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I have played 14k battles in the past 3 years and spend some money on premium subscription. This game is huge in Russia and China and even both European servers have 150k players each during the day with queue times for 15 player matches in around 10 seconds. They are a competent developer that has continued to update their game through these years. Although they need to hire better programmers to optimize it, fps is pretty terrible at times.

There are a lot shadier F2P games than this one.

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Oulu, Finland.

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Having hard time in Dark Souls II? Switch to spellcaster. Boom. Easy mode is on.

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Good morning. Time to get some European people on this poll.

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Damn. I only have HDMI and now I'm scared of buying this game. I know they will fix it someday but it's gonna suck if I can't get it to work today.

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@bisonhero: @themasterds: I think if Patrick would let the chat choose the cards for the arena he could get something out of it. You need to play/watch hearthstone for quite some time before you can draft a good deck and use it effectively in the arena. It's not a place for a beginner really.

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I would say the most important thing for beginner is to maintain board control and card advantage as it is a safer strategy. You want to have more cards on the board than your opponent most of the time when you end your turn since that way you have more ways to deal with the cards your opponent will play on his/her turn.

If you have control of the board, for example your enemy doesn't have any cards on the board and you have 3 cards on the board at the start of your turn, you don't have to spend all your mana and cards and can just attack with your cards since your enemy might have "removal" in his hand. Removal means cards that have a spell effect that deal damage for multiple cards, a weapon or cards that have charge ability so if you play all your cards and the enemy clears the board next turn, you don't have as many answers in your hand anymore and the opponent might have the card advantage now instead.

These strategies are not always the right answer but they are pretty good tips for getting started. As you play more you get to know the cards better and you can predict what cards your opponent might have and that way you can develop more advanced strategies to counter your opponent.

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@icemo: Jesus Christ. I know where I'm moving.

Funland humbly welcomes you and takes away all your money with insane taxes and product prices. The reason my 100/10 is so cheap is because the ISP has made a special deal with the company that rents the apartments around here, so I just have to pay $13 more on top of my monthly rent to get that kind of connection. Otherwise I would get a 10/1 for free, which is pretty good too.