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@riotisonfire: Try a different font. I went through a couple different fonts before I found one that flowed well. Also the position that Ryan had his in and the position I chose is a pretty static spot. I mean skin moves, it's skin. So a little wiggle is pretty unavoidable and something you have to understand fully when you get anything done. My wrist bands see the most wiggle and were the hardest to get right.

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Do it, you can join a secret club that Ryan unknowingly started and I unknowingly joined.

Left is the addition since, right is a few weeks after I got it and saw Ryan at pax 11. Backstory: wanted a mom tattoo but wanted it to be subtle. Hadn't seen many people with binary tattoo's at the time so ran with it. Showed up at PAX 11, met Ryan, asked him what that tattoo on his arm meant and proceeded to have my mind fucking blown.

Duder was amazing, hope you one day go through with it. If pain is what is stopping you right now I wouldn't think about it too much. It stings but once it starts its nothing. Just make sure you really want it :)


I'll tell you this much though man, there's a chance that wherever you go to get it done the tattoo artist might tell you its too close together. I was really stretching it at 16 digits, 32 might be too scrunched together so don't get too upset if they turn you away. Skin ain't paper and drawing it on doesn't really give an accurate representation of what the final product could be. If they say no, mess with it to make it work until it fits :D

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I like it.

It's pretty much exactly what the initial episode said which is a way for non dota playing players to get into it with another non dota player. Granted by this point Brad had been playing for 100+ hours but I gather that is a drop in the bucket when compared to most people playing it. I'm interested in seeing just how far his ability to play actually goes during this video series and maybe I'll end up crossing over and playing it some myself.

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This was more amusing than I was expecting it to be.

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Although I really don't think Injustice really needs anything else to entice players since it looks awesome I think its worth noting that this game is going through great lengths to preserve the voices of characters we've all heard countless times before.

The short list:

Batman - Kevin Conroy (TAS, New Adventures, JL, JLU, Beyond, DCAU Movies)

Superman - George Newbern (JL, JLU, DCAU Movies)

Wonder Woman - Susan Eisenberg (JL, JLU, DCAU Movies)

Cyborg - Khary Peyton (Teen Titans)

This is of the known characters. There are a few notable recasts such as Tara Strong providing the pipes for Harley Quinn but that's not new as of Arkham City. And Richard Epcar who you may be more familiar as the voice of Batou from Ghost in the Shell is providing the voice of The Joker. He also voiced The Joker in MK Vs DC and while I think there is definitely a better option, John Dimaggio for example, Richards interpretation is pretty great too. Don't hate on it just cause it isn't Mark Hamill. I know not everyone can be as great as he is but really as long as they make the character their own that's all I ask. I don't want a knock off Mark Hamill that'd be far worse.

Personally I'm just stoked to see George Newbern back in the role of Superman. I know he was originally brought in as a voice double for Tim Daily but man he really owned that character through out JL and JLU.

STILL one of the most badass Superman moments ever thanks to his fantastic work. Really look forward to seeing an unhinged Superman in Injustice.

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Cable is long as shit, sound quality is excellent, and if they break they're cheap to replace.

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@Alex: Honestly man, if any of those assorted doodads let you make your own quick looks that'd be pretty neat. Not saying that I think you should be on hand for every quick look of the truly awful games that come out. But I gotta say your specific charm was not on hand and greatly missed during the Thundercats quick look.

Also someone else mentioned it but yeah I'd totally watch you sift through the terrible indie games on XBLIG. It'd be really cool to see if you could find some real diamonds in the rough there.

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Got two cases of Shocktop for free recently. Their seasonal pumpkin variant and the Belgian White variant.

Not bad beers.

Also got a case of Wells Banana Bread beer in waiting to be cracked out. That stuff was decently hard to find and god damn expensive but oh so worth it.

Currently said Banana Bread Beer is my favorite.

As for liquor I'm a fan of both Gentlemen Jack and the Single Barrel Jack. I also have a bottle of Johnny Walker Blue Label that I've been sippin' on since last christmas. I also love me some Coffee Patron. Or just Patron in general. Can't go wrong with a little tequila.

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@coakroach: No but I did get a nice squeal out of my friend when I asked Ryan to shake her and yell "BABY WHY WONT YOU SHUT UP".

He had a good laugh too.

Also when we approached him and she revealed that he was in fact her favorite he turned to Brad and said "HA HA! Fuck you! I'm the favorite!"

I died.

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It's 35 minutes walking from the convention center.