Are You Buying Battlefield 3 Day 1?

Hi. My name is Matt. I am a 24 year old gamer, with a career. I'm also a Full-Time economics student in Ottawa, Canada. I am not a pussy, 12 year old, idiot, moron, or countless other derogatory terms I've been labelled in the last couple days on sites such as JoyStiq.

I cancelled my Pre-Order of Battlefield 3 this morning before school. *Cue Explosion of OMGZ ITS JUST A BETA!!!!111!!*

Done? Good.

Yes, it's just a beta. A pre-release chunk of code and graphics that should not have been released by EA/Dice because it was not a finished product. But Ice, that's what a beta is, it's just a pre-release of a game so they can work out some issues. I know that, thank you. The problem is, my brain, along with many other people's brains, are hardwired to compare. When EA/Dice released this Pre-Alpha/Beta/Charlie whatever they want to call it to the public, they let thousands of people compare it to what they've been fed through various gaming media sites. Huge epic HD explosions, vehicles, tactics, story, scripted event. What we got on the 360 at least, was clipping, sound bugs, skating character models, awful looking textures, and no vehicles. Not one.

But Ice, some people were able to play on Caspian and they got to use vehicles and they said it was amazing. That's fine. I didn't.

So no, I'm not buying BF3 on launch. That isn't to say I won't pick it up at a later date if I'm wrong, and I will almost certainly post on my blog if I was wrong, and apologize to EA/Dice for comparing the product they showed me to the product they SHOWED me.

I think another reason that is nagging at me not to purchase this product, is this Origin thing. It seems pretty sketch, and with all the reports in the last few months about their EULA being screwy, and information they need to acquire to make your experience better seems to be pretty shameful. Especially on PC where the majority of people will be purchasing this game. Steam and EA not getting along is almost certainly going to cost them some customers on this title.

Oh well, rant over. Time will tell if my cancelling will be a good or bad idea. Fingers are crossed that I'm wrong.

What about you? Are you picking up BF3 on launch day?