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Dark Souls II. Even though I think it is extremely disappointing and I have no interest in revisiting it. Honestly, this year has sucked for AAA and indie games. The main reoccurring theme to me has been disappointment. Dark Souls II, MGSV:GZ, Titanfall, Watch Dogs, Destiny. All have been disappointing for one reason or another. Watch Dogs was by far the worst. I think I might actually hate that game. I haven't played an indie games that really grabbed me. Granted, I haven't played Shovelknight which I hear is great, but what I have played has been just alright. Hope next year is better.

Back to replaying Hotline Miami, I guess.

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I won't be satisfied until there's a Metal Gear Collection every 3 months, complete with a copy of Resident Evil 4.

Underrated post.

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Capcom. Capcom games have either a terrible story or a totally idiotic story.

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No, this is about wrestling. The center idea here is a parody of the WWE's royal rumble. The moment you remove this from a wrestling game is the moment the whole joke goes off the rails.

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@mb: Well she summed up what it looks like it is. The game literally looks like a gutted and inferior version of Sims 3. Hearing that it is exactly that isn't surprising. The game doesn't even have pools. Pools! A thing that has been in the series since the original base game.

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I played the beta and after that ended I didn't have any desire to ever play it again. I don't know, it seemed well made and was fun, but nothing about it made me want to keep playing. There may be a lot more to it that I won't ever see, but I don't care. It has the dubious honor of being just alright.

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If it is my fault and I died because I did something wrong:

My rage comes in two forms. One is the more common and that is usually the quick "fuck" or "shit" or the ever popular "god fucking dammit!" I'm not sure if you would consider that real rage though. When a game actually pisses me off my girlfriend knows it, because it is the same every time. I take in a deep breath, nod my head, and then quietly turn the game off. She knows not to speak to me, because I will respond a lot like Vinny does in the video up above. After a couple of minutes I'll be fine, but for a while there I am screaming on the inside.

If I did nothing wrong and the game either glitched or the game did something I perceive to be poorly designed or presented:

I yell at the TV and start ranting about that one bit and anything before that I noted that also happened to displease me. It is in these moments that I learn exactly how I feel about a game. If this never happens then I love the game. If it happens a lot, I don't like the game.

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Seeing as how I saw all the pictures before I saw the threads in which he was still actively "leaking" them makes me believe that he wasn't the original hacker and he was only exploiting the situation to get some money. This isn't on par with rape either. Saying it is on par with rape actually makes rape look less significant and is an insult to actual rape victims.

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@koolaid: If you want to know where my frustration with it comes from it comes from a year of people praising her and taking her very seriously. I think she more often than not takes the discussion in the wrong direction. A lot of it has been talked to death, you can go to the various threads about her and her video series for that, but my stance has always been that there are two extreme waring factions here and I don't like either one. There are people in the middle who have made a lot of very valid points and intelligent observations. It just all gets buried underneath layers and layers of vitriol. If I come off as being extremely hostile, then I'm sorry. I don't mean to be. I do resent the idea though that she and Leigh are considered the enlightened voices of progress. They come off to me as being inflammatory, condescending, and dismissive. In sort of the same mocking way as shows like the Big Bang Theory. Something that tries to act like it is one of us and is suppose to represent us, all while having a very negative and mocking tone. I'm offended by that. And the worst part is that I am apparently a bad person for being offended.

I remember when her series started up and how strongly the internet reacted. I remember having problems with her first video. I felt she over generalized some things and other things were viewed slightly out of context. Others felt the same way. Still, I appreciated that she was at least trying to get something done. However, from seemingly out of nowhere, to me at least, came this horrible force that said you can't be critical of her and if you are then you are pro rape and hate women. I was flabbergasted. I kind of understood where they were coming from, though, because while she was trying to get the project off the ground there were a lot of people throwing as much hate and hostility at her as they possibly could. They become a sort of counter terrorist squad for her. Then as time went on they started to view everyone who disagreed with them as a terrorist. Even if they had logical points backed up by facts and sound reason. Or maybe I should say they were more like the Scarlet Crusade from WoW. Once really noble and well intentioned but zealotry took hold and now they view everyone as the enemy. Then more videos were released and I found more and more problems with her. I started to feel like she came to a conclusion and then did the research to back it up, instead of the normal scientific approach of the opposite order. By this point it has become a battle between internet asshats. Both sides getting worse and worse. At a certain point it became really confusing because I could no longer tell who was the lesser evil. SJW's used bigotry and discrimination to fight off the bigotry and discrimination from the opposing side. One side is disgusting to me and the other side labels me as one of the enemy, and may actually be more hateful then the people sending death and rape threats.

What the fuck is even going on anymore? Branthog's post up above is really interesting to me because it made me remember something. It made me start thinking about that first Men In Black movie. There is a bit in there where K says something along the lines of "A person is sane and logical, but people are stupid."