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Letting money into youtube was the worst thing that ever happened to youtube.

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Yes, it has an affect along with a great number of things.

It is a 12 year old game and I found that if you just reset the camera often enough it becomes tolerable.

Best of luck

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I voted for the Pirate Party

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Jeff's hatred of onions. Onions are the foods of the gods!

The way they shipped Hitman: absolution to Alex and talked about it for all of half a minute on the bombcast, it was a major release. Brad and Ryan's opinon that that game isn't worth playing. (It's bad, but it's bad in interesting ways)

Patrick's opinion that talking about sports on the bombcast is something that should be done.

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Feels good. LOWEST PING!

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I used a PS3 controller and it worked like a charm. Only gripes are that triangle is fire and square is jump, but it's easy to remap

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How did you guys feel about the end? Felt a little anti-climatic to me. How did Diana and 47 fake her death? How was Victoria made? 47 is the product of gene-manipulation which combined the genes of 6 brilliant men and skilled killers, yet Victoria, without intensive training and unarmed managed to take out 6 or 7 armed guards. Since she was a product of the Agency I think the only conclusion is that she's a yet even more modified version of the 47 genecode. How did the one armed man, (I can't remember his name, which is bad since he was the secondary villain of the game) take over and rebuild the agency after Diana torched it? Which was the second time in the span of two games it got dismantled, if you're keeping count.

It just ended really abruptly

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Damnit, this makes me want to recreate the opening to the golden girls using Giant Bomb.

"The Golden Bomb"