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Get Castlevania: Symphony of the Night if you haven't played it. Otherwise, get Metal Slug 3.

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Top five games on the 360 as in top five games on the 360, or top five games on the 360 as in top five 360 exclusives?

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Fearless. Kung Fu Hustle. The Unborn (has absolutely nothing to do with the American film of the same name, even though both are horror films). Sword of the Stranger.

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Them Japanese are some fucked up people.

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Damn. I guess I'll probably never get to play this, then.  
Bummer. It looked really neat.

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The Last Remnant. Great concept. Fucking terrible execution. No More Heroes as well. 15 hours of alternating between holding down the lock-on button and repeatedly pressing A while occasionally waggling the Wii mote, and playing shitty mini-games.

Oh, and Uncharted. People hyped the fuck out of those games. I was disappointed as hell when I actually played them and discovered that they were just sloppy Gears of War clones with stories so bad, I felt like the games would've been better off if all the cutscenes were replaced by snippets from Indy and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

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I had no idea about this. 

Is this deal available in Europe? And if so, at what retailers? And when is it too late to pre-order?

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Great news! I was thinking just the other day that another dull, challenge-free indie puzzle game is exactly what the industry needs.

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I'm having a lot of fun with the first Senko no Ronde, which I bought recently. DUO seems like a huge improvement (faster battles, more characters, the addition of assist characters et cetera), but given the first game's reception in the West, a localization seems unlikely.  So I was wondering: is the Japanese Xbox 360 version region free? It's a versus game, so it's not like I actually have to understand Japanese to appreciate it (I don't give a rat's ass about the story, and I'm sure there are online guides explaining how all the new systems and mechanics work).

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Get Resident Evil 4 (preferably the Wii version; the controls are fucking sublime), unlock H.U.N.K. and Wesker in Mercenaries, and let the anger flow. There are few things as satisfying as chaining neck snaps and sending slews of zombies flying with super-powered punches, and Mercenaries has practically limitless replayability.