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2 pages have managed to get created for the WWE diva, one of them needs to go

Page #1

Page #2

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Sorry if there's a thread on this, didn't see one. Anyway, I just created a new franchise page, Ride to Hell, and noticed it didn't pull in any of the concepts or anything. Didn't these pages used to do that and aren't they supposed to?

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Can the mods not even delete images? Anyway, someone added box art for the wrong game to Ride to Hell: Route 666, I marked them with DELETE-Wrong Game

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I've always wanted to give this a shot, and it does seam like now would be the time to do it. Unfortunately it'll have to wait until after my surgery.

Good luck!

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You could tell both Geoff and Pachter were devastated by the news

Pachter had me welling up all over again. ; _ ;

Couldn't agree more.

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My roommate asked what I was doing when I was listening to the bombcast today so I mentioned it to him, but that was it. Kind of hard to explain something like this to those that don't share in the community aspect of Giant Bomb.

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Followed Ryan ever since he joined GameSpot, I knew one day it would end but never like this. RIP and condolences as usual, but man this seams like I am in such a bad dream.

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Always had an interest, but not the skill to money ratio to make the jump.

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Obscure was the original name for the game that is now Final Exam.

The Obscure page needs a name change and alias as well. Already in the thread but since the second game page was created.