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I really wish the WWE would do one of there best of DVD's and then allow him in the HoF.

not gonna happen.

Oh I know, but a man can always dream that one day his end will be accepted as a tragedy and more people can move on and accept it.

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What happened is tragic as all hell, but I've never discredited his in ring talents. I really wish the WWE would do one of there best of DVD's and then allow him in the HoF. But yeah that's a pipe dream, anyway I'm fine with it.

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I came to the game towards the very end of it's run, and I've regretted it ever since. Was always looking for the next time and would make sure I had no plans, I do miss it.

This was supposed to be the first game of its type in a series if I recall correctly, maybe it or something else will return on One. If your going to put ads all over the place, do it in a free game show.

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So I'm off work for a while due to a surgery and figured I'd try to look around the wiki and fill in some of those concept pages that were created but missing games, or whatever I can. Now I was specifically filling in sports games first, now I didn't want to lose anything so I was trying to keep the edits as low as possible.

They were working for a while and then I started getting the red error bar. Now things seamed to still be going ok despite the error so I continued.

I finished for now and checked my last edit and they did not go through. So I checked the full history of the page and some of the recent edits are 'pending'. I don't know if I hit some kind of cap that I didn't know about or if I broke the system trying to go to fast.

I know I've run into the site giving me the 404 error page after creating a page for the last 2 games I've added (they did go through), just figured I'd add that.

Hopefully I've given you enough info and not overwhelmed you Rorie :).

EDIT: Figured I should try editing a single item before you ask, same issue. But it let me edit another page without a problem. I think I just broke something, sorry.

EDIT 2: So I woke up this morning with some notifications, and it seams those edits that I was getting the red bar on were going through to moderator approval. Some were approved and others were rejected as "Bugged submission". I went back to the page in question and my super quick and incomplete check, I added probably 100-150 games, shows that it all seams to be there.

I don't just want to drop the moderators name on the boards even if it is just bug submission so PM me if you need it for anything.

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Alias: Major League Baseball 2K6 -> MLB 2K6

Forgot about the formatting we use for Soulcalibur, and added the recent game incorrectly.

Rename: Soul Calibur II HD Online -> Soulcalibur II HD Online

Aliases: Soul Calibur II HD Online, Soulcalibur 2 HD Online, Soul Calibu 2 HD online, SCII HD Online & SC2 HD Online

Might as well keep all Soulcalibur aliases in line;

Alias: Soulcalibur IV -> SCIV

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@rorie I just added a release for a game (iPhone/IPad version) including the date to the system, the release itself took but the date did not save.

I've tried editing just one & multiple fields on every single different release and get a red error box every time.

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Rename: Geodefense is actually sty-lazied as geoDefense

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Delete: Looks like another user and myself had the same idea at the same time, one of them needs to go obviously :).

Combine?: LEGO, LEGO Bricks & LEGO Stud

They all really seam like the same page, do we need all three? I guess I can see the stud page being separate, but the other two seam like essentially the same.

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Growlithe all the way!