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@icemo: Jesus Christ. I know where I'm moving.

Funland humbly welcomes you and takes away all your money with insane taxes and product prices. The reason my 100/10 is so cheap is because the ISP has made a special deal with the company that rents the apartments around here, so I just have to pay $13 more on top of my monthly rent to get that kind of connection. Otherwise I would get a 10/1 for free, which is pretty good too.

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I live in Finland, have a 100/10 connection and I pay 10€ / $13.81 a month for it. Pretty cheap.

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Well it would be pretty professional if they decided to do the show, so...

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Fallout 4 is the next Half-life 3. New Elder Scrolls coming up spring 2016.

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Eclipse-class super star destroyer, I mean look at that elegant black menace. Everything looks better painted in black.

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@corvak said:

Most HDTVs are just going to scale it down to 720p anyway (or add black bars) so I really don't understand.

People still use 720p TV's? I thought it has been so many years since 1080p was introduced that most people would have upgraded already.

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I came into this thread thinking that "monitor shopping" meant "window shopping" and you admire goods on the internet through your monitor instead of looking at display windows.

Now I feel dumb.

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@dalai said:

10-15mph above the speed limit is typically too fast so about 16-20kph for all you commie, metric system-loving non-Americans.

This is a map of countries officially not using the metric system. Who's the commie now, muhahaha! jk

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I will miss you Ian! You better keep appearing at D&D streams together with Dave!

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Man, GOG has some shitty servers. Tried to log in for half an hour with no success.