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Sword of the Stranger is an excellent film with none of the failings of typical shonen. It feels a lot like Disney's more dramatic movies, except with really violent (and beautifully animated) action scenes.

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I remember a while ago someone posted a "Drew lookalike" thread with a music video. The guy in the video wore sunglasses and beat up a bunch of thugs in a bar, and at some point it turned out he was an android. I think the video was made in an 80s retro style. Does anyone know the video? It doesn't appear to have been posted in here and I've tried to find the other thread in vain.

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Fighting games are a mix of MMA, Go and gymnastics played much faster. Even something as complex as Devil May Cry 4 can't hold a candle to the sophistication of a proper fighter, so doesn't it seem a little dismissive to just call them "games"?

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  • It’s a game of the classic run and gun style, positioned somewhere between Contra 3 and Gunstar Heroes in terms of the actual design of the levels. Instead of just running right and shooting until you hit the boss, the game is built around just boss battles. The Moldenhauers are obsessed with the minutiae of the genre: animations and exploits and hitboxes.
  • These bosses will be accessible via an old-timey, top-down action-RPG-style world map. Imagine an old Zelda game with a 1930s flair, and Link with a cup for his head. There is talk of secrets and side-quests on this world map.
  • They’re about 40% done with the game’s art, and, because they design mechanics from art, they’ve got slightly less than that done design-wise. The game got started in 2010. So. Hold tight, is what I'm getting at.
  • But it will ultimately be a trilogy, of sorts! Moldenhauer was just spitballing, but he envisions a set of expansion packs which build on the weapons and elements introduced in the first game, sorta like the Sonic & Knuckles cartridge re-made earlier Sonic games. It's like a trilogy of games that will build Cuphead into its fullest possible Cuphead.

Given the world map, I wonder how much freedom you are given in choosing the order of the boss fights. Also, since the game is all about bosses, I hope there's some good stage progression in the fights: scrolling, changing environments, bosses that summon lesser enemies and/or have numerous destructible parts etc. so that you get all the excitement and dynamism of full action game levels.

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P.N.03 is pretty cool. Lacking in level design, pacing and presentation but the combat is solid. With more time and money it could probably have been excellent. It's not a great game, but definitely an important one: you can see traces of it in every subsequent Mikami game, especially God Hand and Vanquish.

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So I guess in a way, I have trained myself to think that 3D is the logical progression for video games after 2D, and even now I sometimes find myself thinking that VR is the next logical progression for video games.

And all of that is true. It just doesn't mean that every 3D game is better than every 2D game, or indeed even that the possibilities of 3D game design has been explored to a degree where a 2D game can't be made that ranks up there with the very best 3D games currently available.

We will reach that point though, just as we will inevitably reach a point in VR game design where non-VR games not only aren't as good, but can't be as good.

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Play Metal Slug 3 without credit feeding and do some pushups, chinups, jumping jacks etc. every time you get a Game Over.

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I also apparently can't edit forum posts which is why I'm posting a second time to say that I'm using Chrome.