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I played through the whole game yesterday. It's gorgeous and pretty atmospheric with a handful of very cool sequences, but the solution to the mystery is cheap and disappointing. And there's nothing else to the game: the puzzles, which are few, are either based entirely around memorization or so small that they barely qualify as puzzles, and aside from that you just walk around and look at stuff.

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It was definitely a bit disappointing. I enjoyed the game well enough and it's not like I expected it to be amazing, but I thought it would be better in terms of world design and mission variety. The world is small, empty, lifeless and homogeneous with absolutely nothing interesting going on, and the only good missions -- the ones involving orc captains or warchiefs -- are very repetitive. Since all of the warchiefs and captains are just regular orcs with more health and immunity to certain attacks, challenging one at the beginning of the game feels more or less the same as challenging one towards the end. Also, those final missions are pretty damn bad with all the awful QTE and stealth stuff.

And then we have the issues I actually expected, like the awkwardness of the Nemesis system (it's a great concept and I hope other developers will try similar things, but the way it's implemented with that lame menu that keeps popping out and pulling you out of the experience... it's not great) and the simplicity of the combat (visually it's excellent, with really fluid and brutal animations, great dramatic zooms and slow motion effects etc. but from a mechanical standpoint this Arkham combat system is just as mediocre as it's always been).

I mean, it's not a terrible game by any stretch of the imagination, but the demos I had seen certainly had me hoping for something better than what I actually got.

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On average, about 22 people die in school shootings per year in the US. As far as I know there hasn't been a single terrorist attack against a US school. But sure, putting a soldier in each of the well over 100,000 schools in the country sounds like a great idea and not at all like something born out of extreme paranoia. And I'm sure those >100,000 soldiers will stop those not-quite-two-dozen deaths a year since the soldiers are bound to always be at the exact right place at the exact right time and stop any attack.

Now let's put a positive spin on this retarded idea so we can waste the tax-payers' money (not only on the worthless project itself, but also on the marketing for it) without getting too many complaints.

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In roughly this order: The Evil Within, Scalebound, Bayonetta 2, Silent Hills, Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, Project Zero V, Bloodborne, Raiden V, Mirror's Edge 2, The Legend of Zelda for Wii U, Final Fantasy XV, Cuphead, Devil's Third, Broken Age: Act 2.

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It's worth noting that most gamers and video game developers (at least outside the "indie" community) don't give a shit about "Gamergate" and have just kept making and enjoying games as usual. The only people who take this conflict seriously are two-bit indie developers and professional video game journalists, who are a joke, and angry /v/ people, who are even more of a joke for obsessing over the journalists and the indies.

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I don't like mediocre music being blasted at absurd volumes, shitty coloured lighting, obnoxious drunk people, crowds, dancing, the taste of alcohol, meaningless small talk (especially when the environment is so loud that everyone has to yell), girls wearing ridiculous amounts of make-up, or the feeling of being drunk (it's not terrible, but I've never gotten any of the positive effects people talk about: my coordination and balance become fucked if I drink enough, but things don't become more fun or funny, and considering how expensive alcohol is -- particularly if you want something that doesn't taste completely revolting -- it just feels like a huge waste of money). So no, I don't like parties. The only good part of partying is talking to friends on the way there or when you're sitting at a McDonald's afterwards.

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@yummylee said:

It's a sequel to Resident Evil: Revelations, so levying criticisms for how it looks too much like Resident Evil: Revelations rings pretty hollow I'd say. Plus, Revelations is supposed to be a spin-off series that looks to bring back certain elements of the older games. Combat is obviously still a key gameplay feature, but it's intentionally supposed to be more ''dull'' as it were when compared to RE5. Exploration and puzzles are meant to take a more even priority over being able to dive all over the place or performing melee counters ect.

I also think pairing Resident Evil 6 with sophistication of any kind is a little hilarious, but eh.

The problem with Revelations being a "throwback" focused on exploration and puzzles is that the exploration was minimal and completely uninteresting, and the puzzles... were there even properly speaking any puzzles in that game? I remember lots of fetch quests for keys, but not a single actual puzzle. If there were any, that says a lot about their quality. And regardless, having less of a focus on combat doesn't have to mean dumbing down what combat there is. If they're going to simplify the controls they should at least compensate by having enemy and level design of the kind that made RE4 so good.

Resident Evil 6 had an excellent and very sophisticated combat system. It didn't explain it, but that's another matter.

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We're only seeing the very beginning so hopefully this changes as the game goes on, but the action looks almost as simplistic and dull as in the first Revelations. For that game there was at least an excuse since it was originally designed for the DS, but there's no reason why a game developed from the ground up for consoles and PC should be a step back from RE6 in terms of mechanical sophistication.

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For sure. The extreme example is Skullgirls, which is one of the most revolting games I've ever seen. I wouldn't play it even if the mechanics were by far the best in the genre.