for a few seconds. I didn't have to do this to get it, so I can confirm that it isn't 100% necesarry. Anyway, it takes 2 and a half play throughs to get all of them. You can have someone trade the items to you, but that is very difficult to work out and actually get to work.