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So during the interview in the original post, the guys talk about how they were wondering why no one ever went to look for the Nostromo and that it was just floating around in space. I'm sorry but didn't Ellen Ripley destroy the Nostromo when she activated it's self destruct at the end of Alien? Why would there be a black box, let alone any part of the Nostromo remaining?


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"40 dollars is my entertainment budget for the next 3 months" .... "I'm gonna sell my XBOX and it's 300+ games"... Righttt.

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Currently 292.

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Thanks so much for all the recommendations!

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Thanks so much for all the recommendations!

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@rm082e: Single Monitor, 22-Inch, 1680x1050. Might be expanding to 2 screens so maybe the 4GB card would be best. Thanks!

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Hey guys!

I'm looking to finally getting around to updating my Video Card. I am currently running a nVidia GeForce GTX 560Ti 4GB card and I love it, but it's starting to choke on some of the new stuff like Rome: Total War 2 (Ultra) and Splinter Cell Blacklist (Extreme).

I'm looking to spend between 2-300 dollars. I am located in Canada so and are my best bets.

Anyone lend me some intel?


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SWTOR (Star Wars: The Old Republic) has a great story for F2P players. It is semi-restricting, but if that bothers you then spend some cash.

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I come from the original Splinter Cells and am also loving Blacklist and feel like you're trying to hard to make it bad.

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Sold. That was fast. Please delete!