Allow me to rant for a moment (KOFXII)

Seriously, SNK.... 
What the hell? 
I start off by popping in my brand new copy of King Of Fighters to my 360 expecting a wonderful gaming experience.  My friend who hates fighting games (and is terrible at them) was sitting beside me and I decided to play single player first since he didn't want to play yet anyway.  First off I noticed something.  The roster.  Here's some fighters I immediately noticed were missing that in my opinion shouldn't have been:   
Duck King, King, Yuri, Mai, Rock, Shingo, Kula, Maxima, and MOTHERFRIGGIN' K'!!!!!!!!!!!!!  That's just a few, there were others I was dissappointed were missing but I can't think of them right now.   I think for my first team I picked Shen Woo, Iori, and Andy 
The first thing I noticed is that Andy sucks major balls compared to previous iterations, I mean they nerfed the hell out of him.  He went from being one of my favorite characters to just straight ball suck.  They took away his better moves and he feels like KOF '95 Andy Bogard now.  He also only has his kick super which wasn't great to begin with but now it arcs too high making it impossible to connect with an opponant. 
Shen Woo was fine, although he also felt somewhat nerfed. 
Then around the third or fourth match I got to Iori.


I know that in the KOF 'story' (if you can call it that) Ash takes Iori's powers, but dammit, you do not change a character's entire moveset and fighting style in a fighting game series.  They did this to Iori.  He has no ranged attacks now, the demon scorcher is gone also, both replaced by a completely useless anti-air that doesn't even hit in front like the demon scorcher did.  His three hit qcb combo is gone replaced by a pimp slap (which is sort of useful in his now all-close-range combos). 
Seriously SNK?  Seriously?   I mean....................... seriously?  SNK?  For real?  ......................................Seriously? 
Suck my nuts. 
And then, after enduring the horrible voice acting, and complete lack of attempt at a story (oh hey guys were having a tournament and people are fighting in it, durrrrrr..)  I am treated to the end of the game.  Guess what.  It just ends.  There's no boss.  No boss at all.  No Orochi, no Magaki, no Geese, no Rugal, no nobody.  I would've been happy even with a 2D Duke happily spamming away his infinite special bar.  But no.  Nothing.  The game ends.  That's it.  Then it's back to a character select that features Mature and NOT EVEN VICE!  Why have Mature and not Vice?  They've always been a package deal!  WHY EVEN HAVE MATURE TO BEGIN WITH, SHE'S A STUPID CHARACTER!?  They could've had so many better characters that they left out.  Raiden is in this for crying out loud, who needs Raiden?  Where the hell is K'?  Kula? Gato?  Those are some of my favorite characters and they're just gone in favor of the B TEAM.   
I'd rather play '98 any day.  I'm pissed.  They spent all their time on new sprites and animated backgrounds, now their roster and gameplay sucks because of it. 
Blow me SNK.  You used to be awesome, how about you try to make a good game next time?  XI was awesome, how about you just remake that for the 360.  Just port it, I don't give a shit.  Or maybe I'll just buy a PS2 and steal back my friend's copy of XI.  Anything's better than fucking XII.


Gran Turismo vs. Forza ......and also MGS

So tonight I was thinking about severa things.

First up:  Gran Turismo 5

my friend bought the '20 dollar demo' as I called it and we were playing it tonight.  It in no way rivals Forza 2 for realism.  I CANNOT BELIEVE how many people have jumped down my throat calling me an idiot for liking Forza and saying that it was just a game and GT was a 'true racing sim'.  CARS DO NOT BOUNCE STRAIGHT BACK ONTO THE TRACK AND KEEP MOVING WHEN THEY HIT THE WALL.

Let me pause for you to absorb that last statement.

Moving on.  Aside from that, there is no vehicle damage at all.  If Forza can convince manufacturers to let them put rollover in thier upcoming game, I think GT can convince them to let them show vehicle damage.  They're just being lazy.  They took the whole driving line straight from Forza complete with the markers for braking.  Sideswiping vehicles never seems to make your car fishtail no matter where the car to car contact takes place.  This means your best strategy is to just not give a crap about hitting the walls and go full speed since the walls don't seem to slow you down at all unless you hit them head on.

I'm not just some microsoft fanboy.  I gave Gran Turismo a legitimate chance.

It's fun.  It's less realistic than Forza 2.  I also think Forza 2 is more fun. 

This lets me realistically infer:
Forza 3 will blow GT out of the water and into space.


Second on the list:  My friend is a crazy Kojima fanboy.  I'll admit.  The man knows how to tell a crazy-ass fun story with lots of cinematic moments.  His direction is good and his games are scored well.

This makes me think he would make a pretty adequate film director if he wanted to.

Here's the thing....
I think the ludicrous fan following, fanboys similtaneously orgasming whenever a new game is announced, talk about being the greatest games ever made....

Completely unwarranted.


Sure they're decent, even good games and all.  But think back to the first Metal Gear.  The first gun was in the back of a damn truck, hidden behind some crates.  How on earth would you know to climb into that truck and go around behind the crates?  Maybe it was mentioned by the Colonel in a cutscene or something, I don't remember.  The gameplay is all top down making it really inconvenient to see your surroundings.  It's a decent game and all but...

Then my friend was talking like 'oh, but metal gear solid 4 was like the best game ever you can't argue with that'.  But I mean, that gameplay in MGS4 has been around since freaking Splinter Cell albeit less combat heavy.  MGS4 has badass cutscenes, boss fights, shootouts, and stealth portions.  But, I don't see how any of that makes it the best game ever.  I'm on my way playing through Mass Effect currently and even though they're two different genres, ME seems to be more fun from what I've played and seen of both.  Also the stealth in all the Sam Fisher games seems way more believeable and well done.  Metal Gear breaks the fourth wall A LOT which is fine and all but if you're going for a hard-hitting realistic story....  I feel like the Splinter Cell games are far more immersive.  Sure MGS has weapon customization.  So does Army of Two.  Sure MGS has boss fights.  So does Gears of War.  Sure MGS has stealth kills.  So does Splinter Cell.  Sure MGS has good music.  So does Crimson Skies.  Sure MGS has first person shooting.  So does COD4.  So it takes a lot of things from different games and blends them together.

MGS4 is a GOOD GAME.  I'm not knocking it.  I just don't see what makes so many people be like "OMG YOU MUST PLAY THIS BEST GAME EVER GAAARGGGHHH!"


Side note, I beat an endurance race in Forza 2 tonight.  The car I was driving skipped straight from level 3 to 5.  I got like 160000 CR.  30 laps.


I wouldn't reccomend it.  I'll take my 6-8 lap races over that any day.  Listened to a giantbomb podcast while I played to make it somewhat less grueling.