Open a Pokémon's Summary and tap its sprite.

First it was improved music, then the ability to re-use TMs. Next came the discovery of a quick-select Y menu, that allowed one to set their own menu shortcuts. Snappy trading out of PC boxes, and responsive, faster wireless and online battles was demonstrated, which encouraged collecting Pokemon and building strong teams, which is very important to the standing formula, and something that has always made Pokemon a lot of fun. Non-capital exclusive names followed, which rendered fans of the series like myself speechless.
However, this finding is absolutely incredible.
You can view the backs of your Pokemon team as you view them while in a match, straight from your Pokemon menu. Here's all you have to do: simply tap the images of your Pokemon in each one's info menu, located where the game displays your six teammates. The view will be altered to that of a battle sprite. Let me remind you that this is not a stationary image -- you view them in full motion. Saving and quitting the game doesn't reset this either, so you can have your full party displayed that way if you so desire. 
I'd even go as far as saying that this tops the addition of the day-care man shouting out to you as you pass by on your bicycle when one of your Pokemon is holding an egg.
For those of you who haven't picked up one of the new games yet, but have enjoyed some Pokemon in the past, I highly recommend you pick up either Black or White as they improve on the already fantastic formula in many ways.