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Amazing work, well done. Now the wallpaper on my lock screen.

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Looks like call of duty with mechs. Small maps, running around in circles and killing each other with guns that lack oomf and have no recoil. Admittedly it looks fun, but the game play looks like it will get stale after a few hours. I'm sure die hard CoD gamers will like it but that formula got old for me a couple years ago finally. Graphically it doesn't look next gen either, but that doesn't really bother me as much if the frame rate is fast and smooth.

If there is a multiplayer beta on the PC I'll give it a chance of course, but the leaked alpha footage isn't blowing my skirt up.

edit: I'm also sick of these games with instant gratification text popping all over the screen, all the fucking time. Has it really come to this constant back patting and positive reinforcement?

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Also I accidentally quit 23 minutes into my first try. I was in 2nd place but the guy in first place was so comically far ahead of me there was no way I was ever catching him. I had maxed out stamina too.

Fuck triathalons.

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Never heard of this Marcus Beer guy before all this, but he seems like kind of a spiteful asshole. But saying "compare your life to mine and then kill yourself" is the most arrogant, douchy thing I have read in a very long time. It was a reminder of why I unfollowed him on twitter over a year ago - he's a huge asshole.

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Fuck, why didn't we clone him sooner? NOW IT'S TOO LATE.

I know it's kind of cliche to say somebody is "one of a kind", but Ryan Davis really was. This hurts me so much...

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He made me laugh countless times and now he made me cry. Goddamn I'm going to miss that laugh....


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Well this Monday literally could not get any shittier than it just got for me. and the community, and certainly the bombast (also my favorite podcast) will never be the same. I never met Ryan personally, but after hearing his voice every week for 2-3 hours over several years, I sure felt like I knew him. I can't even imagine the pain his newlywed wife and his close personal friends and family will have to endure. RIP Ryan.

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NO!!! Please let this be a bad dream! :(

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@herbiebug: As far as I can tell AI and hit points are consistent on all difficulties (keep in mind I've only played on hard and survivor). I think the game just gives you less ammo and crafting materials on higher difficulties so you really have to be resourceful and literally make every bullet count.

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Played it on hard my first time through. It was intense yet fun. Now I'm playing again on Survivor and, knowing the encounters from my first pass, I'm finding it not as frustrating as I thought it would be. There's a severe lack of crafting materials so you really have to be patient and resourceful. I try to conserve ammo whenever possible, kill clickers with bricks (a noisy but ammo saving tactic - if you equip the brick and then engage them with a melee combo you'll kill them in 3 hits). The enemies you kill don't drop loot as much as they do on easier difficulties but the further into the game you get, they start dropping stuff more frequently. A lot of games just get really cheap/unfair as you crank up the difficulty, but TLOU isn't one of those games. It's fair if you know the game and are resourceful. Naughty Dog really knocked it out of the park in every aspect!

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