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Posted by ribeye

nice list man, i'm impressed!

didn't think anyone else caught wind of dreamfall chapters
stubbs was enjoyable, the gameplay wasn't the greatest but it's worth playing
i had a blast with conviction but i played the campaign co-op with a buddy

shadow of the colossus, dude get it
wind waker, my all time favorite zelda, dude get it
loved freedom fighters, not sure how well it stands up today, but i can see you're not terribly concerned about games with a little age on them, dig it, i'm the same way 
i really enjoyed and appreciated flower for what it is, vinny can choke (i'm kidding vinny) 
uncharted 2, fuckin' awesome 
Posted by Icemael
@ribeye: I actually didn't know about Dreamfall until I read a thread where people recommended obscure games.
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Going by what I've played:
Recommended: Ninja Gaiden 2, Dead Rising 1 & 2, Company of Heroes, Crackdown;
Meh: Red Dead Redemption, Eternal Sonata, Resident Evil 5, Metro 2033, Freedom Fighters; 
Avoid: Fable 3, Shinobi, Nightshade.
Crackdown and the first Dead Rising may feel a tad dated by now, in both looks and mechanics. Those were some of the earliest X360 games, after all. 

Resident Evil 5 is really like fourth, just incredibly stripped down to the basics, i.e. shooting. Not nearly as much interesting and varied boss fights, action sequences, or environments; not even single a casual puzzle. I liked the unlockable Mercenaries mode more than the main campaign.
Fallout: NV looks pretty good, despite all the bugs. Since the game was handed down to the creators of the original games, which were much more of true RPGs than anything Bethesda has ever made, it seems like the game actually presents you with choices that shape up your story.