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Leftover pumpkin pie a'la Dan Ryckert:

Wrap the pie in bacon and deep fry it in olive oil.

Pour Easy Cheese all over it and regret your decision.

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I'll shout it from the heavens in every topic, but Lighting Returns. Also Curtain Call got completely ignored, which was disappointing.

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I feel like it's kinda shocking how little the bombcrew seem to remember Dark Souls II at the moment. Thank god Vinny will be around for GOTY discussions as I can always count on him to hold the torch for that series. I'm not even sure anyone from GB has beaten the game yet (probably not remembering it correctly), but I mean I'm pretty damn sure Patrick decided to wait for the PC release (then I think he didn't play it), Brad's only got around to playing it now, I hope Vinny played much of it.

That's because Dark Souls 2 was a huge bummer. This was THE year a Souls game could've won GOTY. All it had to do was execute...and it failed. Shame because it finally had the numbers game on its side for once, with Vinny, Brad, and Patrick being on board.

It was no Dark Souls 1 for sure, but what else is, aside from Demon's Souls? It was a pretty good DS game and better than most of the other games this year. And there were plenty of people that called Dark Souls 1 a big bummer compared to Demon's Souls last time.

I honestly feel like people who didn't like DS2 constantly tried to compare it to Dark Souls in their head when they played it and forgot to enjoy playing it. Just because it had different world design and a bit different mechanics compared to DS doesn't instantly make it a huge bummer. And while some thought that the bosses were boring and simple, I had fun while fighting them.

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Man, I want another Need for Speed Underground/Most Wanted. This game could be it but I don't want to give money to Ubisoft. I don't want another broken and poorly running game to be successful. So I guess I'll wait until reviews hit and if it's great then I might have to buy it. And then I regret giving money to Ubisoft.

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I live in Finland instead of UK, but all I had to do was convince them that the t-shirt was a freebie and the $50 cost was only for the subscription. Screenshots of the order and the store page and after that I got the t-shirt shipped to me without any taxes.

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Using a controller for any first person game just seems absurd to me. It just feels infuriating if your movement and accuracy are handicapped and you can't aim where you want immediately. Like imagine every time you wanted to move a limb there is a half second delay and when your limb finally moves it doesn't go exactly where you wanted it to go to.

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This happens every expansion. I don't understand why people are ever surprised by it.

They still don't have League of Legends numbers, though.

I don't think any game will have League of Legends numbers unless they invent a new genre that becomes an incredibly popular esport. At least in the near future if the moba genre keeps going as strong.

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Cool! I guess this is only for the US but I'll enter anyway.

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@shortbreadtom: Ohh, that makes sense. So you have to get pretty lucky to be able to play that card. Like as a freeze mage against opponent with no card removal in hand.

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Am I missing something or is the Voltron card op as hell? Same mana cost as Al'akir but it's 4/8 with 4 attack windfury instead of 3/5 with regular windfury and since it has charge it can attack 4 times in a turn it is played like Al'akir can. So that is 16 damage to face if the opponent doesn't have a taunt. And if you play as Shaman and give it two rockbiter weapons for total of 10 mana cost then that card can do 40 dmg to face. And blizzard previously nerfed card combos that could burst the enemy down quick and now they introduce this amped up Al'akir...

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I first finished morrowind maybe 6 years ago and I started playing again a few days ago. I use the exact same overhaul as you and it doesn't look dated at all. I only modded the graphics and left everything else at its original state to make it feel like I'm playing a completely different game compared to oblivion and skyrim.

Totally enjoyable game even today especially if you mod the graphics and you like the dice roll combat.