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Love your stats posts/blogs, keep them up!
The most interesting part of these stats will be seeing if we surpass the # of completions for Welcome Wagon within the week time period. (possible idea for another stats tracker if doable maybe?)

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20 or so wall posts still needed, you can post twice from what I understand

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Still need some posts please :)

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What a quest.
Hey, visit and write on mine and I'll return the favor. Especially for you mods as it would help with another quest :).

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Please view my profile :)

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With all the users not wanting to spam people (don't blame them), and the more difficult task of finding new users and a new users thread I don't see us comming close at all.

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@FunExplosions said:

" Wait, wait, what? Tell me more about this speedo incident with Jeffrey Ross. What happened? "

Ross came out in a leather jacket and a speedo, and nothing else. (At least I think it was Ross but could have been Giraldo, I turned away at the time) .
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Did anyone else watch the roast of  David Hasselhoff last night, what were your thoughts? 
I personally don't think these things are as good as they were a few years back. I don't really mind the same old people as roasters, but the jokes flung at them are so damn old that its not even funny anymore. Then last night we get Hulk Hogan as a roaster, what the ****? Why in the world was Hulk Hogan on a Comedy Central roast of David Hasselhoff? The other wtf moment was the speedo incident with Jeffrey Ross (I think), that was both disturbing and disgusting.
Part 2 of this topic moves to who you think/want to see roasted next year.
Assuming you have any interest in these things anymore, who do you think/want to get the "honor" next year? I myself don't care that much, but I would like to see Jimmy Kimmel & Adam Carolla get roasted together. Or maybe Mat & Trey from South Park fame, though they may be better roasted at the end of the SP run.

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 Ferdinand might be a good choice up front, but that war was bound to start one way or another. JFK is also a good choice, but I think I'd go with Abraham Lincoln.
Don't think history would change much, but it would be interesting to see how he would of handled everything.

@HypoXenophobia said:

" Isn't this part of the plot to the Red Alert series? "

Yes and no. It's not so much about stopping assassinations, but more about just changing the outcome of war.
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Another mod was most likely first as my friend who signed up said he had like 4 mods follow him within 2 minutes.