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It matters... but it matters less than just about everything else. I'd much rather read a review that's riddled with grammatical errors and misspellings but contains expert-level criticism than a grammatically flawless review that has nothing of value to say.

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The next 2D Castlevania, the next WipEout, Vanillaware's new project, Prince of Persia 2, Mass Effect 3, Mirror's Edge 2, The Darkness 2, PlatinumGames' new multiplayer project... that's it, I think. At least when it comes to stuff I'm interested in.

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@Ventilaator said:
" Is the number the specific number I should keep my stuff below if I want to dodge quickly? "
You need to keep it under 50% of your maximum equipment burden. 

By the way, if you've got a Ring of Great Strength (I think Biorr drops one, so you should), that raises the maximum burden by 50%. It's pretty handy.
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From the interview: 

One element that’s been missing from Platinum Games titles is multiplayer. Is there a particular reason why you’ve omitted this? Do you intend to place greater emphasis on it in the future?
We haven’t officially announced it yet, but we have a big multiplayer title that we’re working on right now. There are many different projects running internally, but please look out for the announcement.  
I wonder what kind of game it is... I think a racing or fighting game from them could be really cool.
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@Ventilaator said:
" @Raymayne said:
" It's all to do with stats and how you build your character. If you put a ton of points into magic and speed based skills then the heavy armour will do nothing for you. However if your build your character's strength and endurance up then he can wield the biggest weapons and move around easily in the heaviest armours. It's common sense really :| "
I figured as much, and have been increasing my strength and endurance, but still, whenever I try to equip anything that is not the current leather armor set I have, it automatically makes the dodging super slow "
You can always check the stat screen to see your maximum equipment burden, and how much what you're currently rolling with weighs.
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@Ventilaator said:
" @owl_of_minerva said:
" @Ventilaator:  If you stay below a certain percentage of your carry weight you can still dodge, or run.  "
I specifically tried this by giving everything I was carrying to mr Thomas and trying to equip the tower shield.  Dodging still sucked. "
Well, the tower shield is the second heaviest (I think) piece of equipment in the game. You'll need crazy endurance if you want to run around with that -- unless you've been focusing specifically on endurance (and perhaps one other stat) since the beginning, it won't be of any use to you on your first playthrough.
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Playing hours and hours of Tekken and Colin McRae Rally 2.0 with my brother.

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Siren: Blood Curse and Chrono Trigger.

Siren is awful. Chrono Trigger is... all right, I guess. The battles are pretty boring, but the music and the environments are really nice.

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God of War III is a shoddy, shallow, mind-numbingly boring button masher with the most pathetic excuses for boss battles I've seen this generation, and I'd much rather play the lower-rated PS2 masterpiece God Hand.

Does this make me a jasonguy?

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@Jazz said:

" So nobody thinks that God of War was a 3d clone of the original castlevania games... 
interesting "

God of War was a clone of Rygar: The Legendary Adventure, which was a 3D "clone" (on account of it being a remake) of Tecmo's 1986 arcade game Rygar.