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Learn to correctly dodge. If you find something is fucking up your play style then you need to change your play style. Adaptability is key.

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Dark Souls 2.

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Favorite part was Triple H's entrance. Rest of the show could not live up to my absurdly high expectations after that.

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Ugh I remember just after defeating the gargoyles, I had an invader guarding the key for the Lost Sinner torches (which was why I was there in the first place) surrounded by those, 7(?) dogs. On top of that, I was carrying all those souls. After going up and down the ladder, trying to egg him into a fair fight I eventually had to pick off the dogs while dodging him, then proceed to destroy that coward. It's always incredibly satisfying when someone tries so hard to get the best of you in an underhanded way and you get to thoroughly put them in their place.

Of course, there are items that would have made that much easier but this was more satisfying. Basically, invaders annoying you? Step up your game. This is Dark Souls.

I hate to rain on your parade, but that was a NPC. That was a scripted invasion.

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I can honestly say the only time I ever felt somewhat lost was in The Gutter, but I would say that was less like being lost and more like having no idea what I was doing.

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@smokeyd123: I can think of at least three more that start the fight with adds. Then there is also the fights that have you taking on more than one foe at once, and this game has a lot of those.

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@smokeyd123: I can think of at least three more that start the fight with adds. Then there is also the fights that have you taking on more than one foe at once, and this game has a lot of those.

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I don't like how the whole PvP system is completely broken.

Brotherhood of Blood:

You have to put a sign down and wait to duel and then win a duel in order to get one Cracked Red Eye Orb. There is no place to buy them and as far as anyone knows there isn't an infinite use Red Eye Orb in the game. So no reliable source for them. Certain enemies do drop them, but it is a rare drop from those enemies and eventually they will stop spawning. Invading has been made much more complicated and eventually it becomes impossible to get reliably matched with anyone because of soul history.

Blue Sentinels:

I have been in this covenant since the beginning of the game and I have never been summoned to defend anyone, even while wearing the summon ring for hours at a time. I'm guessing this has to do with people not doing a whole lot of invading. If I decide to go all Darkmoon on someone then I run into the same problems as the Brotherhood. I don't know of any place to buy Orbs so I have to farm the guys in Heide's Tower. But they despawn. The other way to get Cracked Blue Eye Orbs is to do the following.

1. Get summoned as a white phantom and get a Token of Fidelity by successfully assisting another player in killing a boss.

2. Take the token and offer it to a statue to duel. Once you duel, you lose that Token and if you lose the duel you must repeat step one.

3. After winning the duel you get exactly one Cracked Blue Eye Orb.

4. You may now exact justice on a sinner.

For Blue Sentinels, the requirements to get max rank are to kill 500 sinners. I'm not even sure if this is possible with the current set up.

The Rat King, Bell Keepers, and Dragon Remanents apparently have infinite invasion items but they can only invade in optional areas and nowhere else. I was looking forward to them rebalancing PvP to make it more fair and to stop twinks. I didn't want it to be so complicated that a lot of players aren't doing it or aren't having as much fun with it so they don't doing it as often. I'm hoping that the community just hasn't discovered infinite use invasion items for the first two covenants I've listed, because as it stands they are tedious and broken.

I'm probably going to switch to Heirs of the Sun and see if soul history screws that up too.

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I didn't check to see if this has already been mentioned before but I am saying it anyway because it will save you all a lot of time and grief. It involves the boss at the end of Earthen Peak and how to make it much more manageable. .

If you are dying it is probably because you are waist deep in poison water, right? You can drain that water out of there. At the bonfire closest to the boss, run down to where you will be attacked by the little headless ninja dudes. Kill them and over to the right is a giant chunk of the wall missing. Grab a torch and follow the small path there up and you will be able to burn the windmill.

Not doing this makes the boss a fucking nightmare. Believe me, I know.

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I didn't think the Gutter was bad at all. I mean, I never died. The only thing you have to worry about is falling off a ledge, and with a torch and careful steps you can easily avoid that. The enemies are no real threat. Sure, I felt lost most the time, but I never actually was lost. I didn't know exactly where I was going, I just followed the paths. Black Gulch was creepier and more dangerous. However, patience and careful observation of your surroundings made navigation easy enough. When my room mate described it to me I pictured it being much, much worse than it actually was. Honestly, I have found No-Man's Wharf to be the hardest part of the game.