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I have plaed through the game once and am working through some chapters to see different endings. The chapter that I have some questions about is the one where Nathan gets the phone call from someone telling him that his family is dead. First time playing it I thought it was a very impersonal way of notifying the next of kin. The secnd time I reacted to the amount of information he gets in that short conversation, based on what he says after. So the conversation would be something like: "Hello?" "Hello sir. I'm sorry to inform you that your family has passed away. There was a car accident. A drunk driver ended up on the wrong side of the road and crashed with your wife's car. Sorry for your loss." *Nathan hangs up*

Now, I know David Cage is a fictional writer, but what I'm wondering if this is how next of kin is notified in the US (as that is where the game is set) or France (since Cage is French)? I'm from Norway and there a very different rules of how to approach these situations here. For example, when I was a teenager my aunt, who had been a drug addict for a very long time, died of an overdose. In that situation a policeman and a priest went to my grandparents' house and notified them personally and helped them cope with the initial shock.
So did Cage just set the scene up bad or is there some truth to that situation?

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I'm a big fan of the fiction so I'm interested in the game. Daryl and Merle are my favourite caracters from the TV series, so I would love to get more backstory on them. Like you, I'm also interested in the relationship between them and how it develops.

That being said, the footage that is out so far doen't seem promising. I'm not a fan of FPS games either. I will play it at some point, but probably after a price drop.

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It -looks- pretty, but I'm not feeling any innovation here that will make this game stand out on the MMO market.

It would be interesting to explore the Elder Scrolls world/universe more, so that might appeal to fans of the series. Other than that I don't see players running to buy this game.

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According to this article, the xbox version has finally been patched.

The PS3 version should get the patch in "the coming weeks". They took their sweet time, but better late than never I guess...

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No mysterious ravens? I have a weird love for those birds, although I realize it's a bit of a cliché.

I'll go for owl then. They are awesome!

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@Cincaid: I have no idea. And the Rocksteady official forums still state that the game will be released on September 7. I also checked some Norwegian game stores online and they don't have the game listed at all. I'm just as confused as you.

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I've been waiting for news ragarding this too. and has the GOTY edition listed for release on November 2.

I usually do my game shopping from Play and they have proved very reliable, so maybe this is a new date?

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But since he isn't on the list, I'll invite Patrick.