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@SockLobster said:
@Red: You can't say what is and isn't art, it is completely subjective.
By that very same token, saying that it is art does not make it so. Thus, a paradox. I proclaim: this is not art.
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No. That is the point. These companies who handle millions of personal information data, credit card info and other potentially damaging pieces of information have so shitty a security that anyone who cares to google SQL injection or LOIC, would be fully able to gain access to any of the previous hacked sites, Sony in particular. 
Instead of legislate the problem away, you should be angry not at LulzSec but that the fucktards that run the websites. It's really that simple. Sadly, it will probably backfire due to Joe Everyman equating hackers with witches of ol'. 
Well, it's a good thing Spain and Turkey kick-started the inquisition.
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Never played with it on in games where FPS precision is key. Works well in third person single-players that rely on atmosphere, but it's annoying as hell when you're relying on being able to move with precise accuracy. 
@ShaneDev: XMB -> Settings -> Prefferences -> Vibration. 
Also, it's good for your battery life.

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So many things wrong with that blog. If your definition of an RPG is getting more and more crap, then you've either missed out, or well, I can't think of any other reason. It's right there in the name. RolePlayingGame, where you assume a role of a character or perhaps several characters. You progress through a story, levels, character building (which too involves collecting and upgrading gear) but the most important part is character progression - In any form. No RPG can truely stand alone with JUST item gathering - and if that is its sole-redeeming factor that adds attributes and abilities, well its probably not a very good game. I can't think of any that did just that - Maybe that's just my lack of knowledge.
It's all a problem with how RPG's are defined, since they by definition involves alot of different components to make up a body as a whole. 
I can think of at least 10 Strategy-RPGs that would have been all the poorer without the RPG: 
Dungeon Keeper 1+2
Fantasy Wars
Majesty 1+2
League of Legends and its bastard offsprings  
Warcraft 3 as you mention yourself - including MP 
Evil Genius
Dawn of War 2 
Heroes of Might and Magic 
Company of Heroes 
Vandal Hearts 
And that's without touching on the more tender subjects such as FPS/TPS RPG's, actual JRPG's and so on. Hell, Baldur's Gate would be nothing without its Strategy influences.
Aside from balancing issues, there's a reason everyone starts at level 1. It adds depth to the gameplay, flexibility in how you want to aproach any given game and a necessary adaptability that makes any great game stand out from eachother. Even in Co-op RPG's you can't have someone who's significantly lower or higher than yourself in any gamemode as it would upset the balance of the difficulty, making it either too hard or too easy.

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 First person shooter(s) S.T.A.L.K.E.R: Call of Pripyat Borderlands
Third person shooter(s) Red Dead Redemption
Action/action adventure(s) Bayonetta
Platofrmer(s) Darksiders
RPG(s) Mass Effect 2 Resonance of Fate
MMO(s) Eve Online
Downloadable titles Minecraft
360 exclusive HALO: Reach 
PS3 exclusive Heavy Rain
Wii exclusive Kirby's Epic Yarn Monster Hunter Tri
PC exclusive Minecraft
Game(s) to avoid at all costs Minecraft
Strategy title(s) Starcraft 2
Fighters Blaz Blue Continuum Shift
Sandbox/open world title(s) Minecraft
DLC/expansions Borderlands
Indie    Minecraft

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@Cwaff said:
" Not counting the Doritos Game...  Darksiders, followed by Case Zero!  Almost done with Fallout 3 on the PC with 1450/1550, though if I finish it people are going to assume I did "Add Achievement 1" etc and so I'm tempted to leave it at that... "
Darksiders, that's a can of hurt I'm saving for a special day when I feel particularly melancholic hehe. As for the Fallout 3 stuff, they can look at the dates they were gained, so shouldn't be a problem except for the occational dumb ass. 
@OP; Costume Quest, actually, which is odd since I've been playing 360 games since its launch.
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I was wondering if any of you know where to find detailed information on the distribution of wealth pr. unit sold between the publisher and the developer, the price for a unit shipped on the publishers side, monthly price decreases vs. shipping costs and so on.
I've been unable to find any real information. I know Patcher did an episode once of a rough guestimate of the distribution, but it would be very nice to have some sort of solid information, unless that is privilidged to the publisher/classified. 
Including distribution of DLC to manifacturer/publisher/licensed service provider. 
Thanks, Icadae. 
If/When such information is uncovered, they will of course be quoted in the OP to further discussion if want be.

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You know, I might just start doing this in 2011 - If anything, to keep track of my records for future purposes. However, I don't see how you can not finish games, thats just so far from the way I play my games. I only have 1 unfinished game, and that's because my old console ate the disc, and I haven't been able to find another copy. 
Thanks for the read.

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