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@mrpibb: DLC isn't going through for me. Create a new DLC works and I can fill out the information, but the propose button on that page does nothing. I tried for Titanfall and another game (can't remember what at the moment).

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Alias: AirMech->AirMech Arena (recently announced 360 version)

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This was the best race I've seen in a few years, haven't watched everything. This season is going to be great if all this inner team stuff is allowed to exist and the teams stay as close as they appear to be.

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Just entered. This will be interesting.

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So if you have missed it, Double Fine just announced Costume Quest 2. The video I saw had me wondering, has Double Fine mastered announcements for there games? Between that kickstarter video for Massive Chalice and this one, I think they really have this down.

E3 reveals can be exciting, but the pageantry that Tim and the group have put in to these just seam to ooze passion and real enjoyment.

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I am totally down with this, I hope you guys are going to get it on iTunes.

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@mrpibb: I tried to add episode 2 & the season pass for The Wolf Among Us. On a side note, when I tried to add the publisher/developer, I was getting nothing until I fully spelled out Telltale Games. I did not try to add any other games, or modify anything that exists.

Let me also just add that I did not receive any kind of notification about your response. Figured that since you're here I'd add that just in case.