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There are thousands of game developers (not to speak of artists in general) that are more creative, passionate and talented than Phil Fish and also not melodramatic, pretentious man-children.

At one point George Kamitani personally borrowed upwards of $200000 so he could keep making 2D games with eleven other guys at Vanillaware. Remember when he bitched and moaned and publicly said he might kill himself? Remember when he threw a fit and quit being a game developer because people were criticizing Dragon's Crown? I don't either.

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Maybe I'm using big swings to hit multiple enemies at once and one of them dies before the others?

Most of what's in the game is meaningless if you play perfectly to begin with.

"Why would you care about Estus flask shards, your HP stat, the differences in defense between the various armours, enemy damage output, or learning which boss attacks are unblockable? It's all meaningless, because you should never get hit if you play intelligently to begin with. Git gud son."

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@video_game_king: Why are you writing right now? Why aren't you sending me little platforming games to communicate?

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The point isn't that ideas can't be communicated through means other than writing, the point is that writing is the best way (and, if the ideas are complex enough, the only real option).

As for Socrates, he is only remembered precisely because Plato wrote his words down.

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@video_game_king: I didn't even watch the video, it was just an example of the kind of banal message people keep clamoring for in video games.

As for communication of meaning, that's what we have writing for. There's a reason why all serious philosophers throughout the ages, from Heraclitus to Plato to Kant to Nietzsche, have communicated their ideas through books and not through, say, board games or opera, and why books are the medium anyone serious about understanding things should turn to.

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@video_game_king: Yes. No one should need a video game to tell him simple things like "gays and cripples are people too".

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The values of the developer can perhaps be read, to some extent, from inclusion (e.g. a developer who includes same-sex relationships is unlikely to be opposed to homophilia), but definitely not from exclusion. And regardless, this is not something anyone should come to video games for. A child who gets his values from video games lacks good parents. An adult who gets his values from video games lacks the ability to think. It shouldn't be the task of developers to compensate for either.

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@video_game_king: My post is not "anti-same-sex-relationships", nor is it anti-zoophilia or anti-polygamy. You are missing my point.

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@ravenlight said:

Like, cool but why even include the T in LGBT if all they'll focusing on is same-sex relationships?

This is a good start, for sure, but it seems like "equality" only extends so far in issues like this.

Yes, and what about polygamy? Or zoophilia?

Also, can I make my character live in the manner of the Amish, or go to the mosque and pray like a good Muslim? Or can I play as a Romanian gypsy street beggar? Or as someone with Aspberger's?

If there isn't any representation in the game of my specific sexuality/culture/socioeconomic group/physical appearance, how am I supposed to enjoy it? For its mechanics, visual style, writing et cetera? Pah! As if those things are what really matter in games. Everyone knows social inclusion is the most important measure of a game's quality!

Besides, I deserve to be represented! If I'm not, surely that's sexist/racist/whatever-ist!