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I've always wanted to give this a shot, and it does seam like now would be the time to do it. Unfortunately it'll have to wait until after my surgery.

Good luck!

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You could tell both Geoff and Pachter were devastated by the news

Pachter had me welling up all over again. ; _ ;

Couldn't agree more.

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My roommate asked what I was doing when I was listening to the bombcast today so I mentioned it to him, but that was it. Kind of hard to explain something like this to those that don't share in the community aspect of Giant Bomb.

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Followed Ryan ever since he joined GameSpot, I knew one day it would end but never like this. RIP and condolences as usual, but man this seams like I am in such a bad dream.

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Always had an interest, but not the skill to money ratio to make the jump.

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Obscure was the original name for the game that is now Final Exam.

The Obscure page needs a name change and alias as well. Already in the thread but since the second game page was created.

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Remane: Obscure -> Final Exam. And add Obscure as an alias

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Rename: Squeeky Voiced Teen -> Squeaky Voiced Teen

Alias: Kyle Petty's No Fear Racing -> Circuit USA サーキットUSA

I'm not sure about the Japanese text stuff as an alias, the Famicom box does use both and the text does translate in to Circuit. Sorry, don't usually find that stuff when editing a page :).

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I agree with @mento about the Guide page. That page has always kind of confused me personally, and I think most people don't understand the purpose of that page as evident by the lack of info on 90% of them. I know I've seen pages, and edited a few, that seam to include information that might be for a guide page on the main wiki page.

I mean are we just looking for something like a GameFAQs guide with Achievements/Trophies info, level guides and collectible specifics, character/vehicle details. Or is it for something else?