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I have created a Giant Bomb "Bomb" logo, and a Giant Bomb arena using 's Giant bomb logo he created. They are under search term "Giant Bomb". Here are some screen shots :D

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Cool, I probably will redownload them in a bit. I was actually making a story involving the GB guys, focusing on Brad's "missing" memory stick. It's going to have branching choices, and to be honest I don't know if I should put matches in it or just do cutscenes for the whole thing. I, myself enjoy playing the matches but I am not sure if everyone else is.

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I just went to download the Giant Bomb crew, and the only one I see when I use "Giant Bomb" as the search term is Patrick, Ryan and Drew. I did not know if you took the others down to fix them. Just wanted to give you a heads up.

EDIT: Actually disregard, when I pulled your list of creations up specifically it showed them, not when I used the search term.

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Sounds good to me, looks like I will probably have some good additional content once I am able to buy SC2.

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Price seems fine to me, I would buy it

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I recently (as of yesterday) started playing Saints Row 2 co-op with my friend yesterday again after a long while.  I forgot how fun it is, and all the crazy stuff you can do in it.  Although the pc version you can use mods when playing online with a friend, it was not ported well as is runs too fast in windows 7 and performs badly on my excellent rig.  I would definitely recommend the 360 version for coop play.

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I bought it, and I thought it was worth my 15$.  I mean sure, it is a little simple but I got my money's worth.

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Meh, I bought some of the Monkey island stuff as well as the light saber and the stealth suit from Splinter Cell.

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I'm gonna consider this, although I haven't played my copy of rockband 2 recently.

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Ready for sneaky time
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