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I only have the first 2 days items, and that was early last week. Slightly disappointed that I'm not getting them and that I can't really take part

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Rekoil -> Rekoil: Liberator. The game just got a name change.

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I would have never found that, god damn them they are awesome!

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Those are some of the greatest things I've ever seen, what a great community GB has!

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What the hell did I stumble into...

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So close to me, yet I can't go since I'm unable to drive thanks to my disability. :(

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Fantastic work! I would totally send it in once finalized, if afordab that is.

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A new thread and more then a passing interest in RAW for the first time in a few years, maybe time to start posting.

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I just had a thread double post as well, there most be something up right now.

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icytower38 again popping in with another issue I noticed with image uploads.

I was uploading some images directly to a game page just now and ran in to some glitches:

  • Progress bar would finish, restart and finish again. The images would be in my profile but not on the game page, images also got uploaded twice.
  • Some of the images finally uploaded 'properly'. However, while they show up on the game page they do not show up in my image section.

Now I have ran in to the double upload problem before, sometime last week maybe but didn't think anything of it. At that time I also ran in to another problem were I was uploading a group of images and it would only upload a select few out of the bunch. Say I would upload 20 images, it would randomly select 14.